TCA News: Expect more FEAR FACTOR on NBC in the years to come

FEAR FACTOR logo | ©2011 NBC

One of the biggest surprises this December was the ratings success for the limited return of NBC’s once seminal reality series FEAR FACTOR. Even though it’s not currently scheduled for mid-season, NBC Entertainment Chairman sees the series as a utility player for the network for years to come. “FEAR FACTOR always seems to do well and it predates me,” says Greenblatt. “We actually ordered those episodes last summer because we worried we would have no NFL in the fall. I think we wanted the show to kind of expand on the stunts and the daring do of it. People like […]Read On »


TCA News: NBC reflects on the failure of PRIME SUSPECT

Maria Bello in PRIME SUSPECT - Season 1 | ©2011 NBC

Even though PRIME SUSPECT looked like one of NBC’s most promising fall dramas (and was given the prime Thursday 10:00 pm time slot), yet the series never clicked with viewers. Reflecting on why the series didn’t work, NBC Entertainment Chairman Robert Greenblatt spoke briefly about the series and his disappointment that it didn’t nab the ratings he expected. “Creatively I loved that show and everyone who worked hard on it and Maria Bello was incredible,” says Greenblatt. “What did we learn? I learned that, it’s going to take awhile. There is no revelation or shocking epiphany about the fall, it […]Read On »


TCA News: NBC says SMASH is very important show to the network

Brian d'Arcy, Frank Houston, Jaime Cepero, Anjelica Huston, Jack Davenport, Katharine McPhee, Megan Hilty, Debra Messing, Christian Borle, Raza Jaffrey in SMASH - Season 1 | ©2011 NBC/Mark Seliger

While there’s been a lot of hype for the new NBC midseason musical drama SMASH (and yes, the show more than lives up to it), today at the NBC TCA press tour, Entertainment Chairman Robert Greenblatt says the series is very important to the network, which is why they’ve scheduled it to air after the second season of their hit reality singing competition THE VOICE on Monday nights. “SMASH is going to be very important to us,” says Greenblatt. “I don’t think it’s a make or break show for us. We’re really proud of it and what it could do. […]Read On »


TCA News: NBC explains decision to bench COMMUNITY and no, it’s not cancelled

Joel McHale in COMMUNITY - Season 3 - "Biology 101" | ©2011 NBC/Lewis Jacobs

When COMMUNITY was missing from NBC’s midseason schedule, many thought that this was the first nail in the coffin before cancellation. However, at today’s NBC TCA press tour session, NBC Entertainment Chairman Robert Greenblatt wanted to clarify that COMMUNITY will be back once a time slot opens up. “COMMUNITY was moved to 8 a couple of years ago and that’s an incredibly competitive time slot on Thursdays,” says Greenblatt. “I’m curious what something else will do there. I don’t know if it makes sense to ask COMMUNITY to start off night again. We have a tight schedule with comedies and […]Read On »


TCA News: NBC is frank about the network’s disappointing fall season

NBC 2011 logo | ©2011 NBC

It’s rare for a network big wig to be frank with the television press, but that’s what NBC Entertainment Chairman Robert Greenblatt did when he spoke today at NBC TCA press tour. Before questions were asked, he came out and admitted that NBC’s fall schedule did not live up to expectations. “We had a really bad fall and worse than I hoped for and about what I expected,” Greenblatt says. “People say there’s only way to go but up and there’s a lot to do before we get there.” He did not that there is “good news.” “We have new […]Read On »


TCA News: Harry Connick Jr. will appear on LAW & ORDER: SVU in four episodes

Mariska Hargitay in LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT - Season 13 - "Russian Brides" | ©2011 NBC/Will Hart

At this morning’s TCA press tour session for NBC, Entertainment Chairman Robert Greenblatt revealed that Mariska Hargitay will appear in all episodes of the show’s current thirteenth season and she will not be leaving the show next year. He also introduced a pre-taped clip from Hargitay who revealed that she will have a love interest in the Spring with new A.D.A. Harry Connick Jr. (he has a four-episode arc). In the clip, she’s asked if she will return for another year and she says, “I’ll be back – I’m having too much fun.” (additional reporting by A.C. Ferrante) LET YOUR […]Read On »


TCA News: PBS says expect ENDEAVOUR, the INSPECTOR MORSE movie prequel, to become a regular series

Shaun Evans in ENDEAVOUR | ©2012 PBS/ITV

The popular British detective series INSPECTOR MORSE has been transformed into a one-off TV movie prequel called ENDEAVOUR and is based on Colin Dexter’s novels. The movie has already made its debut in the U.K. on ITV and has proven quite successful. This co-production with the PBS (which will air it this summer on MASTERPIECE MYSTERY!) has already provided talk that a TV series might follow. Shaun Evans who plays a younger Morse (the movie is set in the 1960s) says he would love to come back for a full series. “It was a great opportunity for me,” says Evans. […]Read On »


TCA News: PBS says expect a Series 3 of SHERLOCK

SHERLOCK - Series 2 | ©2012 PBS/BBC

The current Second Series of the BBC/PBS co-production of SHERLOCK has been breaking records in the U.K. and even though PBS won’t air the episodes until May, talk of a third series is inevitable. While speaking at the PBS session for MASTERPIECE MYSTERY! which airs SHERLOCK under that banner, actress Lara Pulver who plays Holmes foil Irene Adler in Series 2, spoke about the show’s impact her native U.K. “It’s resonating hugely within the British audiences, which is very exciting and there’s more scope for these two characters [Holmes and Adler],” admits Pulver. As for whether Benedict Cumberbatch will return […]Read On »



Late Night talk show host Johnny Carson | ©Johnny Carson

At today’s TCA session for PBS, director Peter Jones spoke about his work on the new AMERICAN MASTERS special – JOHNNY CARSON: KING OF LATE NIGHT. This project, set to air in May 14, celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Johnny Carson taking over THE TONIGHT SHOW from Jack Paar and changing the face of late night forever. A private person, Jones admits that Carson didn’t really want to participate in a documentary on his life – at least in his lifetime. And after 12 years of writing to him, he finally got a call from the talk show host in […]Read On »


TCA News: Expect more Ken Burns documentaries on PBS including THE DUST BOWL

THE DUST BOWL documentary by Ken Burns | ©2012 PBS

During the Winter 2012 TCAs this week, PBS revealed that Ken Burns will be a big part of their programming for years to come. “I refer to it as our ‘marriage contract’ otherwise known as ‘’till death do us part,’” says PBS CEO and President Paula Kerger. “We have a long-term relationship with him which we created because so many of the projects that he works on are large and epic,” says Kerger. Upcoming projects include THE DUST BOWL, set to air in the Fall. “It’s going to be an extraordinarily powerful series because he was able to record a […]Read On »

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