Yes, famed SANDMAN author Neil Gaiman will be writing an episode of DOCTOR WHO this forthcoming season and at WonderCon 2011 in San Francisco we got the scoop during his chat with the press about the series.

“My episode is the fourth episode of the season,” Gaiman says. “It was originally going to be episode 11 of the last season, but we moved it to this season so that there would be enough budget to make it properly.”

While that disappointed Gaiman, it ended up working out for the best.

“At the time it made me incredibly sad and now makes me incredibly happy because I have Rory in it, as he didn’t exist in episode 11 of the last season,” Gaiman says. “So getting to write for Arthur Darvill who is wonderful. And getting to write dialogue between him and Amy and the Doctor is just so much fun.”

Gaiman says his episode, entitled “The Doctor’s Wife”, begins on a junkyard planet, something having to do with Gaiman being a DOCTOR WHO fan since he was 3 and a half. And Gaiman was going to put has much nostalgia into the episode as he could.

“This may be my only opportunity to ever write an episode of DOCTOR WHO so I’m going to put everything I’ve ever loved about DOCTOR WHO into this one episode,” Gaiman says. “And the [beginning] of DOCTOR WHO began in a junkyard. So I thought, let’s start it in a junkyard. I got to put everything into the episode that I love about DOCTOR WHO. I got to put funny stuff, and scary stuff, and exciting stuff, and heartbreaking stuff and running down corridors. All of these things are in there.”

However, no K-9 for those interested as that was not one of the things Gaiman loved about the old series.

The episode stars Suranne Jones as Idris, a character that Gaimain says: “May turn out being an old acquaintance of the Doctor’s but with a new face.”

Also are included are Adrian Schiller as Uncle and Elizabeth Berrington as Auntie who look after the junkyard planet. Michael Sheen is also in the episode as the bad guy.

However, Gaiman admits that his episode is “almost a River free episode”, of course, referring to Alex Kingston’s character of River Song, who has a long history with the Doctor but it is his future and her past. Almost, being the key word there.

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