HALLOWEEN: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION LIMITED EDITION | ©2014 Shout! Factory/Anchor Bay Entertainment

Distributor: Anchor Bay/Shout! Factory Suggested Retail Price: $169.99 The significance of HALLOWEEN: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION LIMITED EDITION, which brings together all 10 films under once roof, is not lost among die-hard films. The rights issues for the ten films spans several different companies and many different licensees which has made a box set like this seem more like a pipe dream in the past than a reality. Then some crazy thing happened – Anchor Bay (which controls HALLOWEEN, HALLOWEEN 4: THE RETURN OF MICHAEL MYERS and HALLOWEEN V: THE REVENGE OF MICHAEL MYERS), Miramax/The Weinstein Company which has HALLOWEEN: THE […]Read On »



THE BLUE MAX: THE LIMITED EDITION soundtrack | ©2014 La La Land Records

Jerry Goldsmith came roaring out of the gate in the mid-60s to impress Hollywood with his seemingly boundless talent to play any number of genres. And two of his best scores from this furiously creative period couldn’t be more apart, or more in demand from Goldsmith collectors than 1966s THE BLUE MAX and 1963s THE LIST OF ADRIAN MESSENGER, one a soaringly romantic exercise in the nobility of battle, and the other a playfully insane game of all-star masquerading murder suspects that at last get the releases they’ve long-deserved on special editions from La La Land and Varese Sarabande Records. […]Read On »



PRINGLES CINNAMON & SUGAR limited edition crisps | ©2013 Pringles

Manufacturer: Pringles Suggested Retail Price: $1.99 While PRINGLES remains one of the most addictive canned crisps around, the company is always reinventing the brand with new flavors and special limited edition flavors. Last year, they tested the waters with three different types of dessert crisps – PUMPKIN PIE SPICE, WHITE CHOCOLATE PEPPERMINT and CINNAMON & SUGAR. While we didn’t get a chance to sample these chips last year, we did check out the one mainstay from last year CINNAMON & SUGAR (which is joined this year by limited edition PECAN PIE and WHITE CHOCOLATE flavors). The result? An utter disaster. […]Read On »


CD Review: THE MATRIX RELOADED (Limited Edition) soundtrack

THE MATRIX RELOADED: LIMITED EDITION soundtrack | ©2013 La La Land Records

When THE MATRIX appeared in 1999, Don Davis’ score was one of those thunderbolt game changers that pretty much re-wrote the book on sci-fi scoring. Taking the already revolutionary approach of such modern classicist-to-film composers as John Corigliano (ALTERED STATES) and Elliot Goldenthal (ALIEN 3) into the computer reality of bullet time kung fu action, Davis’ use of high-tech electronics and a distorted, brass orchestral writing was a kick-ass head trip that created an oppressively thrilling sense of darkness and defiance against the future’s robot overlords. Davis’ fusion of melody and musical sound design was a classic in every sense […]Read On »


CD Review: THE PLEASURE OF HIS COMPANY (Limited Edition) soundtrack

THE PLEASURE OF HIS COMPANY soundtrack | ©2013 Kritzerland

Sure Alfred Newman is known for towering, drama-filled epics like THE ROBE and HOW THE WEST WAS WON. But I have to confess that I’m even more game for the legendary composer’s far frothier stuff. It seems that Newman was just as prolific, if unsung with sweet, jazzy comedy, an effervescent touch for orchestra and brass that Kritzerland is finally giving a chance to shine with such confections as TAKE CARE OF MY LITTLE GIRL and THE SEVEN YEAR ITCH. Now THE PLEASURE OF HIS COMPANY is all ours for Newman’s 1961 score, whose wedding bells herald Fred Astaire’s arrival […]Read On »



THE UNTOUCHABLES: LIMITED EDITION soundtrack | ©2012 La La Land Records

Ennio Morricone has never been better then when composing for Sergio Leone’s epics of American gangster-ism, whether it was committed in dust busters for ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST, or in the flashy 30s hood attire of ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA. So it seemed only natural when the Italian maestro finally pulled a job for crime-obsessed director Brian De Palma, whose 1987 take on THE UNTOUCHABLES remains not only one of the best TV-to-film translations ever, but a picture where De Palma’s stylistic swagger was a perfect fit for Morricone’s, propelling him to made man status […]Read On »


CD Review: NORTH DALLAS FORTY soundtrack (2,000 edition)

NORTH DALLAS 40 soundtrack | ©2010 Film Score Monthly

One of the more curious composer-to-picture match-ups in the 70’s was throwing John Scott, a genteel English composer renowned for such classically lush scores as ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA and THE COUSTEAU ODYSSEY, into the very macho game of football- and we aren’t talking the Euro definition of guys kicking around a pigskin. Yet it’s exactly that strongly thematic sense of drama that let NORTH DALLAS FORTY make a memorable touchdown as one of America’s better sports films. Credit Canadian director Ted Kocheff, who’d worked with Scott on the equally unlikely Aussie thriller WAKE IN FRIGHT to let the composer make […]Read On »


CD Review: CLASH OF THE TITANS soundtrack (3,000 edition)

Clash of the Titans Soundtrack | ©2010 Intrada Records

With no offense to Ramin Djawadi’s rock-fueled percussion that accompanied the more-than-manly, 3-D CGI revamp of this year’s CLASH, it’s likely that Laurence Rosenthal’s symphonically lush, hero-making music of the gods was the stuff that played in Perseus’ ears as he slew Medusa and turned the Kraken to stone. It’s an old school style that will also forever identify CLASH for a certain geek generation, for whom no amount of cool computer effects will ever replace Ray Harryhausen’s home-made brand of stop-motion wonder, for whom Rosenthal’s score provided a more than worthy send-off. Now Intrada pays tribute to the alter […]Read On »

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