Stars: John Barrowman, Eve Myles, Mekhi Phifer, Alexa Havins, Kai Owen, Bill Pullman, Lauren Ambrose, Arlene Tur, Jonathan Spencer, Frederick Koehler, Jason Brooks, Tom Price, Marc Vann, William Thomas, Ciera Payton, G. Lane Hillman, Lena Kaur, Liz Jenkins, Ernie Hudson
Writer: John Fey
Director:  Guy Ferland
Network: Starz, airs Friday nights
Original Telecast: September 2, 2011

It’s been an interesting ride for the BBC Worldwide and Starz co-production of TORCHWOOD: MIRACLE DAY, and as we head into the home stretch with the ninth (of ten) episode “The Gathering” some things get explained and still more questions are raised.

First off I think it’s an interesting choice to jump two month after the end of the last episode. Gwen (Eve Myles) was sitting on a plane waiting to be deported, and Jack (John Barrowman) had been shot and was apparently dying in the backseat of a suburban driven by Esther Drummond (Alexa Havins). We had just found out that ‘the miracle’ could be nullified using alien technology salvaged from the old Torchwood Cardiff base, and Jack was on his way to tracking down the three families.

This episode starts off with Gwen crashing into a pharmacy to get drugs not only for her father, but also to sell at a lower cost to friends and neighbors, since the economy has completely crashed and everything medical related has apparently skyrocketed. Her dad is still at home for the moment (something that will be nastily remedied by episode’s end) and she and her family are under constant surveillance.

Enter Oswald Danes (Bill Pullman) who only wants to get to Jack and tell him what he knows about who PhiCorp answers to. Beatings ensue, Jack comes out of hiding with Esther (he is still trying to recover form his GS wound) and with the help of Rhys (Kai Owen) it is deduced that ‘the blessing’ which is causing ‘the miracle’ is actually an event on either side of the world. So the team splits up to investigate both locations.

Meanwhile Jilly Kitzinger (Lauren Ambrose) moves up the ranks of the families until she is escorted in to see ‘the blessing’ by Mother Colasanto (Frances Fisher). This finally gives us our first view of what is causing all of this! What the hell is it? It looks like columns of raw flesh that are shearing off bits and pieces in the wind that is blowing between them. But Jilly is told everyone sees something different, so I’m curious as to what it really looks like. Plus why is Jack’s blood drawn to it like a magnet? Will he have to sacrifice himself to stop ‘the miracle’? Will everyone that is supposed to be dead drop at that moment in time? All of these are questions that have to wait until the finale.

I did enjoy the fact that the leap forward allowed us to reunite the team already. I don’t really like the Jack and Gwen dynamic when the two are split apart. Plus it’s interesting that Oswald Dane is coming back into play. I had another viewer tell me they figure Dane will be like Gollum at the end of LOTR, he will have become a necessary evil that actually redeems itself in the destruction of the large force of evil. I can see that. Maybe Dane will bail into ‘the blessing’ with a case of Jack’s blood and everything will go *poof*!

This is a nice strong episode definitely leading to a huge bang of a finale. My only concern is that there are too many plot threads to resolve in one hour. Let’s see if it can all be pulled off, and more importantly who is left standing when the dist settles. TORCHWOOD has a reputation of not being afraid to kill of characters so let’s hope Jack and Gwen both make it!

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Article: Review – TORCHWOOD: MIRACLE DAY – “The Gathering”

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