Stars: Patrick Duffy, Brenda Strong, Linda Gray, Josh Henderson, Jesse Metcalfe, Jordana Brewster, Julie Gonzalo
Writer: Gail Gilchriest
Director: Ken Topolsky
Network: TNT, airs Monday nights
Original Telecast: April 8th,  2013

Sex, drugs and lies pretty much sums up this week’s DALLAS. Everyone plots, schemes and lies to get what they want. So, it makes sense when even the truth is too much for some. When John Ross (Josh Henderson) tells Pamela (Julia Gonzalo) her father was to blame for the explosion that killed her babies she hardly believes him, throwing him out. Sometimes it’s easier to live a fallacy than live the truth. Still, enemies’ hands are getting dirty with Harris Ryland (Mitch Pileggi), Cliff Barnes (Ken Kercheval) and a slimy governor (Steven Weber) taking on the Ewings, nearly forcing them out of business.

DALLAS has become more like a mystery thriller than a nighttime soap as Pamela Ewing’s whereabouts might soon be revealed. Does that mean we will actually see Victoria Principal set foot on South Fork again? No one is saying. It’s  all hush-hush. But, what they are saying is she is alive or someone pretending to be her is alive. It would be a real let down if it is in fact not her. I mean all the suspense of dangling the carrot in front of us and then pulling the carrot away right when we reach hold of it. That would be hugely disappointing and oddly surprisingly that we would be lead in that direction for nothing. Still, DALLAS has a way of leading us one way and then diverting our attention so we may be shocked in another manner.

However, the webs being spun and the lies being spread are making it hard to keep track of who knows what. Yet, as the mystery unravels and the story draws us in, we can’t help but wonder who will come out on top? For now, Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe), John Ross, Bobby (Patrick Duffy) and Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) are working together as confidantes in their struggle to keep Barnes’ and Ryland’s muddy paws off Ewing Enterprises. But, with Pamela Barnes possibly abandoning ship and becoming a spy for the good old Ewing brood, who is to say who will end up with the goods. The season is nearing its end, the third act is approaching, let’s hope we aren’t disappointed. If its done right, we will be in for a treat.


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