Emily Deschanel stars as Brennan and Tamara Taylor stars as Cam in BONES | © 2015 Patrick McElhenney/FOX

Emily Deschanel stars as Brennan and Tamara Taylor stars as Cam in BONES | © 2015 Patrick McElhenney/FOX

Fox’s BONES is in its tenth season, Thursdays at 8 PM. By all reports, everyone enjoyed the show’s change of pace 200th episode, “The 200th in the 10th,” which aired as the midseason finale. Directed by star David Boreanaz, who normally plays FBI Agent Seeley Booth, the segment found all of the regular actors playing different characters in a 1950s Hitchcockian tale that saw Booth as a Robin Hood-like jewel thief and Emily Deschanel’s Dr. Temperance Brennan as a rookie cop trying to prove her worth as a detective.

Arguably the biggest stretch was for Tamara Taylor, who usually plays forensics laboratory boss Dr. Cameron Saroyan. In “The 200th,” her character was a duplicitous murderer who gets into a midair fight aboard a cargo plane. In the regular storyline, things are getting interesting for Cam as well, what with her lab intern boyfriend Arastoo Viziri (Pej Vahdat) getting very serious about their relationship.

AX: How did you enjoy doing the two-hundredth episode?

TAMARA TAYLOR: I had a blast doing it. It was so much fun. And the fact that I got to be the killer and got to dangle from a harness and get thrown out of a plane was amazing.

AX: How did you physically accomplish the going out of the plane? Was there any kind of vertical drop or did they just pitch you out and there was a mat?

TAYLOR: We actually shot it a few times. It was the first time I’d ever been in a harness, so it was really exciting for me. They just put me out and I think that we held onto the plane, and they said, “One, two, three,” and I was holding on to Booth, and he would let go of me, and I’d just go flying – the harness would pull me back.

AX: And this was with a green screen?

TAYLOR: Green screen. Major green screen.

AX: Did you have to practice with the harness a lot?

TAYLOR: They gave me a couple of runs at it, and then we went for it. It required much more core strength than I thought. It was exhausting after two or three times, but it was fun.

AX: Did they ask you if you wanted a stunt double?

TAYLOR: I had an amazing stunt double who shot a lot of the fight scenes in the fuselage. She was amazing and she also helped me figure out how to do the harness.

AX: As far as what’s happening for Cam for the rest of this season, can you tease where the romance with Arastoo may be going?

TAYLOR: I don’t know. I wish I could. They have told me nothing. We know that Aristoo goes to Iran and from what I hear gets into some trouble and I may or may not be going to help him.

AX: And maybe have a mystery that has to be solved by the team?

TAYLOR: Exactly.

AX: Was the two-hundredth episode your favorite of the season?

TAYLOR: For sure it was. It was so much fun to do. It was really fun to see everybody come with different characters and with full commitment to the period and everybody had a really good time.

AX: Have you been doing anything else?

TAYLOR: You know what? Over the break, I actually managed to squeeze in a couple of little indie films. One’s called AUGUST FALLS, with Fairuza Balk and Charles Baker, from BREAKING BAD. It’s a beautiful film. And then a little light film called ANA MARIA IN TELENOVELA LAND.

AX: And what would you most like people to know about BONES right now?

TAYLOR: Watch it. We’re having a lot of fun.

This interview was conducted during Fox’s party for the Television Critics Association at Pasadena’s Langham-Huntington Hotel.

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