Stars: Tom Weston-Jones, Kevin Ryan, Ato Essandoh, Anastasia Griffiths, Tanya Fischer, Kiara Glasco, Franka Potente
Writer:  Tom Fontana & Will Rokos, Teleplay by Brant Englestein   
Director: Jeff Woolnough       
Network: BBC America, airs Sunday nights
Original Telecast: September 16, 2012

“La Tempête” the latest episode of COPPER, official starts the all out battle for rutting rights with Detective Corcoran (Tom Weston-Jones). Last episode we saw how far Eva (Franka Potente) is willing to go to keep Corky all to herself, when she slashed the neck of one of her own prozzies, Molly (Tanya Fischer). But that was just the grubby side of this whole business.

Elizabeth Haverford (Anastasia Griffith) decides to have a fund raiser in this episode for all of the ‘colored troops’ fighting in our regiments, and insists that Corky works as the head of security for the event. A smart move, but that doesn’t stop Eva from buying her way into the party. Eva’s not really there to support the cause, and she takes a judge to one of the rooms to shag him into granting her dispensation for her business pursuits. Even though she still probably has ten shades of c**k breath, she still makes a beeline for Corky when Elizabeth is asking him to dance. The two women hike their skirts and pee on Corky; and the moment seems to end in a draw.

Meanwhile, not content to be shoved to the sidelines to try and have some kind of a normal childhood, Annie (Kiara Glasco) makes a move on Robert Moorhouse (Kyle Schmid) and is informing him that Elizabeth is entertaining gentlemen callers of a Southern persuasion; which of course during the Civil War, simply was NOT done. This particular storyline doesn’t blow up, and honestly seems explained away with Elizabeth’s usual graceful intelligence, but I’m sure Annie will have more schemes up her sleeve until she gets to go live in a whore house and not be a ‘little girl’ anymore. So those are the main women in Corky’s life.

Meanwhile Detective Maguire (Kevin Ryan) is busy romancing the crone. Fresh off of his aborted engagement to Molly, who as I said earlier got kacked by Eva, Maguire is taken with Mary Lockwood (Joanne Boland) the sister of the dead abortionist. Lockwood is not all that she seems and is actually blackmailing the men in her sister’s ledger, so she a shady lady all her own. Maguire is convinced he is in love with her, but does he really know what love is, or is he just settling with the next warm body that comes along?

Perhaps the best thing in this episode is the fact that we finally meet Sybil O’Brien (Laura Jean Chorostecki) who we’ve been hearing about in hushed, fearful tones for the whole first part of this season. She is truly a fearsome woman to instill such raw terror in her husband Andrew (Dylan Taylor) this whole time and in her very own brother in this episode. She is surprisingly not as domineering and browbeating as I expected, but of course this is just our first meeting with her, and who knows how she will be in upcoming episodes, perhaps armed with a rolling pin?


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Article: TV Review: COPPER – Season 1 – “La Tempête”

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