Stars: Timothy Hutton, Gina Bellman, Christian Kane, Beth Riesgraf, Aldis Hodge
John Rogers
John Rogers
TNT, Sunday nights
Original Telecast:
July 14, 2012

With the Leverage team’s operations in Boston in shambles after Season 4, Season 5 of LEVERAGE picks up as the team is regrouping once again – this time in the city of Portland, OR (where the show is actually filmed).

All their aliases are moot, they have to lay low and they have a new headquarter base at a micro-brewery  — courtesy, as always, of Hardison (Aldis Hodge).

With “The (Very) Big Bird Job, the villain is Scott Roemer (Cary Elwes) the owner of Global Transit Airlines. A recent airplane crash killed someone who was getting close to the truth about his company and as we find out, he was behind it.

Since Roemer is a Howard Hughes fanatic, the Leverage time organize a huge ruse that results in the potential heist of Hughes’ famed Spruce Goose – with Roemer manning the cockpit.

It’s a rather delicious and ambitious episode written and directed by the show’s co-creator John Rogers. It’s not only a big bird, it’s a big episode and a great way to kick off the new season.

As for the team dynamics, Hardison and Parker (Beth Riesgraf) are a couple now, Nate (Timothy Hutton) has come back from a soul-searching reprieve, Sophie (Gina Bellman) and Nate still have feelings for each other (and still deny it) and Eliot (Christian Kane) is still kicking ass and not taking names.

The end of the episode (and the his a SPOILER ALERT) has an interesting tag, which could very well set the stage for the end of the Leverage team as we know it. Nate and Hardison are talking in secret about a plan Nate has hatched. Hardison is concerned about lying to the other team members, but he’s going along with it. Nate then says, “all good things come to an end.”

Now, given Hardison is agreeing to do what he’s doing, it can’t be all that bad – because, as the series has progressed it’s really been Hardison being the moral center of the series. That said, could the statement also be alluding that this may very well be the final season of LEVERAGE? I hope not.

Anyway, “The (Very) Big Bird Job” does exactly what LEVERAGE does best – create elaborate, clever and funny cons to take down unscrupulous bad guys. Elwes is over-the-top as Roemer, but it’s a perfect kind of villain and an entertaining one too – especially when the double cross at the end leaves him sounding like a crazy, blubbering idiot.

LEVERAGE is back in fine form and the con is on once again.


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Article: TV Review: LEVERAGE – Season 5  – “The Long Goodbye Job” – Series Finale


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