TNT’s action series LEVERAGE begins its fifth season on July 15 on TNT, and today, the show’s star Timothy Hutton gave a little tease about what to expect.

The new season begins with Nate Ford (Hutton) and his team of former thieves (who help the helpless by taking down big targets by performing elaborate cons) have set up shop in Portland, OR (where the series is filmed). Nate’s addiction issues are the heart of the new season, as he finally recognizes he wants to get better, while “trust” is also a theme according to Hutton.

“For Nate, the way his father died in the finale last year, I think it’s made him less connected to the past and more connected to his future and present about moving forward in life,” explains Hutton. “Also, the theme of the fifth season is trust among the team members and the interpersonal relationships.”

Among the guest stars, Hutton reveals Carey Elwes, Treat Williams, Matthew Lillard, Ronny Cox, Fred Ward and Willa Ford will all make appearances as well as Adam Baldwin. And Hutton is also excited about the various cons for this season too.

“The Leverage team infiltrates an air freight industry and there’s a semi-pro hockey [episode] where Christian Kane [who plays Eliot Spencer] becomes an awesome hockey player,” says Hutton. “There’s also one that deals with intellectual property piracy and one in the world of cooking schools.”

However, the episode that sounds the coolest, happens to involve the legendary thief D.B. Cooper who disappeared with a load of cash in the 1970s and was never found.

“The Leverage team goes back in time to the early 1970s to try and solve the disappearance of D.B. Cooper,” adds Hutton.


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Article: Breaking News – Timothy Hutton gives the scoop on LEVERAGE – Season 5


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  1. I love Leverage with a passion but I wish they would move on from the addiction issue. It was a huge focus in S1-2 and continued to be brought up off and on through 3-4. I guess its really realistic for it to continue but I’m just over it. But I look forward to seeing what the gang is up to that lands them in Portland this year.

  2. Thanks Carl, and thanks, Tim. As we know, Leverage is the greatest thing on TV with the best looking people, great plots and gorgeous Oregon scenery. Go Leverage… may TNT recognize this and give us many more seasons with MORE EPISODES>

  3. Leverage is the best show on for a family to watch tho I do have to say the “HITTER” Christian Kane is my fav..

  4. Leverage is my favorite show. My daughter & I watch it all the time. It’s a wonderful cast but Eliot is my favorite.

  5. I love Leverage and the Characters the show has created. With a touch of humor, action, drama, and always a bad guy to catch, all in 60 minutes… it is my favorite show on TV. I cannot wait for Season 5 to begin.

    MIchelle Renee
  6. DB Cooper….. he got away. This is fantasy TV by actors that can only make-believe. The true story is the most interesting of all.


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