Stars: Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Harry Groener, Sara Canning, Kendall Cross, Jill Teed, Alexia Fast
Eugenie Ross-Leming & Brad Buckner, series created by Eric Kripke
Jeremy Wanek
The CW, Fridays @ 9 PM
Original Airdate:
February 3, 2012

At the end of “The Slice Girls,” it’s hard to believe what we’ve just watched. Not because SUPERNATURAL has once again done some very wacky things with mythology – that’s par for the course – nor that they’ve introduced and killed yet another Winchester relative (even more par for the course). However, given that the Winchester relative in question is in this instance Dean’s (Jensen Ackles) daughter, one might suppose he’d have a little more reaction to the whole situation.

Granted, Dean doesn’t have a daughter in the usual way – this is SUPERNATURAL, after all. Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean end up in a small town where reasonably successful and handsome men are being found dead, amid evidence of extreme violence, with their hands and feet cut off and a strange symbol carved into their chests. While Sam tries to track down an expert to help with what the late lamented Bobby used to do, Dean hits the local bar and winds up with sexy Lydia (Sara Canning, erstwhile Jenna on THE VAMPIRE DIARIES). The duo hit the sheets with great vigor, while elsewhere in town, some poor fellow is getting terminated with extreme prejudice in the same manner as the other victims.

Dean accidentally leaves Bobby’s flask at Lydia’s house, but Lydia– atypically for Dean’s conquests – isn’t happy to hear from him. Dean nevertheless finally drops by to get his flask and sees that Lydia has a toddler. Not only that, but the girl can talk. A little later, baby Emma has become a ten-year-old. Dean deduces something weird is happening.

While Dean and Sam are going through Bobby’s old notes for clues, a piece of paper moves itself. Dean thinks this is Bobby trying to help them from beyond – Sam thinks Dean is engaging in wishful thinking. However, Sam’s expert (Harry Groener) translates the Greek text on the piece of paper into an explanation of what’s going on. A tribe of Amazons, women warriors with no use for men except as tools for procreation, indoctrinate their fast-growing female children into the group by having them kill their fathers. The girls then gain their full powers and age normally thereafter.

Dean and Sam realize that Lydia’s daughter Emma (played as a teen by Alexia Fast) was most likely conceived during Lydia’s one night stand with Dean. When Dean is alone, the now-sixteen-year-old/actually three-day-old Emma comes to see her father. She tells Dean that she’s escaped from the tribe and needs his help to get away. Then she pulls a knife, Dean pulls a gun – but neither closes in for the kill. Emma says it’s hard to kill Dean, as he’s the one who made her. Sam overhears as Dean tells Emma he’ll let her go if she just drops the knife and leaves. Sam enters. When Emma, still holding the knife, asks Dean to save her from Sam, Sam shoots and kills Emma.

Dean and Sam try to go after the rest of the Amazons, but the women have skipped town. Sam tells Dean that Dean was right to kill Sam’s friend Amy (a point of contention for part of this season). Dean insists that he would have killed Emma if Sam hadn’t come in, but Sam isn’t buying it. Sam just wants Dean to not die.

This is one of those episodes that is likely to make a lot of viewers go, “Really?” True, the episode begins with a “then” section featuring Bobby’s old associate Frank telling Dean he needs to go one week at a time and keep smiling, and Dean taking the advice. However, this seems to be pushing it past the point of plausible payoff.

Yes, we know Dean and Sam are more important to each other than anyone else will ever be to either of them, and yes, we know what spare emotion they have at this point is being spent on mourning Bobby (and, in Dean’s case at least, Castiel). But Dean has a daughter – his first offspring that he knows of – is threatened by her, sees Sam kill her in front of him and everything is back to angsty normal a minute later? This is a bit much, even by SUPERNATURAL standards. Trickster/Loki/Gabriel (Richard Speight) got a bigger sendoff than this, and the boys hated him for years.

On the plus side, Groener is very funny as the cheerful college president who is intrigued by all of the ancient papers and lore being presented to him, and Padalecki likewise shows good comedic chops as he desperately tries to hang onto his FBI guise without having to actually do anything official.

The Bobby’s ghost thread has some possibilities (remember, we didn’t actually see him go with his Reaper). Mostly, though, this seems a very strange way of giving Dean another kick in the side when he’s already down.

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