Stars: Sam Witwer, Meaghan Rath, Sam Huntington, Kristen Hager, Tracy Spiridakos, Jon Cor, Olunike Adeliyi, Gianpaolo Venuta
Celine Geiger, adapted for U.S. television by Jeremy Carver & Anna Fricke, created for U.K. television by Toby Whithouse
Stefan Pleszczynski
Syfy, Mondays @ 9 PM
February 27, 2012

In the opening of BEING HUMAN’s “The Ties That Blind,” Aidan (Sam Witwer) and fellow vampire Hadley are in the woods. Aidan says there are four werewolves in pursuit. The situation doesn’t look good.

Cut to 21 hours earlier. A poltergeist is rearranging furniture and playing havoc with the electricity at the house. Aidan and werewolf Josh (Sam Huntington) think that one of ghost Sally’s (Meagan Rath) spectral acquaintances is responsible and ask Sally to fix the situation.

Josh (Sam Huntington) is shocked to see girlfriend Nora (Kristen Hager) back at the hospital. She has been in a B&B, thinking over her life. Josh finds that the pureblood twin werewolves, Connor (Jon Cor) and Brynn (Tracy Spiridakos) lied to him when they said Nora had called them during their absence. The conversation devolves when Josh is appalled that Nora was part of killing her ex-boyfriend.

Alone, Sally hears what she thinks is the voice of her killer, ex-boyfriend Danny (Gianpaolo Venuta). Sally goes to the hospital to ask Aidan for help. Aidan says it can’t possibly be Danny, as the guy is in prison, but news on the computer says that Danny was killed the night before by his cellmate. Aidan gives Sally a pep talk and promises to come by the house to help her pulverize the malicious spirit.

However, Aidan gets sidetracked when Hadley, one of the Dutch vampires who accompanied the late Hegeman to Boston, insists that Aidan help him find Hegeman’s killer. When Aidan asks Josh, Josh admits that he told vampire/police officer Cecilia (Olunike Adeliyi) that Brynn and Connor killed Hegeman in order to draw her away from Nora – and perhaps also to get Nora away from the two purebred werewolves. Aidan is incensed that Josh has gotten Aidan in even deeper. Also, Cecilia is missing.

In fact, Connor and Brynn have Cecilia tied up. They are torturing her. Connor says he’ll set Cecilia free if Aidan meets him in the woods at night. Aidan tells Hadley this is their chance to avenge Hegeman.

Sally, meanwhile, is confronted in the house by Danny’s ghost. Sally summons the power to blow a hole in Danny, only to find herself confronted by a Reaper, who says he is there to collect Sally, since she didn’t go through her door to the afterlife when it appeared. Sally points out that she only missed her door because she was helping a friend (Aidan). The Reaper spares Sally for the night, but tells her to say her goodbyes. Sally will not be going “on” – the Reaper will send her to oblivion.

Nora and Josh reach some détente. Nora wants to be with Josh when he changes, so they are both at the shed with Connor and Brynn when Aidan arrives. Josh finally confesses that he, not Aidan, sent the vampire policewoman after Connor and Brynn. Connor thinks this is hilarious; maybe Aidan and Josh will kill each other. Aidan leaves the shed as Josh and Nora start to turn.

Aidan has a silver dagger that Josh gave him when they first moved in together – Josh considered it a “nuclear option” for Aidan in case wolf-Josh ever attacked him. Hadley is so scared by the idea of being chased by four werewolves that he flees. Aidan finds Cecilia, so badly injured and drained that Aidan has to carry her. Cecilia tells him to leave her; if he doesn’t, they’ll both die. Aidan reluctantly agrees. The four werewolves converge on Cecilia, killing her.

When the sun rises, Josh and Nora are bloodied and naked in each other’s arms. Nora tells Josh she always feels bad the morning after the change – not because of guilt, but because she misses being a wolf. Josh is horrified that Nora likes being a werewolf.

Connor and Brynn are back at the shed. When Aidan shows up with a shotgun, Connor is amused – until Aidan shoots him dead. Being a purebred, Connor turns into werewolf form as he dies. Nora comforts the grief-stricken Brynn, Josh takes the shotgun, and Aidan takes the dead werewolf to Hadley. Aidan says Hadley should take the wolf to the Pennsylvania Dutch vampires and tell them whatever he wants, but to get the hell out of town.

Sally rehearses her goodbyes. When Aidan gets back to the house, he apologizes to Sally for not coming back as they’d planned, but it’s clear he’s had a rough night. Josh looks even worse, so Sally says nothing. After the two men disappear into their rooms, Sally just sits sadly at the bottom of the stairs and says goodbye in a voice too soft to hear.

Now this is more like it, with Aidan and Josh’s stories combining to make us worry about both of them. Well, let’s say we worry about Aidan and know we should be worried about Josh. Josh is as much weasel as wolf in this episode, trying to blame his actions on Aidan and being so awful to Nora that if she bit him, we would approve. Josh is responsible for her being a werewolf and now he’s judging her for how she goes about being a werewolf? What a jerk. To be fair, Josh does somewhat make up for it by finally telling the truth, but we’re pretty exasperated by then.

We worry for Sally, as she is by herself in a terrifying situation. Like Sally, we are curious to know what the Reaper means when he tells her she’s “special.”

The main pleasure of this episode of BEING HUMAN, though, is to have the leads connecting with each other on matters of urgency, even though the connections that center on Josh contain more conflict than camaraderie. The narrative purpose of having a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost sharing a home together would seem to be comparing their relationships with one another to their relationships to humanity in general, and “The Ties That Blind” utilizes the premise in a strong, suspenseful way.


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Article: TV Review – BEING HUMAN – Season 2  – “The Ties That Blind”


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