Timothy Hutton in LEVERAGE - Season 5 Series Finale - "The Long Goodbye" | ©2012 TNT/Erik Heinila

Timothy Hutton in LEVERAGE - Season 5 Series Finale - "The Long Goodbye" | ©2012 TNT/Erik Heinila

At the Television Critics Association press tour, TNT/TBS network president Michael Wright took a moment to talk with ASSIGNMENT X about the cancellation of LEVERAGE, which concluded its five-year run on TNT Christmas Day, 2012.

ASSIGNMENT X: Why did you decide this was a good time to end LEVERAGE?

MICHAEL WRIGHT: I’m actually happy you asked me this, because it’s never easy to cancel a show. This was the hardest cancellation ever, because [LEVERAGE executive producer] Dean [Devlin] is a friend. We were creative partners on this show. This show was born from a meeting Dean and [series co-creator] John Rogers and I had years ago, and there was just such enthusiasm for the show, and love for the show and what it meant, and then that cast came together and had such a unique and rare chemistry. And the theme of the show, of these really skilled in odd ways people coming together to do something on behalf of the unempowered, those that aren’t entitled, those that need help and can’t get it, a show that trades on that theme speaks right to my heart. And all that said, at the end of the day, it is a business and there is – not a formula, not an algorithm, but there is a math involved, and at a certain point, cost of production and ratings and nature of the audience and trends all begin to make a decision for you, and the show’s ratings had gotten to a place where it just didn’t make as much sense going forward.

AX: But the series didn’t make it to a hundred episodes, so is there any concern about syndication?

WRIGHT: No, they’ve already sold it. They’ve sold it to Ion, they’ve sold it into syndication, we bought a piece of the back end, they’ve sold it internationally, so there was no “Can we get to a hundred” or was there anything sort of punitive with not getting to a hundred. That had no bearing for us, or for Dean.

AX: Was part of it that the actors had contracted for five seasons, so Season 6 would have triggered raises?

WRIGHT: No, we talked about that. I think that everybody – if there had been a way to bring the show back, we probably would have discussed it. I think you can also say, I don’t think the show was creatively exhausted, but I do think it’s fair to say that it did its job. I think after the number of episodes they ran, I think we got a lot out of LEVERAGE.



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Article Source: Assignment X 
Article:Exclusive Interview with TNT President Michael Wright on the cancellation of LEVERAGE


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  1. I DO NOT BELIEVE YOU. There are many other shows on your network that I’m sure cost much more to produce. You contradict yourself by saying it was the cost of production however aren’t the cast and crew salaries part of that? If Mr.Devlin is your friend I’d hate to be your enemy, he doesn’t need friends like you. Since Leverage and The Closer are off the air, I will no further have any reason to watch any of your networks, and I believe that there are very many fans that feel the same. In the end, I think the cancellation will cost you much more than it will save.

    Beth Kredel
  2. I also don’t believe cost was the reason. You cancelled the only show you got a PCA from. Egg on your face there. Leverage was one of the BEST shows on television and the many thousands of fans (who all voted for Leverage to win a PCA) agree and will follow Leverage else where in what ever form it may take. A lot are also saying goodbye to TNT. Your loss really. I also know I won’t be watching any of the new pilot shows that you are replacing Leverage with. This article reads like a lot of excuses really. There was a way to bring the show back. JUST DO IT. Not hard at all. Boo hiss to you.

    • I totally agree with Beth Kredel. All the reasons you give sound like excuses. This was the best show on your station (and one of the top 2 on any broadcast or cable TV stations). It was for intelligent people, and there were millions of enthusiastic fans who watched via cable and online. The ensemble cast was superb, there were so many ‘stories’ left to tell, etc., etc. It is totally TNT’s loss. I was planning to increase my cable package so I could get TNT, but now I won’t. None of your “new” shows could ever be as interesting as “Leverage”. I’m so disappointed in you and in your “reasons”. The characters were all multi-layered and all the actors were outstanding, having their own characters play ‘alternate characters’ on every episode, not something that just any show can do. The plots were intricate, the mix of drama, humor, and pathos was superb. Look at all the ‘dumbed down’ shows that are still running after 7 or 8 seasons! I had hoped you knew “Leverage” was so much better than most shows. Apparently not. BTW, it didn’t matter when it was aired on TNT; anyone could watch it multiple ways online the day after, so the switching of days and times had nothing to do with it.

      Laura Finkelstein
  3. I agree the numbers had gone down, BUT, don’t you think it’s because of moving dates and times? Of lesser advertising than normal? Of the dreaded split season without much notice of it’s return date and new DAY and TIME? It just seems as if it had no network support.

    Lori Lamb
    • I totally agree! I had to TIVO it with anytime and date just to keep up!

      • I was not even AWARE of Leverage until Ion started pushing it- and that is totally my genre. The blame of low numbers falls on not adequately advertising the show (I mean I had to sit through a friggin Dallas promo last time I went to the MOVIE THEATER- and I am willing to bet you never did that for Leverage). There are many people who were simply unaware of the program. Also the premier of the season is shown during the first week of Olympic coverage. Seems like someone set this show up to fail- now I wonder who it was?

    • I agree with Lori. There was never adequate support from the Network for this show. I had to keep trying to find out for myself when it was coming back on again. There was no stability in viewing times—nothing to count on. None of this was the show’s fault! The network is crazy to let this high-quality show go! I am another one that will no longer be watching TNT!

      Maar Anne
  4. I think the network could have gotten a lot more out of Leverage had they done a more sound job of promoting the series, and had they not continually moved it around.

  5. I think it is a shame that your network cancelled a series that still had a lot of life and a lot of stories still to tell. It is a very original concept, unlike most of what is on tv today. I hate reality shows, cop shows, and medical dramas, and unfortunately that is all TNT has left. Your catchphrase is “We Know Drama”, can’t really say I agree with that. You cancelled the show that won the Peoples Choice Award for Best Cable Drama. By the way, Leverage was the only show on your network even nominated. That should tell you something.

  6. I wish the TNT would have been more interested in pleasing the audience and fans than in money, but I guess that’s the way things are, and the reason I only watch one or two programs a week. Since Leverage is gone, I will have to watch my DVDs. No TNT shows on my list now.

  7. Although cancellation blows hard no matter what, this after the fact half explanation MAY have been received better in let’s say August?!?!

  8. This explanation was truly a slap in the face of every Leverage fan. The response was canned and phony. This show deserved to be renewed, instead TNT would rather focus on yet another medical drama, a remake of a show from the 1970’s or reruns of shows from other networks. TNT claims they “know drama” but canceling their one and only truly unique show proves how little they know. The only show TNT had nominated for a people’s choice award was… Leverage. Not only was it their only nominated show, it won for Favorite Cable Drama… Yet again, the drama station cancelled it?!?! Is anyone else confused by this?? TNT, you made a huge mistake… It’s time to correct this and renew Leverage!

    Amanda landers
  9. I think if your network had not insisted on moving Leverage’s time slot around it would not have cost you the ratings that mean more to you than loyal fans. The show did not deserve that treatment from you – but typical, if it’s working, let’s see if we can mess it up applies to TNT in this situation. The fact that the show won Best Cable recently should also tell you something. The fact that you ended a great show while putting a show like “Monday Mornings” on your network proves that quality does not matter, you would rather go with a more “been there, done that” formula, instead of keeping a show that is good yet different on the air. Totally disgusted with TNT.

    Kathryn Grafton
  10. I believe you made the wrong choice. Everyone I know watched and loved Leverage.

  11. I find it funny to think your company is the type of ‘evil empire’ that the Leverage team would take down. You mention the ratings but what you didn’t address is the fact you changed the days it would air and NEVER gave it proper advertising. Now you air rubbish like The Mentalist and Franklin & Bash. Since I can watch the Thursday night NBA online, there is absolutely no reason to watch TNT again.

    One last thing….congrats on the PCA win for Leverage!! At least everyone knows it wasn’t won based on anything YOU did.

  12. I find this very hard to believe since the fan backlash has been relentless since cancellation. Everyday TNT is bombarded with angry fans who are truly upset that Leverage was cancelled and want it back. Being a former avid TNT watcher myself I found the lack of promotion bewildering. Reruns got more promotion than Leverage. Many people had no idea when it was coming back or when it was on since they kept changing the date an time of airings. There was something about this show TNT did not like and they did everything they could to get rid of it. Fans will once again rejoice when Leverage finds a new home and TNT will be kicking themselves and rightfully so.

    Ali Kien
  13. Leverage was the best show on television, it has a massive fan base, any problems with the ratings was all down to the promotion of the show, or lack of! the only time i saw adverts for Leverage was while i was already watching it, I only had to mention the show to friends, who had never heard of it,( lack of promotion) as soon as I told them about it, they wanted to see it. It was a brilliant family show, that I, my mother and my 10 year old son love. I also know it was the only show of TNTs that I watched, so therefore I don’t need to watch you fail any other shows. If you had the slightest idea of what people want you would be doing your best to promote the best show you HAD.

    lisa lee
  14. The article does not ring true. TNT has the honor of being the only network to cancel a show that won a Peoples Choice Award. Every other show on TNT had received news of renewal or cancellation except Leverage. The fans begged TNT for an answer and we got silence until right before Christmas. In the interview Mr. Wright implies he had as big a part in creating Leverage as Dean Devlin and John Rogers. I only know Dean, John and Chris Downey as the shows creators. I have never heard Mr. Wright’s name in association with the creation of Leverage. TNT’s Facebook page is filled with unhappy fan comments about Leverage and not much else. It was a slap in the face to fans when TNT congratulated Leverage on the PCA award after the way the network treated the fans and supporters. By the way, TNT still has Leverage in their Facebook banner, which really hurts. This article really says nothing concrete but it tries to justify a bad decision.

  15. Never heard such garbage! Ratings…pffftttt! The show just won a freakin People’s Choice Award – you had it in for the show, no promotion, constant schedule changes, you destroyed it!

  16. This article made me see red. This show had an over the top following and were screwed over and over again with the talk of cancellation and then the cancellation FOUR days before Christmas. What a great gift to give a show with such a loyal fan following. TNT made a HUGE mistake. HUGE!! I hope it does get picked up for another season by ANOTHER network. I hope TNT knows what a moronish mistake they made in canceling this show!! And to top it off, it’s loyal fans got them a PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD!!! How do you feel now TNT?

  17. I’ve never heard such rubbish in my life! Ratings…pfffft! The show just won a freakin People’s Choice Award! You had in in for Leverage – you gave it no promotion, kept changing the schedule, you destroyed it.

  18. Not sure I believe you, but whats done is done, That door is closed, perhaps you’ve left it for someone else to open. So much more of the story to tell. You were correct in saying “that cast came together and had such a unique and rare chemistry. And the theme of the show, of these really skilled in odd ways people coming together…” That’s the point Leverage was the most unique series, no one can match it. Can’t believe that didn’t count for something and at least give it one more season to see where it could go. Screw around with schedule dates, times, and seemingly no interest in promoting Leverage and that’s a deadly combination for any show. And no I don’t believe you that the fact the five year contract was up and renewing contracts would probably mean raises had little to do with cancelling the show. In your own words “I think that everybody – if there had been a way to bring the show back, we probably would have discussed it.” what a load of bull, You did next to nothing as I stated above with scheduling changes lack of support etc, to help the show and bring ratings back up. “gotten to a place where it just didn’t make as much sense going forward.” got to that place because you put it there. And why I would read this and comment just to get pissed off all over again I have no clue. Good luck Mr. Wright your job is only going to be harder, fans won’t trust you with their shows.

    • There are many many comments still awaiting moderation and few will be shocked by the negative feedback this article and Mr. Wright will receive. There are still alot of pissed off people concerning the decision TNT made to cancel the show. Dean himself has said it was a good working relationship and they did try to help the show. I would hope Mr Wright, and TNT understand how passionate we fans are and how frustrated we are, and obviously how we are unable to see it from the same perspective they do. From our perspective, as you will see in all the comments, we don’t see where TNT tried to help the show. People still have alot of venting to do and much of it won’t be nice, but would also hope that TNT would in no way harbor hard feelings towards Dean, Chris, John, the cast and crew, etc… for the fans venting their complete and utter frustration and yes often anger. The fans emotional response just goes to show you how damn good the show is!!! And Mr Wright if you could please if there is anything you can do to make sure we fans can get season 5 on DVD we would appreciate it. Thanks

      • Very well said from beginning until the end, Reesie

  19. You neglect to point out YOU turned the ratings upside down when you failed to advertise the show at all this season AND on top of that… moved it around strategically to place it against every top ratings getter you could find! Where was that friend loyalty at THAT point? This REALLY sounds like the cop out answer I expected. So disappointed. Guess I made the right decision to cease my association as a viewer of TNT. That’s right. I no longer watch Perception, Falling Skies or Rizzoli & Isles. Nor will I be tuning in for movies or anything else. Pity because your network used to be my favorite. Wish you could just be honest with us, things may have turned out different.

  20. I read this article hoping to hear some type of logical rationale, business-is-business kind of explanation for the premature withdrawal of the show “Leverage” from production. All you’ve given us is a couple of weak excuses for your decision. With all due respect to your relationship with our favorite Production Company, I appreciate that you gave us the green light and five amazing Seasons but what will be impossible to ignore is that you just wanted more. Everyone involved with this show wanted it to continue, including the fan base. A fan base that after 5 years was still all in, despite your attempts at sabotage with epileptic scheduling, lack of active promotion and putting us up against Major Network Events as a filler, during which we still managed to pull ratings. This cancellation will forever in the History of TNT/TBS be known as your sole decision. Your loss. I wouldn’t be surprised if,regardless of their Love for your “friend” Dean Devlin and the “Leverage” Family those two million loyal viewers that followed the show from inception would cancel their Turner Subscriptions. We’re with Mr.Devlin, if you want us to watch, you need to work with, not against him.

  21. I’m sorry but the diehard fans don’t see it your way. You kept moving their timeslot, and NOT advertising it as it should have been. You push Southland and Dallas and even Rizzoli and Isles but we all had to go online to GETGLUE and talk to each other to find out what was going on. Some viewers didn’t even know that the new day and time was Tuesday @10PM, You gave up on this show along time ago, I feel that If you gave it a decent timeslot and PUSHED it, viewership would have gone up, NOT against Sons of Anarchy I will still view your network only because I’m also a huge fan of Law and Order, but unfortunatly that’s all I will watch it for now

  22. I believe a show, the only show, to win a People’s Choice Award says there is a big enough audence for it to have been worth your while. Leverage fans made PCA history! You made a mistake by cancelling that show. I believe your viewership will reflect that itself. There you will be able to see the actual cost of the show.

  23. Yeah, done with you! This is going to hurt you bad. This mistake just made you a lot of enemies and lost you a lot of viewers. I am no longer watching your stations, ever. Leverage is the best show that has been on the air in years. I do hope another network gets the show and makes a lot off of it. I don’t know what kind of game you are playing, but its going to cost you in the long run.

  24. TNT treated Leverage like the unwanted bastard child the last year, almost no promotion, moved the show away from sunday without really announcing it, there was next to no support from TNT for Leverage – no wonder the ratings went down. 95 % of comments made on TNTs FB site are still about Leverage, the show just won a PCA award (as the first cancelled show ever!) – the audience is there, Leverage just needs a network that does its job and supports its own show.

  25. I find it hard to believe that Leverage’s cancellation had anything to do with ratings since it just won the People’s Choice Award for favorite Cable Drama. I’m wondering why Leverage was moved around so much to different nights and times and put up against so many other shows. Then we wonder why the ratings were down? I think you took a show that was a real winner and didn’t realize what you had. Shame on you TNT!

    Patt T
  26. You have to bring back Leverage. It was a unique, fresh show and as you said, the cast was just awesome. The show didn’t get much promotion and the scheduling was shifted from one day to another in the course of the season. This surely didn’t help in the ratings as the viewers were not informed that the show has been moved from Sunday to Tuesday. Also, it was scheduled to coincide with other big shows of the other networks, plus the olympics… Another factor for the ratings is that you should consider that the audience now views the show online, especially if they didn’t catch the show in its original schedule. After 5 great years, the least you can do is renew it for another season and give enough promotion and stable scheduling and see if the ratings improve. Or at least give a heads-up to the Leverage team and the fans that this would be the last season. Good thing, Mr. Devlin, Mr. Rogers and Mr. Downey had the foresight to end the season with the series finale they have planned during the pilot. But this doesn’t mean that the show has to end as well. We can just close one chapter and open another for the Leverage team.

  27. I believe in these characters more than any other television show out there. It was difficult to find sometimes because it would air on Tuesday, no Sunday or a random night every time it came back. Leverage had the best writing, the best actors and the chemistry between all of the was more rich than anything on tv yet. Math-numbers? Some times you have to take a chance and keep something this great going. Give it a perminate home so people know exactly when and where they can find their friend. Leverage is not over and it’s fan are strong a continuation especially at this point would surprise TNT. Please bring it back in series for as there is so much more the fans want to experience.

  28. I am totally appalled that this show was cancelled. I really think that Mr. wright’s full of it. Ratings were holding their own even though the network kept changing time, and days the fans were still there. Look we won a People’s Choice award for them. This was their only show nominated this year, and it made history the only show ever to win after it was cancelled. I have no further use for any Turner network shows, I had been a big fan of the TCM station also even going on their inaugural cruise, but no more I will not watch any of the shows involved in with their network. Shame on you Mr. Wright!

  29. I understand its a business, but I don’t understand your lack of promotion for a show that you say was not “creatively exhausted” with a cast that had ” such rare and unique chemistry”! It should be obvious to you that the show HAS a tremendous fan base or it wouldn’t have won a People’s Choice Award”, a first ever for a cancelled show by the way! If you want to look at logistics, you must take that into account, as well as how often you changed the day & time of show reflected it negatively by creating difficulties for even an avid viewer to keep track, thus reducing your numbers! If you believe the positive words you spoke about the show & cast then maybe you should reconsider after taking ALL factors into account whether you really gave the show a fair shot before canceling it !

  30. So, you considered the ratings when deciding to cancel Leverage, did you? BUT what you did NOT take into consideration are all the INTERNATIONAL fans of the show!!! When you add all the international viewers to those ratings I think you would see that they go through the roof!

    Katrin Schiller
  31. How on earth can you say that the Series had run its course… we had the back stories of the main characters to explore….. and many other stories that could be told. If the Network had believed in the Series, they would have advertised it more, kept it at the same time throughout the run and just generally backed it. In a recent Poll here the UK ..both LEVERAGE and CHRISTIAN KANE pulld n over 1 Million votes each….AND thats not bad for a Series/Actor outside the USA. LEVERAGE also recently won an PEOPLES CHOICE AWARD…. and made PCA Historywith being the first cancelled Series to do so….How do you and the Network explain about that???????????

    Debbie Williams
  32. I do agree either..If ratings were down it was because lack of promotion and constant changing time slots and days.. I have heard from many ppl on how the missed the show because it wasn’t on when they thought it was..Leverage is a timeless show as well. there will always be big bad guys out there that need to be taken down.. no matter what..I am just so sad you cancelled the best MOST ORIGINAL show on tv.. when you realized how fed up with all this “reality” crap.. and cookie cutter cop and medical shows.. you will see what a gem in your crown you have lost

    mary e brewer
  33. I meant to say in earlier comment I TOO AGREE with BETH KREDEL’s response!

    mary e brewer
  34. I guess we are acting like little kids crying over a favorite toy taken away. I think we should start seeing beyond the tunnel vision and realize there are many factors into cancelling ANY show. Time to grow up fellow Leverageities! And let’s go steal a movie at least!

    Debbie Gallant
  35. Maybe it’s just me but it sounded like he said a whole lotta nothin.

  36. “… and love for the show and what it meant, and then that cast came together and had such a unique and rare chemistry. And the theme of the show, of these really skilled in odd ways people coming together to do something on behalf of the unempowered, those that aren’t entitled, those that need help and can’t get it, a show that trades on that theme speaks right to my heart.” At the end of the day I find it incredibly sad that the decision to cancel it came down to the business of making money rather than making the decision to find a way to support a show full of quality, intelligence, humor and so much heart. Leverage was a gem that will be so missed.

    Karen Wohl
  37. I didn’t see anything in the article about his comments on the Peoples Choice Award; wonder if they had second thoughts?

  38. That is a bunch of bull. If TNT was so concerned with the ratings maybe they should have promoted it more. Every time I spoke about Leverage I had to explain to people what it was about even if they watched TNT network. Leverage was such a wonderful show that has yes I said HAS great potential to still be superb. That just need a network in their corner that actually cares about the show. The fans have done more promoting for the show than TNT did. I call that pathetic.

  39. Devlin’s group owned the rights to Leverage, so TNT”s motivation for promoting and sustaining the show was minimal at best. TNT also stands to gain nothing from syndication as a result. Their profit was I’m sure just a small percentage compared to other TNT shows. I too do not watch any other TNT shows, and definitely don’t plan to start now. I will however be following the ratings at TVbythenumbers.com so I can see how the new TNT shows will do ratings wise and how the current shows continue to fair. I would by lying if I said that I hope they do well.

  40. Michael Wright,
    First of all trying to hide behind ratings that were gathered during the most televised and heated presidential race in history is RIDICULOUS. If you truly let the show go because of that I will be kind and simply say have serious doubts about your decision making abilities. This series won the People’s Choice Award for Favorite Cable Drama. You want to know what the people want… the other shows in the category got votes in the thousands, Leverage got votes in the MILLIONS. Do the math on THAT. CBS in the 60’s made the same mistake with Star Trek. They were smart enough to bring the series back. The money they make in merchandising alone has paid for the series a thousand times over. Leverage already has a CONVENTION GOING FOLLOWING. Get a clue and do not only the RIGHT thing but the SMART thing for both TNT and the fans. Prove that TNT does know drama and bring back the show voted Favorite Cable Drama by the PEOPLE; Leverage. Not only will it show a commitment to your fans but it is a choice that shows responsible programming. Additionally, Leverage, unlike Dallas has a no nonsense, sophisticated and complex moralistic viewpoint that is sorely lacking in television. If Mr. Devlin is your friend I think you owe him a sincere apology for underestimating the impact this show has had on the public. Don’t let pride allow you to leave this mistake unrectified.

    Raven Morning Day
  41. Somebody please give that man some T.P. to wipe his mouth after all the cr@p he just said… I agree with my fellow #grifters and #kaniacs if they gave it a little more promotion announcing the changes in schedule if they made it to the FIFTH SEASON it was for a reason, we love that show! Hell they even competed with the olympics broadcast and still we got another season. So don’t blame this out on us!!!!! They won a PCA, we have spoken buddy. We want more!

  42. Basically, Mr. Wright diverted from the question asked because he did not have a logical answer. Had I been interviewing him, I would have asked the following:

    My 1st question to him…how does he feel to be the only television station to ever cancel a show that won The People Choice Award for Favorite Cable TV (Leverage), the key words being PEOPLE CHOICE? Did TNT make a huge mistake? Is TNT reconsidering their decision?

    In addition, I would have asked the following…..TV.Com had a vote for Best Procedural of which Leverage had 1,295,954 votes, came in 2nd, the winner, and ABC show placed 1st beating Leverage by 46, 831. A CBS show took 3rd place and had only 146,368 votes.

    Question: TNT hardly advertized upcoming Leverage shows, kept changing the day or time slot, yet Leverage has a very devout fan following. WHY?

    Question: You stated the decision to cancel Leverage was “due to the nature of audience, trends, ratings” , yet TNT never took into consideration that people were watching the show but not at the time it may have been aired as they were working, on their way home from work, etc..

    Question: Based on Leverages following, the post that are being written in Twitter, in Facebook (both Leverage, Leverage, Leverage: Let’s Go Steal Season 6 and TNT pages), comments being made in GetGlue, etc., one would venture to guess that TNT made a huge.mistake by canceling this show and are unwilling to admit it…is this the case?


    Lynne Kramer
  43. I do understand that ratings in the way they are calculated is what generates advertising dollars. Really, I get it. And from the fans’ point of view, it appears that every possible bad slot was used for Leverage.

    So let’s move forward. Can you make this a pay per view thing? I have the DVDs, cable and an Itunes subscription. I am willing to pay more. Is it worth a half season to find out?

    Lori Lamb
  44. TNT did not pomotion Leverage,I do not understand how they didn’t want a great show
    with some bestactors I ever seen. I hope another network pick it up.

  45. “nature of the audience”…I wonder what TNT looks for in an audience? Considering the rest of their line up, I guess that is not me!

    Laurie Lanning
  46. I can’t help but ask Mr.Wright, just how secure you are in your job? If I were president of a network and there was this much backlash over a decision, someone’s head would roll. Can you guess whose?

  47. I’ve been asked to comment. Most of my thoughts & feelings have been already mentioned.
    I’ve TOTALLY boycotted them (TNT)since Dec21 (Date of cancellation), one exception, Dec25 for the Leverage finale both airings.
    Since Leverage S3 they have failed to promote/advertise Leverage on an equal basis w/all their other shows. They kept shifting the date & time each season, not to mention spliting the seasons, confusing viewers. All of which has resulted in lost viewers, lowering the ratings, giving them the excuse to cancel Leverage. Why? Possibly to make room for other New shows.
    Leverage is/was a good show the whole family could watch together, drama,fun,intrigue,technology,relationships,growth & developement of individuals.
    IMO TNT’s article is a WHITEWASH!
    Too Little, Too Late, Too BAD, TNT!

  48. Well it didn’t help tha TNT didn’t promote it, and kept moving the days and time slot around. This is one of the best shows on tv with so much other crap out there. I am so disgusted and unhappy w/TNT right now. I even hear a rumor that season 5 won’t be put on dvd. What the crap is that?! They already screwed the fans.

  49. In my opinion, Leverage was the best show on TV, and the only show I went out of my way to watch. Haven’t turned TNT on since the cancellation, doubt I will…

  50. To all disgruntled Leverage fans, if you’re on Facebook, check out this page:
    Leverage: Let’s Go Steal a Season 5
    Join us!!!

    Fran G.
  51. This is the biggest load of BS I’ve heard. They didn’t promote it the way they promote their other “quality programming” which isn’t quality, it’s trash, they moved the times and dates without, oh I don’t know, MENTIONING IT TO FANS which makes it hard for people to find it. Leverage fans literally made history winning the show its PCA. No other TNT show was even nominated for an award. Look at their line up: cop show, cop show, cop show, stupid 80’s reboot, cop show, cop show, lawyer show. Leverage was the only show that broke that stupid rut they put themselves in. There is no reason to watch them anymore. Plus, Fox doesn’t want to release a DVD of season 5. So its damn clear NONE OF THEM care about the fans; the same fans that made Leverage the only show in history to win a PCA after it was canceled.

  52. Agree with all the other comments here. The fact is they did a horrible job with a terrific show that had a large and growing following. We started pre-ordering new episodes from Amazon because TNT kept shifting the times around and then never promoting when it was on. They practically buried the show and then complained that it didn’t have big enough numbers. There’s no way most Leverage fans would even consider watching any new shows on TNT after this, so they really screwed themselves. Hopefully another network will take this opportunity to “steal” a hit show and with it a legion of viewers.

  53. Well, I am among the thousands/millions not happy with the cancellation of Leverage. However, even if I don’t like the way it was handled, even if I am not pleased-if Dean Devlin has asked that we stop ‘bashing’ TNT-I will accept his recommendation and no longer bash them. May not like them, but I won’t bash them.

    Ethel Henry
    • Dean is a classy guy, and so is his operation (evidently too much so for TNT). AND he is being much more of a friend to TNT than has been reciprocated. Normally, I, too, would respect his wishes, but TNT needs to be given a lesson in good management and customer service, and is a very stupid, stubborn “pupil” that needs the process continue, and continue, …… Let the bashing continue.

  54. I think Michael Wright cancelled Leverage because he is sexist. He cancelled Leverage after a woman was put in charge of a team of men.

  55. Mr. Wright (no small irony in the name, there!) spouts sooooo much BILGE. I agree with all the comments and COMPLAINTS made above. TNT did a totally miserable job of handling this show, its cast and crew, the fans and viewers, ………..
    TNT DOES NOT know drama, any more than it knows quality. Bye, bye, TNT; you won’t have me back as a viewer anytime soon.

  56. Just because we couldn’t watch it when it was on (which was hard to plan as it changed so often)doesn’t mean we didn’t watch. So many of us watched online and bought the dvds. Everyone I introduced to this show asked me “where was this show? I’ve never heard of it or I would have watched it when it aired.” Look at your own mistakes as to why the ratings were not strong. Don’t hide great shows then wonder why no one watched when it new episodes aired and mostly watched online.

    Sarah Dell
  57. I’m glad we got to here someone at TNT’s side of the story, but I still am not 100% convinced that cancellation was your only (or best!!) option. The people at TNT should factor in Leverage’s PCA win into their assessment, as well as the fact that the show was moved around, not promoted well, and just plain had bad luck due to the Summer Olympics being on, being put into time-slots where it was competing with MAJOR powerhouse shows. I mean, come on. The fact that Leverage won the PCA is proof enough of its loyal and rabid fan base. I wish TNT would stop being so narrow-minded and narrow-sighted. I’m glad Mr. Wright here took the time to talk about the network’s decision, but I think he is a little off when he says “we got a lot out of Leverage.” The truth is, you could have gotten much, much more out of it if it had been treated properly.

    Sarah K.
  58. Perhaps, since this site is moderated, those who “moderate” are just behind in their work, but it has been almost 24 hours since I first commented, and still nothing has appeared here, and the number of comments (54)has not changed. ??? Mr. Wright’s excuses are weak, at best,and I more than agree with the comments and complaints made above. Without Leverage, TNT has NOTHING to attact me to their network, especially NOT their crop of new shows, from what I’ve seen of the promos. TNT DOESN’T “know Drama”, or much of anything else, and certainly has no respect for its viewers (now to be their FORMER viewers, if the comments here and elsewhere provide any insight). TNT handled Leverage badly; they made mistakes which they are unwilling to acknowledge, let alone correct. Stupid TNT.

  59. Hmmm, loss of viewers is because of MAJOR bad decisions by TNT. Very few commercials for the show, putting it on against the Olympics, and then moving the show to Tuesdays with very little press to let us know about it!!! I do agree with most others above. The only show I watch on TNT now is Rizzoli and Isles and then only on demand. After all, it is up against NCIS:Los Angeles now.

    Deborah Nossaman
  60. I don’t understand what on earth the head of the network means by “if there was a way.” Why wasn’t there a way? Was there no will?

  61. it’s the same story with every network when they want to cancel a show…cut the advertising and move it to a different/less popular day and time. USA did that with “In Plain Sight” and now TNT has done it with “Leverage”. And it was a lame @ss way to send the show and it’s talented cast off. You want to see how to do that with class…take a look at how “Flashpoint” (Canadian show) went out. First, they were up front with the audience/fans and actually announced the final season before the end of it. Then they wrote some of the best kick-@ss episodes of the whole show, not only typing up many story arcs (ones the fans were dying to see!), but they gave their actors some really awesome stuff to act…emotional, challenging, wonderful shows. THAT is how you do it right…for the fans, for the actors, for the crew. I guess Hollywood and TNT is only concerned about the $’s and not the craft or the people they’re supposed to be entertaining. I can honestly say there is nothing on TNT that I’m even the least bit interested in watching. I guess I’ll stick to my CBS shows and my Leverage DVDs…at least they can’t take those away from me! 😛

  62. I really can´t find a logical cause in his arguments!!! i totally disagree. there are a lot of people, that would love to watch more of the show, so would I. however, we don´t have the possibility for that. it´s just not fair mainly because it won an award not long ago. so it was compleatly baseless to cancell the show

  63. Michael Wright must think we are all idiots. How could he insult the fans like that? Leverage is a great show. It will be back! TNT is done in my home.

  64. That was the most stupid excuse I ever heard.

  65. I love the people here that are outraged by an honest response. Sure it seems like a lousy excuse when it isn’t your money. The ratings had been declining and were really low, and at some point they are losing money by producing it. That makes complete sense to me. Whether there are other shows that cost the same is irrelevant, do they have as bad of ratings? The fact that you think the show was really, really good, is also irrelevant, a lot of people need to think the same and watch it for the network to make money. It’s business, and why should they produce a show that loses money just because you people will whine about it? Frankly I thought the show sucked, which is why I stopped watching after a couple episodes, but it got 5 seasons, what the hell more do want? It was more than it deserved. Either way, of course the money was the reason, why else would they cancel it? Some big conspiracy to deprive you of something you enjoy? Obviously it was the money; if it was profitable obviously they wouldn’t have cancelled it. And yeah, it’s real easy to shrug that off when it isn’t your money. Not enough people agreed with you; get over it.

    Joe D.
  66. @JOE D.- Where to start?

    My first question to you is: Is your real name Michael Wright or are you affiliated with TNT? I smell a rat. I find it interesting that out of ALL of the comments only yours is negative and very vague at best.

    You say the show sucked but give no specific reason why.

    Were you not a fan of the plots? Some of the best plot writing in my opinion and scarily true if you look up some of these corporations. I actually learned watching this show which I haven’t been able to say for any shows on TV excluding PBS.

    Didn’t like the characters? Have you even seen a show that handled five characters this equally before, because I haven’t? And they truly felt like a family so I laughed and cried more than I like to admit. And there was so much backstory yet to tell about each character.

    Perhaps you weren’t a fan of the action. Again I wonder if you have a problem with your eyes as this show had some of the best fight choreography ever. How many times are you gonna see a close quarter knife fight on some cop show that doesn’t involve guns?

    In fact when was the last heist and con show you watched? The only things on TV now that aren’t “reality” are cop/lawyer shows and hospital dramas. Yawn.

    You say it is business, but forget that part of business is marketing and if people don’t know about your product because you don’t tell them about it, how are they going to know? And if you play the shell game with a show’s time slot and tell NO ONE, again that hurts your product.

    Unless your objective IS to kill said show. Fox does this ALL THE TIME when they want to kill a show and it is not surprising that it is effective. We probably all remember Joss Whedon’s “Firefly” or some other show that was given the Fox treatment. I never expected such lowly dealings from TNT. They did syndicate “Supernatural”, so for that I can’t scorch earth and cut all ties (though tempted).

    But getting back to your comical reasons as to why you believe “Leverage” was cancelled, you think that our love for the show is “irrelevant”. May I remind you that your business correlation translates into money when people LOVE a show. Or didn’t they teach you that in your business courses?

    If I only “LIKE” a show I am not going to go to a convention, buy the DVDs, or spend HOURS making fan fiction or fan videos. That is something people who LOVE a show do.

    So Mr. Joe D. (because your name is about as fake as Mr. Wright’s lame explanation), can I call you Mr. Joe Doe? If this cancellation was all about money and that is it, why would TNT risk hemorrhaging from the neck by annoying so many hardcore fans, who have a lot of disposable income that will now go toward another network as it will have been intelligent enough to have picked up “Leverage”, when it could have kept the show and the revenue save for being short sighted and greedy.

    Does that seem Wright to you?

    • Kristin! Way to go! Very well spoken and you made excellent points! Thank you for speaking for those of us who love Leverage. It is truly criminal the way the show was cut short. I will never understand how such a bad decision has been allowed to stand. As I write this, I am watching my Leverage DVDs. Thank God for those. I watch Leverage daily. I would rather watch those episodes repeatedly than the fresh offerings of garbage that is left to us now. I still pray for a savior for our show. Thank you again for your excellent commentary!

  67. Ya know, its all been said. I disagree with you with every fiber of my being. And out of respect for Dean Devlin, John Rogers, Chris Downey, the Cast and Crew of Leverage I will stop “speaking” now before I say something I might regret.


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