Stars: Tom Weston-Jones, Kevin Ryan, Ato Essandoh, Anastasia Griffiths, Tanya Fischer, Kiara Glasco, Franka Potente
Writer:  Tom Fontana & Will Rokos, Teleplay by Sara B. Cooper   
Director: Ken Girotti         
Network: BBC America, airs Sunday nights
Original Telecast: October 21, 2012

“A Vast and Fiendish Plot” is the first season finale of BBC America’s new drama COPPER. Set in the Five Points slum area of New York in 1864, this ambitious series chronicles the lives of a group of policemen and the people that are part of their world and everyday lives.

The series started with Detective Kevin Corcoran (Tom Weston-Jones) who is a man with a tragic past that includes a murdered daughter and a wife that has gone missing while he was off fighting in the Civil War.   Corcoran’s right hand man is Detective Francis Maguire (Kevin Ryan) who was unable to fight in the war due to a milk eye, but he covers Corcoran’s back when they are on the mean streets of NY. Both men are rough and tumble, and was obvious from the first episode that this form of police investigation is a LOT different than any kind of modern police drama on TV.

So many things have changed in the series since that first episode. Corcoran lady of the evening, Eva (Franka Potente) who has gotten him through the cold and lonely nights, she has had plenty of plans of her own besides running a cat house. She’s killed to keep Corky, she’s taken over another more upscale whorehouse, and she’s even played nursemaid to Corky’s sick wife. This episode she does the hardest thing of all, and bids Corky a fond farewell. She at least doesn’t expect him to keep up their liaison now that his wife has been found, and again this speaks highly of her character.

Annie (Kiara Glasco) has had an interesting up and down storyline this year, from her prostitution past, to her 30+ year old husband/ father, to her obsession with Corky, and it remains to be seen what the future will hold for her now that Corky’s wife has been found and is convalescing at home.

Maguire cops to several counts of murder that have taken place over the course of the season, so in the next season he might only be around to swing from the gallows. We’ll see what happens to him. I like his character, despite all the misdeeds, and I hope that there’s something more than just death waiting for him.

Corcoran, after helping Robert Morehouse (Kyle Schmid) head off a Confederate attack on New York, still has to deal with the fact that his wife is ill and back with him, and that she was the person who killed their daughter. I honestly thought Corky was going to off her at the start of the episode, but we’ll see if he ever moves past her betrayal and accidental murder.

Elizabeth Haverford (Anastasia Griffith) turns out to be a Southern sympathizer, but she’ll only take it so far and she casts the fleeing rebs into the night with a shut door in the face. She seems to be a bit more of a snake than I initially took her to be and she bears watching next season.

So lots of death, some minor destruction, and Dr. Matthew Freeman’s (Ato Essandoh) wife didn’t lose her baby! A really well done ending to a series that has the potential to really surprise with each new episode and season.


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Article: TV Review: COPPER – Season 1 – “A Vast and Fiendish Plot” – Season Finale


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