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The X List: Bane of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES – 5 Things You Need To Know

Bane barrels toward movie stardom. | ©2011 DC Comics.

Well, now we know: The two villains that will square off against Christian Bale’s gravelly-voiced Gotham City crusader in the third Christopher Nolan-helmed Batman film DARK KNIGHT RISES will be Catwoman (purrfect) and Bane (snap!) played by Anne Hathaway and Tom Hardy, respectively. With a fan base not only devoutly dedicated to the many years of continuity in the Bat-comics, but impressed by Nolan’s unique, some might even say pseudo-realistic take on the surreal shenanigans of the cowled one and his extensive rogues’ gallery, how exactly do you handle reintroducing both of these antagonists in a way sure to please […]Read On »


Exclusive Interview: Writer Reginald Hudlin brings Marvel’s BLACK PANTHER comic to animated life with new DVD movie

BLACK PANTHER DVD | &copy Marvel/Shout! Factory

Since he was a child, writer-director Reginald Hudlin (HOUSE PARTY, BOOMERANG) has been a fan of Marvel’s BLACK PANTHER comic book. In fact, for the last two decades, he’s been attached in one way or another to aborted feature film adaptations of the character. In 2005, he rebooted the character in Marvel’s comic book pages (with legendary artist John Romita, Jr.) which was subsequently turned into a six-episode animated series based on the first comic arc “Who Is Black Panther?” With Shout! Factory releasing the DVD this week that compiles all six episodes (with special features), BLACK PANTHER is back. […]Read On »

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