Randy forms a Tween Wave band on SOUTH PARK - Season 15 - "You're Getting Old" | ©2011 Comedy Central

Randy forms a Tween Wave band on SOUTH PARK - Season 15 - "You're Getting Old" | ©2011 Comedy Central

Writer: Trey Parker
Director: Trey Parker
Network: Comedy Central, airs Wednesday nights
Original Telecast: June 8, 2011

Was it me or were Trey Parker and Matt Stone talking directly to all the fans who have complained what an uneven season of SOUTH PARK it’s been with the mid-season finale “You’re Getting Older.”

Or maybe Parker and Stone were expressing their own frustration with doing the same shtick week after week for fifteen seasons? They have a Broadway hit now with BOOK OF MORMON – who needs SOUTH PARK? Well, the fans do, for better and for worse and were rewarded handsomely with this episode.

The boys are notorious for addressing things very quickly, and this whole episode which dealt with generational shifts in taste and things that you once thought were cool, are now “s***”  just hit a little close to home.

The episode begins with Stan’s 10th birthday party and his mom Sharon taking away a gift he got – a CD of a new kind of music called Tween Wave. He was bummed out that his mom hated the CD which she says sounded like s*** but then Stan’s dad Randy starts to defend his choice to listen to that music – and that he doesn’t want to be one of these parents who hates the stuff their kid’s love.

Well, when he puts the CD in, the music sounds like someone actually going to the bathroom with a little bit of a techno beat. Undeterred, Randy claims he likes the music and decides to start his own Tween Wave band – “Steamy Ray Vaughan” eventually adding a special guest – Steamy Nicks. The end result is two people on stage literally relieving themselves to a techno beat.

The big problem though is Stan. When he starts to listen to Tween Wave after his 10th birthday, he starts to realize it’s crap too. When he goes to the doctor, he discovers that his brain has been rewired. Not only does he think childhood things are crap, but everything else is too. There’s a clinical word for it, he’s become a “cynical ***hole.” Now, even his friends don’t want to hang out with him because he’s such a bummer and, THE HORROR, Kyle and Cartman are actually becoming close friends.

When Randy and Sharon realize they’re tired of going through the motions and doing the same things over and over again – they end up divorcing (or separating, it’s unclear), and the episode ends with Stan moving out of his house and losing his friends – with the actual Stevie Nicks song “Landslide” playing in the background.

Now this is what I call a bummer, but it’s also heartbreaking, and surprisingly real for a show that likes to push all of the comedy buttons.

Still, “You’re Getting Older” proves to be one of the best episodes of Season 15 yet, because it’s a giant f-you by Parker and Stone. The last episode of mid-season usually ends up being a little different or experimental, and this one definitely lives up to that legacy.

It’s also absolutely hilarious. The idea that everything Stan sees is literally poop and that nothing is funny anymore is classic SOUTH PARK. And the dark detour it takes by the end of the episode, only makes you hope that when the series returns in the fall, that this episode doesn’t just restart from scratch all over again (like it’s hinted at during Stan and Sharon’s conversation). And yes, it will be returning in the fall. There’s seven more episodes to Season 15, like every year, so those that are thinking Stone and Parker are through are seriously mistaken.

There are some great sight gags throughout – particularly when Stan sees people talking and s*** literally comes out of their mouth. And when Stan goes to see a movie, there are previews for new Adam Sandler and Jim Carrey movies – and the pay-offs to both are very funny (made even more funny by the fact that these are ACTUAL movies they’re parodying).

I also liked how the  parents were trying to educate their kids on the music they grew up with – such as “Every Breath You Take” by the Police and when the kids hear it, they think it sounds like crap too.

“You’re Getting Old” touches upon some pretty interesting themes of what’s funny. One person’s crap is another person’s gold. The end result is a sharp, wickedly funny and somewhat tragic episode that takes SOUTH PARK into a daring new direction which is exactly what we expect them to do (especially after fans and reviewers like us have complained the show has not been up to its usual standards). Well, they sure showed us old “cynical ***holes.”

AGREE? DISAGREE? Let your voice be heard – COMMENT BELOW!

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  1. Hey man you need to use a spell checker. First off it’s MORMON not MORMAN, secondly, it’s “two people” not “too people”, and lastly if you’re going to say that something is under performing, then you would say “isn’t up to snuff.” not “up to snuff.” I’ll be expecting my check in the mail.

    • Sorry, I believe you mean “Cheque”.

      • I think Casey Kelso said it best.


    • Secondly isn’t a word.

      • Secondly IS a word, you idiot.

    • s****y troll makes s****y mistake

  2. the episodes was crap! i dont think it had a actual funny moment in the entire thing, although i know the ends to midseasons are usually a little different this failed in my opinion EPICLY and by the looks of things theyll be a part two! trey and matt im dissapointed

    • So did the message of this episode go over your head or what?

    • hey it was just s***, like it just looked like s***, sounded like s***.

      climbin higher
    • So the ‘fans’ complain when they always do parody of another show or current event and say SP doesn’t do “original shows” anymore. Then they do and “original show” and they panned for it not being good enough. They spout $*** no matter what they do, huh?

  3. Steamy:
    Fixed … thanks! Because of my screw-up, I’ve been banished to the “Punishment Chamber” where I must listen to Justin Bieber on a continuous loop for the rest of the day. Yeah. Thanks a lot, indeed!

    Carl Cortez
  4. hey steamy your supposed to be saying what you think about the show not correcting him you asshole… lol the episode made me sad…apparently steamy has to have it made to perfection for him to be able to understand whats going on

  5. Hey Drew it’s “you’re” not “your.”

    Spell Check
  6. Yes it really is a new exciting chapter in the story lines of south park. kudos to matt and trey for getting out of the repetition by returning to an old south park story line where the marshs get a divorce.

    If you are really concerned about the show getting overly formulaic, quit feeling the daily show pressure to comment on absolutely everything trending on google. Did we really need a “jersey shore” episode? No one watches south park for the interesting and evolving storylines nor to formulate opinions on current events. Just do what you do well… make jokes.

  7. This episode is a HUGE ‘f’ ‘u’ to the “fans” who have been nit-picking and complaining all season.

    • No its not. Its a message to the fans about how they feel about making the show. Its them being honest and real.

      • Exactly. They are Stan and they know it.
        Cynical ***holes.

  8. CARTMAN AND KYLE ARE FRIENDS? STAN’s family moves away? this is as sad as when cleveland moved out of rhode island in family guy

  9. Sorry kids. But Stone hasn’t been credited for writing an episode since season 11. And the jokes haven’t been as good since. Coincidence? You bet your little ass it’s not.

    So to say that “Parker and Stone are saying” this or that to their audience is a gross misunderstanding. Why HASN”T Stone been writing as much?

    I posit this: This midseason end is Parker himself saying that he’s tired of it. Tired of writing all the same s***, tired of carrying the franchise on his own, tired after 15+ years of producing this animated series.

  10. didn’t you guys see the tale of scrotie mcboogerballs? I think you’re all reading too much into it. But if Parker and Stone left off making South Park I’d respect them more for not letting it drag out into absurdity like The Simpsons or Family Guy both of which are just terrible.

  11. I think a simple solution to freshen up the show would be to simply age up the cast.

    There is only so much you can do with preteens before it gets old and that’s the point we’re at right now.

    I think aging them up would open up tons of new doors and evolve the characters in ways we couldn’t imagine.

    This episode was a nice change of pace and I really enjoyed the seriousness of it, a show can have a serious theme to it without losing the humor we all love.

    If you think about it, the theme of this episode is kind of a commentary on how we seem to be feeling about the series.

    We don’t want it to go away but we want it to evolve and have more substance than the “google topic” of the day crap.

    That’s just my opinion.

    • Kinda like the Rugrats All Grown Up, or whatever that was? Don’t remember a single new origional Rugrats episode like that. Aging up the cast is a terrible idea.


    Carl Cortez / Contributing Editor, f— you and your noob review style.

    What The Funk
    No spoiler warning or anything.

    F— you, CARL CORTEZ / Contributing Editor and your noob style of reviewing.

    • (“In” a review), not (“I’m” a review.)

  14. I don’t understand why all the supposed “fans” of this show bitch about any of these episodes. I love the twists and humor South Park throws at us. They talk crap about nearly everything and South Park is practically the only show that does it hilariously. I see Simpsons and Family Guy step up to the plate with similar humor and fail miserably. I applaud the writers for throwing a fuck you at the so called fans that bitch at every wake about each joke they didn’t like if that’s actually what it was. My take on the matter is that Stan’s family was falling apart and making him cynical or jaded which can happen to kids when their family falls apart.

    To the idiot above who didn’t laugh at any jokes in the episode, I’m curious as to why you even watch South Park because obviously you don’t understand humor in any of it’s forms. I nearly fell off my seat when they were in the movie theaters watching previews.

    I think South Park is still entertaining and there’s still plenty for this show to accomplish in terms of comedy. Without this show we’ll have to rely on crappier forms of current day mockery such as Simpsons (Dull poorly written quick jokes) or Family Guy (Hey look another flash back, do we really understand wtf comedy is or are we just trying everything). At least SNL is picking up and doing a better job at it.

  15. You should watch the latest episode of the Daily Show with John Stewart. Parker and Stone guest star and are shown near the end of the show. They both still “love doing South Park” and they were a little shocked when people thought they were quitting. They aren’t.

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  17. Ok episode, but I cried (bad thing) at the end.


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