THOR has wowed fans and casual moviegoers alike with its ability to weave the high-falutin’ Asgardian mythos into the otherwise Earthbound and technology-driven Marvel movie saga. Of course we’ll be seeing the Thunder God swinging Mjolnir with a variety of costumed cohorts and once more dealing with the dastardly doings of Loki when THE AVENGERS arrives in theaters next year.

Since there are so many other solo adventures the son of Odin might yet embark upon, where will Thor go next when it’s time for the inevitable THOR 2 sequel? Who will he meet? Who will he battle? Who will he fall in love with?

We toss out a few suggestions here, but we also invite you to take up the hammer and demand what you will! Onward!

1. Enter The Absorbing Man, Crusher Creel!


The Absorbing Man | ©2011 Marvel

The Absorbing Man | ©2011 Marvel

A bruiser that downs a Loki-spiked potion and gains the power to absorb the properties of anything he touches, Crusher Creel is one of Thor’s earliest and most memorable adversaries. And if Creel shows up, can the Grey Gargoyle be far behind?

First Comic Book Appearance: Journey into Mystery #114 (1965)

2. More Sif Please, We’re Asgardian!


Sif of Asgard | ©2011 Marvel

Sif of Asgard | ©2011 Marvel

The first THOR movie does a nice job of establishing the potential for romantic entanglement between Sif and the Thunder God, so now let’s up the ante and get these two crazy kids together. After all, the Black Swan isn’t likely to have time for sequels, is she?

First Comic Book Appearance: Journey into Mystery #102 (1964)

3. Bet on Beta Ray Bill!


Beta Ray Bill | ©2011 Marvel

Beta Ray Bill | ©2011 Marvel

Come on, if the GREEN LANTERN movie can do it right and go all out with CGI renditions of Kilowog and Tomar-Re, surely we can have good ol’ Bill in the next THOR? An alien being worthy to wield Mjolnir could prove a challenge or a colleague…or both!

First Comic Book Appearance: Thor #337 (1983)

4. Steamroll the Stone Men from Saturn!


The Stone Men of Saturn (The Kronans) | ©2011 Marvel

The Stone Men of Saturn (The Kronans) | ©2011 Marvel

OK, they’re really called the Kronans. These rocky monsters – Thor’s first comic book opponents – may seem like just a hokey ‘60s relic, but they came back a handful of times in the ‘70s-‘90s before becoming big players in the last decade’s Hulk story arcs. Join hands and hope for a Kronan invasion!

First Comic Book Appearance: Journey into Mystery #83 (1962)

5. Ribbit, Forsooth!


The Thunder Frog! | ©2011 Marvel

The Thunder Frog! | ©2011 Marvel

Yeah, this’ll never happen, but during Walt Simonson’s well-respected tenure on the title, Thor fell victim to one of Loki’s most devastating plans. Transformed into a frog – you read that right – Thor had to battle rats in Central Park before reuniting with Mjolnir as the Thunder Frog! We dare you, Marvel Studios! We triple dog dare you!

First Comic Book Appearance: Thor #363 (1986)

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