Stars: Tom Weston-Jones, Kevin Ryan, Ato Essandoh, Anastasia Griffiths, Tanya Fischer, Kiara Glasco, Franka Potente
Writer:  Tom Fontana & Will Rokos, Teleplay by Sara B. Cooper   
Director: Larysa Kondracki        
Network: BBC America, airs Sunday nights
Original Telecast: October 7, 2012

Well it had to happen sooner or later, COPPER has started to become one of those interminably slow moving period dramas that can’t seem to fill up an hour worth of content that keeps everything interesting and moving along. The series has spent the first season careening precariously close to that edge on and off depending on what the story was for that particular episode, but even though this slowing down, it’s not THE BORGIAS which darn near knocks me out to watch.

“Better Times are Coming” starts ramping the series towards the season finale, and there are some very interesting revelations about certain characters. I guess we should start with the obvious, Detective Maguire (Kevin Ryan) turns out to be a bad guy?! It’s pretty obvious from the episode that he’s the person who offed Mary Lockwood (Joanne Boland) and left her body to rot in a shallow grave in Central Park. He does his level headed best to off anyone else that could tie him to the crime, and in the end he inadvertently leads Detective Corcoran (Tom Weston-Jones) to his long-lost missing wife. Which means Maguire knew where she was this WHOLE time!

So what the hell is going on? Maguire has seemed like such a stand up guy, and I’ve been feeling bad for him this season because of the death and disappearance of two women in his life. He seemed to be a sad mess of a man, and now we find out he’s a killer, and he’s had Corky’s wife committed to an insane asylum of sorts. So dies that mean Corky’s wife is really mentally unhinged, or is she drugged? The preview for the next episode would indicate that she is going to make a full recovery. So is this a case of the best friend lusting after the wife and taking drastic measures while the husband is away?

Which then also leads to the next question of, what about the other women in Corky’s life? Elizabeth Haverford (Anastasia Griffith) is moving on to greener pastures more suited to her class and social standing in society. Eva (Franka Potente) is staying at Corky’s place at least part time to help watch Annie (Kiara Glasco). Eva is willing to kill to keep Corky so this is not going to go over well that his wife has finally resurfaced. Annie is also obsessed with Corky and again this can only end in tears.

The whole Annie storyline has gotten a bit drawn out for me anyways. I thought the first couple episodes with her were fine, but she’s honestly become a bit of a pain and creepy to watch on screen. Glasco is a great little actress, but I’m really getting grossed out by seeing a ten year old girl lusting after out leading man. Yes, he mental state is a by product of abuse and rape, but I don’t think the writers need to shake that in the face of the viewers every single episode to show how rough the time period is.

Looks like John Wilkes Booth will be showing up next episode, and we all know that can only mean trouble.


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Article: TV Review: COPPER – Season 1 – “Better Times Are Coming”

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