Jensen Ackles, Osric Chau and Jared Padalecki in SUPERNATURAL - Season 8 - "We Need To Talk About Kevin" | ©2012 The CW/Ed Araquel

Jensen Ackles, Osric Chau and Jared Padalecki in SUPERNATURAL - Season 8 - "We Need To Talk About Kevin" | ©2012 The CW/Ed Araquel

Stars: Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Mark A. Sheppard, Osric Chau, Ty Olsson, Liane Balaban, Lissa Neptuno
Jeremy Carver, series created by Eric Kripke
Robert Singer
The CW, Wednesdays @ 9 PM
Original Airdate:
October 3, 2012

It seems like Sam (Jared Padalecki), Dean (Jensen Ackles) and the SUPERNATURAL audience just can’t catch a break. Yes, the Season 8 opener, “We Need to Talk About Kevin” admirably gets to the fundamentals of this year’s arc right away and also swiftly reunites the brothers. For those who don’t remember, or are just tuning in, Sam and Dean were separated last year when Dean and his angel friend Castiel (Misha Collins) got blasted into Purgatory, which is where dead monsters go when they die.

It’s a year later. Dean escapes from Purgatory, with help from a dead vampire, in exchange for helping the expired monster come back to Earth. Dean soon finds Sam, who for once apparently kept the promise the brothers continually make to one another, stopped hunting, didn’t try to get Dean back and instead attempted to make a life for himself. Dean is hurt and insulted by this.

Let’s just stop here for a moment. After everything that’s happened, after thinking they might never see each other again, Dean finds a reason to be angry at Sam. As for Sam, why the hell didn’t he try to find Dean? Okay, perhaps Sam didn’t know Dean was in Purgatory, but by now he knows there are other dimensions to check out, that disappearance does not equate to nonexistence and that Crowley is often full of baloney. Maybe we’ll find out later, but for now, Sam’s explanation that he found a girlfriend (Liane Balaban, shown in flashbacks) and tried to live a normal life is a reason for us to be exasperated with both of them.

Among the activities Sam ditched was responding (or even listening) to phone calls from Kevin (Osric Chao), the brilliant high school student who was anointed a Prophet of the Lord last season and can translate the Word of God, written on tablets. When Dean makes Sam finally listen to Kevin’s messages, the brothers set out to find the young man and keep him from the clutches of current King of Hell Crowley (Mark A. Sheppard).

The Winchesters succeed in rescuing Kevin, who believes he’s found a way to send all demons back to Hell forever – though this costs the life of Kevin’s girlfriend Channing (Lissa Neptuno).

The inclusion of Channing in the storyline allows for one of those great SUPERNATURAL zinger lines, the reason many of us just can’t quit this show, as Kevin explains to Channing what’s happened to her physically and academically: “You were possessed by a demon and you’re at your safety school.”

It does seem strange that when Kevin mentions that apparently God has taught him how to read the tablets that the Winchesters, who spent quite a long time schlepping all over creation looking for the Almighty, don’t have more of a reaction to the suggestion that He’s around and in the game after all. Priorities, fellas! This does explain in meta-narrative terms why Castiel isn’t on the scene, because he’d certainly be curious.

Speaking of Castiel, all we know from Dean is that something went very wrong in Purgatory, Cass is “gone” and Dean doesn’t want to talk about it. This either means that we’ll see in flashback why we’re never getting Castiel back, or we’ll see in flashback why Dean is mistaken and we will get Castiel back. It’s certainly going to be interesting to see how Dean’s survival in Purgatory is explained overall.

What we have in “We Need to Talk About Kevin” (apart from the co-opting of an indie movie title for the episode) is a promising premise for the season, the inclusion of the likable and talented Chao as a sidekick, some good dialogue, some requisite sibling sulking and the Winchesters together again. Carry on now, wayward sons!

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Article: TV Review: SUPERNATURAL – Season 8 – “We Need To Talk About Kevin” – Season Premiere


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  1. Looooool worst review i ever read. Mate u hav no idea wad SPN is a bout do u. Sam never new dat Dean went to Purgatory.:)) Sam had no idea wer Dean went and dats why his action is permitted. He had no one he had no leads he did wad he had too. After all dey hav been through, yes it is perfectly normal dat Dean would be pissed who wouldnt. They both have reacted d right way. The episode was amazing A+. Before u review something no wad d hell u r reviewing

  2. Sam never knew where Cas and Dean went, so he couldn’t go looking for him. Also, once before Dean died and Sam went on his own hunting and became a person he didn’t like as a result, so the inference is that he can’t hunt on his own without Dean. There have been prophets on spn before, Chuck, for example, so there are those who read and write the word of God, with God not directly involved. It is also explained that the tablets Kevin translates were written by the angel Metatron millenia ago. Why Cas was abandoned by Dean is explained in flashbacks, Benny probably has a part in that.

  3. Good review, except you missed two big points:
    1. Sam didn’t know where Dean went.
    2. God isn’t talking to Kevin directly. Kevin was receiving information from God through the tablet that was already written prior (prior as in millenia ago).
    Enjoyed the review though. This season is off to a great start! :)

  4. For starters when hunting anything down they always look for clues to the whereabouts of the monster so it didnt matter if he didnt know where dean went. Crowley knew what happened to Dean so Sam could have started there. Who’s to say he didnt look? Sam also said he never used his psychic abilities in season 4, he did and had been for months. He could have looked for Dean and stumbled across an experience that changed him, maybe when he hit the dog? Think outside the box, its called Supernatural for a reason.

  5. I agree with this review and the Rating of B. I’m ok that it wasn’t the best ever episode. Let’s face it, the writers have to dispense with some housekeeping details before they can get into the meat of the season’s content. And while we are speculating about Sam’s motives, I’d like to add my thoughts to mix. Sam has been through so much supernatural hardships for so long that I don’t blame him for wanting to just take it easy and find some comfort in
    everyday life. In the past Sam has left no stone unturned when it comes to finding or saving his brother. This time Sam may have just let go. This would be a natural, human reaction in my opinion considering…..


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