TJ Thyne in BONES - Season 10 - "The Lance to the Heart" | ©2014 Fox/Patrick McElhenney

TJ Thyne in BONES - Season 10 - "The Lance to the Heart" | ©2014 Fox/Patrick McElhenney

The end of Season 9 of Fox’s BONES saw the team in crisis, with FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth, played by David Boreanaz, gravely wounded and arrested for murder after he killed assassins who were posing as legitimate law enforcement.

Season 10 of BONES, adapted by Hart Hanson from Kathy Reichs’ novels, premieres Thursday September 25 at 8 PM. The opener finds the team at the Jeffersonian lab rallying around forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan, played by Emily Deschanel, as she works to free Booth, who is both her professional partner and her husband.

Chief among Brennan’s allies is forensic entomologist/botanist Dr. Jack Hodgins, played by TJ Thyne. Thyne, who has been with BONES since its inception, is at a party thrown by Fox for the Television Critics Association. When Thyne isn’t acting, he’s working as a filmmaker; his guest this evening is his writing/producing partner Brennan Penny. Thyne is happy to talk about both his filmmaking work and the new season of BONES.

ASSIGNMENT X: How is Hodgins affected by the Brennan/Booth predicament? Is it just that Brennan is spectacularly grouchy at work, or …?

TJ THYNE: No, the opposite. We’re all working together. We’re all desperately trying to get Booth back and clear his name. I think that this type of scenario is right up Hodgins’ alley. It’s fraught with conspiracy and this is kind of what he lives for. I mean, I don’t think Hodgins would call it a conspiracy, he’d just call it the truth, but this is what he knows and it’s neat to see periodically the other team members agreeing with Hodgins and going to Hodgins and saying, “What do you think?” and actually listening to him for once. “Why do you think this is happening?” and actually going, “Oh, that’s interesting.”

AX: We also saw Hodgins nudging his wife Angela, the lab’s computer expert played by Michaela Conlin, to have another baby last season.

THYNE: Yeah.

AX: Is that a theme this season?

THYNE: We haven’t heard from the writers, [show runner] Stephen Nathan or Hart Hanson, about that. Michaela and I are game for it, but we haven’t heard much about it. We kind of nudged that last season, and we think it would be neat. We don’t see our baby [Jack and Angela already have one son, Michael Vincent] enough as is, though. As you know, it’s hard in TV to get with shooting and the hours, so there seems to be a lot of babysitting going on offstage, so to have yet another child, it’s one of those things where, you know [it would be difficult].

AX: And you’d also think as conscientious parents, Jack and Angela wouldn’t really want their kid in the lab with all of the bacteria and chemicals …

THYNE: I don’t know. Hodgins would find some kind of way to get Michael Vincent strapped in some kind of concoction so he could be in the lab with him. I actually think it would be really fun if I could have Michael Vincent in there doing experiments and have Angela come walking in very upset with Dad, but we haven’t gotten there yet.

AX: Do you have a favorite scene or a favorite episode from Season 9?

THYNE: I think that last one that David [Boreanaz] directed was amazing. And what I like about it is, it propelled us into the hiatus with this really intense storyline, and now we come back, and the very first episode back, and it’s just as intense. Time has passed, Booth is knee-deep in prison with a bunch of people who don’t like him too much, for two reasons – one, he put a lot of people away, and two, he’s considered a cop killer right now, so he’s not liked on either side. And we’re all working desperately trying to clear his name and get him home. And it’s pretty intense. And I’m not so sure it’s all going to be wrapped up in the first episode back, either.

AX: You’ve been doing a lot of filmmaking during your breaks in working on BONES. How did you and Brennan Penny come to be filmmaking partners.

THYNE: We’ve known each other a very long time. We went to USC together. We’re both out of Plano, Texas, and we both went to USC out here [in Los Angeles]. When we were in college, I was studying one night, and this one [indicates Penny] is supposed to be studying in the room, and I’m laying on my bed, I’m studying all night long, and he comes over, and he’s like, “Just don’t move, all right?” I’m like, “All right, whatever.” And I keep studying. And he keeps moving this little thing – he had taken this clay ball and created it into a creature, which was slowly making its way up the bed. And so at some point, hours later, he is like, “Okay, I need you to react like you’ve just gotten bitten.” So I end up in the short film, not even knowing I was part of it [laughs] and it was stop-motion. So it was just a little bit at a time. But that was a typical week for us at school. We were making projects constantly. It’s funny, because just today, he brought me a little statue of the character that he had created.

AX: Can you talk about your recent projects together?

THYNE: We did a bunch of shorts. We had an experimental short film series that we did for awhile. Then we did a feature film, SHUFFLE, with Tamara Taylor from BONES [she plays lab supervisor Dr. Camille Saroyan]. And now we’re writing our next one – we’re hoping to do another feature this coming summer.

AX: Do you determine what the film is about at least partly based on what’s physically available to you to shoot in and with?

THYNE: That does have a lot to do with it. But I think we’ll go for story, first and foremost. We’ll narrow in on a story we want to tell. I think that’s the way we do it. That’s the way we all do it, right? Find the story that you want to tell and then you just find the means. But it does help when you know you’ve got resources that you can use, locations and the like.

AX: How are you managing your time with this? Are you doing any other projects besides this?

THYNE: No. We’re working on our next project, but we’re not expecting that we’re really going to jump into it until the next hiatus, so I’ve got some time before we have anything else. We’ll be spending the year writing between scenes and stuff like that and then get our butts moving to get it made.

AX: Is there anywhere on the Web where people can find your short films?

THYNE: Yeah. Our biggest short film, VALIDATION, is on YouTube. If you type VALIDATION in – it’s a black-and-white short. It’s had eight million views already, it’s won a ton of awards and we’re very proud of it. And then we’ve got a bunch of other shorts. I’m not totally sure where they all are at this point. I know has links to many of them, but the other ones we haven’t released yet. They’re still playing some of the festivals.

AX: Fox Networks chairman/CEO Peter Rice has said that he hopes BONES will come back beyond this season if the contracts can be worked out.

THYNE: Yeah, that’s exciting.

AX: Do you want to keep going with it beyond this season?

THYNE: I think at this point we all would. I think we all love the show, we love the writing, we’re excited being a part of this network, and I think if we can keep it going, then everyone would jump on board. We’ll see, though. I guess we’ve got to just kind of focus on [Season] 10 first. At this point, our job is just to put our heads down and get twenty-two episodes in the can.

AX: Is there anything else you’d like to say about BONES right now?

THYNE: We’re very excited to be back.


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Article: Exclusive Interview with BONES star TJ Thyne on Season 10

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