Stars: Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic, Susan Sullivan, Molly Quinn, Tamala Jones, Seamus Deaver, Jon Huertas, Penny Johnson Jerald
Writer: Terri Edda Miller & Andrew W. Marlowe
Director: Rob Bowman
Network: ABC, Monday nights, 10 p.m.
Original Telecast: May 7, 2012

It’s not enough, apparently, that the producers of CASTLE spent most of Season Three teasing us with the will they/won’t they relationship between author and dilettante crime fighter Rick Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Det. Kate Beckett. It’s not enough that they spent this entire season doing the same. They had to spend the entire season finale needlessly and ridiculously teasing us with “Always.”

We do get a pay-off, but by the time it happens in the last freaking minute of the episode, you feel so manipulated and aggravated that it’s no fun at all!

It starts with Beckett hanging off a roof top about to fall off – which, means, the episode is told flashback style. This is simply lazy writing and utterly pointless. But when we go back three days, Castle’s daughter Alexis (Molly Quinn) is sweating writing her valedictorian speech for her high school graduation and it’s not coming together probably because it’s finally becoming real to her that this phase of her life is over and that it’s time to move on into adulthood.

Castle encourages her, but gets the call from the cops – a stiff has been found shot in an alley and sure enough, he was breaking into the late Capt. Montgomery’s house – the former boss of the 12 Precinct who was killed in last season’s finale when Beckett got shot. And naturally, he was connected to the murder of Beckett’s mother. Castle has to keep Beckett from investigating to keep her alive and gets the scary phone call to remind him of that. Like that’s going to work.

The crew follow the usual leads, but Ryan (Seamus Deaver) is getting worried and wants to tell the current boss Captain Gates (Penny Johnson Jerald) what Beckett is up to. Esposito (Jon Huertas) and Beckett insist on not telling Gates. There is the usual questioning of suspects and searching of financial records, and boom, Beckett and Esposito find a potential video tape of the bad guy.

It’s in the middle of all this that Castle goes to Beckett and tells her to lay off, that the bad guys have given him one bit of evidence in the murder of her mother as a pledge against her life. If he uses it, she’s dead. Needless to say, Beckett pops a cork – which I can sort of understand that part. But what does Castle do? He declares his love for her, she stays mad, then he says they’re done. What? Like the producers just have to stick it to us one more time.

And maybe the scene wouldn’t have come off as manipulative as it does if the producers hadn’t spent so much freaking time teasing the heck out of this relationship. What has worked beautifully and with incredible charm and delight is when they’ve eased into things, gently but surely breaking down the barriers. But, no. We have to go for the outsized drama and Beckett hanging off a wall.

I will give them some credit – it sounds like Castle is going to come to the rescue at the last second, but when they pull Beckett up, just as her fingers slip off the edge, she’s facing Ryan. Castle is at the graduation, listening to Alexis give her speech. Also, good news (of the sort that will set up next season nicely) Beckett and Esposito are in big, big trouble for going out on their own. Gates suspends them and Beckett resigns.

Meanwhile, Castle is back at home, getting rid of his computer file on Beckett and her mother’s case, when the phone rings and it’s Kate. He turns it off. More teasing. There’s a knock at the door. She’s there and finally, finally, finally. She apologizes, he sort of does and well, there’s plenty of necking before we fade to black. Just in time to have the bad guy set us up with a death threat against Beckett.

See? That works. Why couldn’t they have gone there without all the manipulating and teasing? I am so annoyed.

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Article: TV Review: CASTLE – Season 4 – “Always” – Season Finale

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  1. If they would’ve gotten together at the beggining of the episode it wouldn’t have had tension, it wouldn’t make any sense, every tv show does that, even if it annoys me, I agree with you on the whole “Beckett hanging from a ledge with her fingertips”, that WAS ridicoulous….but the ending made up for it

  2. I thought it was very well written. The re-reveal of Castle’s “I love you” was done in an intense moment, not romantic, but it worked. I thought Kate’s realization at death’s door and her thinking she is hearing Castle call to her was fantastic. Kate is st stubborn and thick, so this situation fit in well. Nice writing, really well done. What I did NOT care for at all was the lovers scene at the end. It was directed and edited so poorly. The clap of thunder and the lightening bolt just before a cheezy Derek-Storm-looking clip of Castle was awful. I had to watch the scene five times before I was able to figure out that Kate put Castle’s hand on her bullet hole scar. When Kate is telling Castel what happened, one shot she has clear eyes and bright face and the next instant (poor editing) she has read eyes and tears on her face. The view of their kissing was so tight that I felt like I was watching them through a key hole in a door. Although the lighting in the room was beautiful. So I liked it all, and I am glad the characters made physical, loving contact or I would have been annoyed. But I didn’t care for the directing or editing of the love scene.

  3. No fun??? Lazy writing and utterly pointless?? Castle didn’t ‘sort of apologize” when Beckett was apologizing. He did that early when he confessed to knowing more then he admitted previously. Which by the way was not him saying the bad guys gave him evidence. Because the bad guys didn’t give him evidence. He was only told they’d back off if he held her off.
    Did you even watch the same episode that the rest of us did? Always was a delight to watch. The writing was phenomenal and Andrew Marlow put Kate & Rick/Castle & Beckett together sweetly, as it should be, in the real world relationships don’t happen just by “eased into things, gently but surely breaking down the barriers” they happen with roadblocks and life getting in the way, kids, parents etc. There has to be some sort of sexual tension or chemistry. You don’t get that with just throwing them together like that. The ‘teasing’ as you call it was something Andrew Marlowe does to add little tidbits that the shippers’ or ‘fans’ throw at him during the season. Some of them work, some of them don’t.

    I’ll give you the “Beckett hanging off the edge of a building my her fingertips. A person would not be able to withstand that.” As for hearing Castles voice and it turning out to be Ryan. That was supposed to be Beckett hearing Castles voice because as she said, “all she could think about was him.”
    Annoying? The only thing annoying was this article.

  4. I thought the delay was well worth it. i had envisioned castle breaking down just as he did while proclaiming his love for beckett.. .tears and all. Im a hopeless romantic and and this was better than Sean and what’s her name on Psych. i did think though that beckett was a bit presumptuous when she showed up at castle’s door. she had just experienced ANOTHER near death experience and quit her job so would be running HIGH on emotion and not seemingly as resolute as castle about their involvement together. lets see if we will be back on the roller coaster next season. lets face it. . .the impending romance was much more intriguing than most of the investigations

  5. You sound really bitter. Lighten up.

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