David Boreanaz in BONES - Season 7 - "The Don't In The Do" | ©2012 Fox/Ray Mickshaw

David Boreanaz in BONES - Season 7 - "The Don't In The Do" | ©2012 Fox/Ray Mickshaw

On BONES, which airs on Fox Mondays at 8 PM, forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan, played by Emily Deschanel, and FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth, played by David Boreanaz, have teamed up to catch murderers. Though the relationship on the series, created by Hart Hanson from the novels by Kathy Reichs, has had its ups and downs, in the present seventh season, Brennan and Booth are now in a committed romantic relationship with one another, complete with baby daughter Christine. Brennan’s pregnancy began at the end of Season Six, as it was known that actress Deschanel was pregnant in real life with her first child and would be showing/delivering in Season Seven.

The replacement of BONES’ will they/won’t they dynamic with the current yes-they-do situation seems to be making viewers happy, as the show has been renewed for an eighth season. Carla Kettner, one of BONES’ executive producers with creator Hanson and Stephen Nathan, talks about where the show has been and where it may be going.

ASSIGNMENT X: How long have you been with BONES?

CARLA KETTNER: I’ve been on BONES since Season Three, so it’s quite a stretch.

AX: Are you one of the writing producers?

KETTNER: I’m a writing executive producer.

AX: Angela (Michaela Conlin) and Jack (TJ Thyne) had their baby at the end of Season Six. If you knew when you started Angela’s pregnancy storyline that Emily Deschanel was going to get pregnant in real life, causing you to write the Brennan and Booth having a baby storyline for Season Seven, would you still also have done the one with Angela and Jack.

KETTNER: Well, you know, it’s funny. We like to think of it as, “It was really good practice for real life.” [Deschanel’s pregnancy] was such a happy, happy bit of news for us all that we didn’t think twice. And she looks gorgeous. She looked unbelievable.

AX: When she was pregnant, you showed her just as she was?

KETTNER: You bet. In all her glory.

AX: Now that Brennan and Booth have had a baby and are happy about it, and they have done something to have a baby –

KETTNER: They have done something to get pregnant, yes.

AX: They bought a stork.

KETTNER: Yes, we know that from the magic bean that we learned about in third grade, yes.

AX: What can we expect from the Brennan/Booth relationship now?

KETTNER: We can expect to see a lot of people who care deeply about each other, trying to come to terms with the new state of affairs.

AX: John Francis Daley, who plays Lance Sweets on BONES and co-wrote the movie HORRIBLE BOSSES, has written some teleplays for BONES. How has it been working with him as a writer?

KETTNER: Fantastic. I have to say – okay, he’s going to turn red when he hears this, but he and his [writing] partner John Goldstein so nailed their script on the first pass, we were all dazzled and felt a little bit inadequate [laughs].

AX: As with most sets, there are occasionally physical mishaps – like a runaway golf cart that occurred early in the filming of Season Seven. Have you ever had a disaster on set so interesting that you wrote it into a story later?

KETTNER: No, but we should think about that. A disaster that we wrote in? Well, okay. Based on what happened [with the golf cart], we could write in an out of control, careening golf cart, knocks over a dead body, squishes it into roadkill. Which is a reference, perhaps, to [Season Seven] Episode Eight [“The Bump in the Road”].

AX: Is BONES still rotating the “squintern” lab interns?

KETTNER: Yep. We love them all, so we can’t [choose only one].

AX: Now, did Ryan Cartwright get killed – or his character, Vincent Nigel-Murray – Ryan Cartwright is –

KETTNER: Alive and well, thank God, and living in Toronto.

AX: Yeah. Is the reason that Vincent Nigel-Murray was killed off on BONES because of Ryan Cartwright being the lead on a Syfy series?

KETTNER: Because of ALPHAS. I’m not going to forgive them for that. We love, love, love Ryan Cartwright. We miss him and we wish him all the best on ALPHAS [which is coming back this summer on Syfy]. But if it goes away, you know, Vincent’s twin sister could come back.

AX: Have you also been involved in the BONES spinoff FINDER?

KETTNER: No. Only in the cheering section.

AX: The FINDER pilot was a BONES episode and Jack and Sweets have both turned up on FINDER …

KETTNER: The great thing about BONES that I think our fans really embrace and appreciate is that we can do different things once in awhile and that [the FINDER pilot] was a bit of a different thing that we [turned] into a full-blown series.

AX: Were there any thoughts about bringing in Geoffrey Stults’ Finder character for that episode/pilot, as he does something the BONES regular characters usually do themselves?

KETTNER: Well, we do that all the time. We’ve done that with forensic podiatrists, we’ve done that with Jude the Science Dude, so bringing in the Finder I don’t think was that much of a departure, and a great way to explore a new character that’s fantastic and fun to watch.

AX: Have you ever been grossed out by anything on BONES?

KETTNER: Yes. I felt really badly where in one of my episodes [that Kettner wrote], we blew up Santa Claus [laughs]. I still have guilt – I’m a Jew, but I have guilt.

AX: Don’t all of us Jews have guilt?

KETTNER: Not generally over Santa Claus.

AX: Do you have a favorite aspect of BONES?

KETTNER: Yes. A fantastic, absolutely inspirational cast that it’s a pleasure and an honor to work with.

AX: Do you have a favorite aspect from the writing standpoint – the forensics, the character comedy, the character drama, the mystery building …?

KETTNER: I enjoy the characters and the relationships within the framework of telling a fun, gross story every week.

AX: Fox entertainment president Kevin Reilly has told the press he’d like to keep BONES going as long as everybody wants to keep it going …

KETTNER: We’re also having fun making the show, so as long as people are having fun watching it, I’m good.

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Article: Exclusive Interview with BONES executive producer Carla Kettner

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