THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN is currently playing in theatres, and this new version of the web-head is unlike any we seen before. Director Marc Webb re-booted the popular Sony Pictures franchise with a more modern take on everyone’s favorite wall crawler now played by Andrew Garfield, and introduced audience to a host of familiar and new characters.

ASSIGNMENT X spoke with Jerome Chen the Sr. Visual Effects Supervisor on the film, and even though the Lizard is the current villain, we couldn’t help but wonder what might be next for the web-headed wonder. Chen gave us a very specific place in the film to look for clues as to what may or may not be featured in a sequel.

“I have not been told specifically who any other villains are, but I will say that there is a scene in the Oscorp Lab where there is a computer display shown to a group of students as part of presentation,” Chen explains. “It’s the scene where Peter sneaks into Oscorp, and in the display there are several species of creatures. Nobody was ever specific, but anybody who knows the comics might see in the wide range of animals selected, clues. Or it may not. “

He also went on to address some of the challenges that will come with the second movie, if they go in the direction most of the comic fans are expecting.

“If they’re going to go with the arc of Gwen dying, then you know the Green Goblin will be in it,” he states. “That will be an intriguing challenge since the one from the other films is so iconic. To take on that challenge and decide what can be done differently; that’s going to make that very difficult.”

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Article: Exclusive – The Scoop and tease of potential THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 villains

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  1. I’m not too surprised about Veronica ending up dead just because she was so unstable and yes it was weird that Rebecca is trying to smooth things over with Elena. At this point we all know that Rebecca isn’t trustworthy so it’s no surprise that Christopher accuses her of lying about being pregnant. I just watched the episode on on a suggestion from a Dish co-worker. I was able to watch the episode I missed and even watch the entire season from the beginning if I want. That’s pretty awesome if you ask me. There are lots of other shows and movies available for me to catch up on whenever I’m bored. I’m mad and sad at the same time about the baby news for Christopher and Rebecca. You can see by his reaction that it’s something he is ready for but Rebecca’s betrayal taints the news terribly. Then there’s the issue of Christopher wants to be with Elena. John Ross is being held on suspicion of murder? It’s so juicy and so complicated! You know I’ll be watching next week for sure.


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