Stars: Stana Katic, Nathan Fillion, Jon Huertas, Seamus Deaver, Molly Quinn, Susan Sullivan
Writer: Andrew W. Marlowe
Director: Rob Bowman
Network: ABC, airs Monday nights
Original Telecast: September 19, 2011

When last we left Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) during the Season 3 finale of CASTLE, she’d been shot – presumably by the same cabal behind her mother’s death – with Castle holding her and telling her he loves her.

So, obviously, she survives. We knew that going in – although kudos to writer Andrew Marlowe (who created the series) and director Rob Bowman for granting us just a little suspense on that end. But we figured, Castle is declaring his love. There will be reciprocation, right?

Wrong. Beckett backed off and we are seriously annoyed.

Yes, this is a whodunnit series featuring a different little mystery each week, with some episodes delving into the morass that is behind the murder of Beckett’s mother. Castle, the best-selling author who has an in with the mayor, hangs out with the homicide squad ostensibly to pick up real cop color for his books (now into the third one, Heat Rises, which is available in real world bookstores).

The real charm of the series is the relationship between Richard Castle and his muse, Detective Kate Beckett, whom he has turned into Nikki Heat. The two make this great crime fighting team, but there’s also significant heat between the two and after Castle declared his love at the end of the season three finale, you had to figure this relationship was finally going to get off the ground.

The episode also introduces us to the replacement for the late lamented Capt. Roy Montgomery (the even more lamented Ruben Santiago-Hudson). Capt. Victoria “Iron” Gates (Penny Johnson) is a more by the book kind of cop who is not interested in Castle’s connections, which bodes well for dramatic complication. And there is a nice little mystery revolving around a celebrity murdered in her bed. But there’s also a lot of investigation into the murder of Beckett’s mother, including who shot Beckett, which leads nowhere, so you know this is going to drag out for the entire season.

Fine. That’s worth dragging out, but if Castle and Beckett are not in bed together by the November sweeps, we are really going to be unhappy. Really, really unhappy.


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Article: TV Review: CASTLE – Season 4 – Rise



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  1. This show works when the humor and romantic tension are ‘on’. When it gets serious — it’s just another cop show. I didn’t like the series finale and really didn’t like that we lost Capt. Montgomery, whose warmth and caring for the team really added to the show.

    Victoria M
  2. This was a boring episode. Hawaii Five-o had a much better season opener with lots of action, drama, humor and suspense!!!

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  4. Starting with the last episode of season 3 it is not
    much fun to watch anymore.

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  6. Great review; thank you guys. But I don’t think the problem is related to whether the show is being serious or comical. In fact the serious episodes like the S3 finale are the most engrossing; they’re the ones that make us care most about the characters. The problem is with episodes like this when the characters are playing dumb, ignoring past actions, past words, and past feelings, because then we have no reason to care. Why should we invest in characters who lack any consistency? And the fact this is being done in a shameless effort to stretch out the show only makes it that much more annoying. Trying to dodge the “moonlighting curse” (if it even exists) by making your characters act like idiots is like treating depression with shock therapy. It’s a cure MUCH worse than the disease.

  7. …would you like to elaborate on that? I have no idea what you’re talking about. Everyone acted completely rationally and consistent with what happened to them and how they would’ve been feeling.

  8. Oh no, characters having to deal with real life complicated, dark issues! Booooooringggg!

    What are you guys, 13??

  9. The writers apparently don’t know the definition of ‘cliche’. Likable characters, overworked script. Shot in the chest with what looked like a .50 cal sniper rifle . . . and lived? Wow!

  10. Season’s 4 premier show was a big disappointment. First, the writers copied the Mentalist’s show by hiring a female to step in for Montgomery. Then, there’s now going to be the tension between Castle and the new female chief – SAME AS THE MENTALIST. C’mon guys, can’t you do better writing. The shows success rides on the relation between Castle and Becket – – you know that! Get it right and do better writing or you’re going to lose viewers as there are many other shows to watch in your time slot this year.

  11. Am I the only one who sees this ep as a big step forward in their relationship?

    – She admits (to her shrink) that she did remember (as a result she admits it to herself), even if she didn’t specify exactly what to the shrink.
    – She needed some space to work things out for herself, that’s why she told everyone she didn’t remember, but she went back to Castle, got rid of Josh and literally told Castle she was not ready for a relationship yet, because she wanted it to be the real thing and that meant tearing the wall down first (ok, so she didn’t literally say a relationship with HIM, but her eyes and body were speaking for her).
    – She broke down in front of him as well, which is a definite sign of her trust in him (with her emotional life as well I mean).

    So, I’m gonna go with GREAT EP. Keep ’em coming. :)

  12. What’s up with the dark dark lighting??? I can’t even see the actors most of the time. I’ve absolutely loved this show for 3 seasons, but this season it has all gone terribly terribly wrong. Where’s that Castle brilliant mix of drama, HUMOR and action, with a touch of romance??????????? Now it’s just another typical boring cop show. I am sooooo depressed and frustrated — I can’t even watch it any more. It makes me want to cry. What the heck happened?????

    • You are SO RIGHT!! It was dark, morose and definitely NOT what I watch Castle for. New writers? – If so they are definitely duds. I used to look forward to Monday nights but if this is the new Castle – it sucks and I have a lot of other chouces. Bring back the humor, light and the other stuff or I won’t be watching it anymore

  13. I was hoping season 4 would be a great season. I was looking forward to watching the characters growing towards each other and if it took the whole season I wouldn’t care, because I wanted to come along for the ride. But there is something lacking…Castle can’t seems to stay far enough away from Beckett, at least 3 eps we see him choosing to be away from her… I think better writers are needed or AWM doesn’t know how to get his vision across while maintaining quality character growth, maybe both.

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