Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth in THOR | ©2011 Marvel/Paramount

Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth in THOR | ©2011 Marvel/Paramount

With the new Marvel comics adaptation of THOR hitting theaters today, the film has not only created one new rising star with Chris Hemsworth as the titular character, but also with Tom Hiddleston who plays the villainous Loki (and brother to Thor).

For the up and coming British thespian, getting a chance to play this magical trickster was a dream come true and he recently spoke about working on this epic superhero film and fashioning Loki into a formidable villain who will play a major part in THE AVENGERS superhero team-up movie next summer.

On originally going up for the part of Thor …
“I’m 6’2”, so like every other English speaking actor over 6 foot who’s got blonde hair, I went up for the part of Thor, but I’m not built like a house,” says Hiddleston with a laugh. “And there’s no way in Odin’s Asgard I could have delivered what Chris has done. It was always meant to be this way.”

On whether Loki views himself as a hero or villain …
“I think Loki thinks he is the hero,” says Hiddleston. “There’s an aspect of Loki that is, essentially, if you boil this film down to its barest elements, about a father and two sons.  And both those sons are two brothers competing for the love and affection and pride of their father, Odin, played by Tony [Hopkins] here. And I think there’s just sort of a deeply misguided intention within Loki and he has a kind of a damage within him. He just goes about getting that pride in the wrong way.”

Tom Hiddleston at the premiere of THOR | ©2011 Sue Schneider

Tom Hiddleston at the premiere of THOR | ©2011 Sue Schneider

On researching the Loki character in the comics …
“In the comics, Loki starts off as the archetypal villain on the roof with the horns cackling in the sky,” says Hiddleston. “As the comics evolved and the mythology deepened, you see there is a psychological complexity to him. He has a sadness and a damage somewhere in his heart. I thought it was a good hook to hang credentials on as a bad guy. I tried to fill it with as much of a human truth as I could. It’s not that difficult when you’re opposite these two [Hemsworth and Hopkins].”

On wearing the insanely disproportionate costume including the horned helmet …
“Our costumes were incredibly heavy and get very hot under the film lights,” says Hiddleston. “Normally all the heat would dissipate out of the top of ones head, but that all gets contained inside the helmet. Whenever I was working with the helmet, my brain would turn to scrambled eggs, which is evident in my performance.”

On rising up the Hollywood ranks with Hemsworth in the same movie …
“We both confessed how exited we were to do this thing and it was the biggest thing we’ve both done,” says Hiddleston. “We’ve been on this high diving board together. It was like a child hood dream. We came into this, at [similar] points in our career, and it’s by far the biggest thing we were involved and passionate about … it was like being a couple of kids.”

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