The Germans get angry in SOUTH PARK - Season 15 - "Funnybot" | ©2011 Comedy Central

The Germans get angry in SOUTH PARK - Season 15 - "Funnybot" | ©2011 Comedy Central

Writer: Trey Parker
Director: Trey Parker
Network: Comedy Central, airs Wednesday nights
Original Telecast: May 4, 2011

Every once and awhile, SOUTH PARK will tackle a topic that just doesn’t quite hit the mark and “Funnybot” is one of them.

When the Jimmy and the special education class put on the 1st Annual Comedy Awards, trouble erupts when Germany is named the least funny people. They get so incensed, they build a robot that tells vulgar jokes to prove the world wrong.

Of course, the robot is terrible, but everyone loves him anyway, until it decides the biggest joke on humanity is to destroy it.

Like many SOUTH PARK episodes, it takes awhile to figure out what exactly they’re trying to lampoon with this episode, but clearly, Funnybot is thinly veiled attempt to poke fun at Charlie Sheen and his attempts to go out on tour without any “real” material.

Tyler Perry is also parodied as one of the only celebrities who showed up to accept his comedy award at the South Park school. The problem is, Perry won’t leave and the only person who thinks he’s funny is Token. He subsequently keeps giving Perry money for making him laugh at his ridiculous humor with Cartman saying, “Token, stop giving Tyler Perry money or he won’t go away.”

Anyone who doesn’t understand why Perry and his Madea movies are so popular, will appreciate the jabs creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone take at Perry. It’s the most consistently funny bits in the entire episode.

The Charlie Sheen skewering is rather tame in comparison to things the show has done in the past. The allusion to Sheen is so abstract though, many people may not even see the Sheen correlation.

The biggest problem with the episode is that Funnybot destroying the world as the ultimate joke is almost too cerebral a concept. Maybe that was the intent, but
I was hoping for a little more edge.

I guess after such a home run that was last week’s season premiere “HUMANCENTiPAD”, it was inevitable that the follow-up wouldn’t be as good. Granted, even weak episodes of SOUTH PARK are funnier than most new network comedies, so it wasn’t a complete wash, but the bar has been set so high with the season premiere and the 14 seasons before this, that when the occasional misstep takes place, all can usually be forgiven.

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  1. I agree, this episode stank of all things wrong with south park. Why would you create a darlek as a robotic comedy machine, it has too much associated with it already to even take it seriously as a robot which could linguistically produce anything remotely humorous.

    I think the lads over at south park studios need to re think what they are doing if this episode is the direction which they are pursuing.

    Although I do like the “awwkwarrd” moments =]

    Germans, Jews, Blacks and darleks should make a masterpiece in anti ‘pc’ comedy, if executed tastefully and methodically, but south park failed at this, obviously in my opinion.

    I don’t get the charlie sheen side of this episode, and if that is the point the creators where trying to get across then they suck, i just hope you, the author of this article is full of bullsh*t.

  2. Charlie Sheen? What the f*** are YOU smokin’, man? There is NO correlation there. Also you might want to proof read your shit before posting it, after all you are contributing editor.

  3. This episode just emphasizes how TERRIBLE the new season is. Most recent episode (6/8/11) was probably the number one worst episode of south park that I’ve ever seen. New writers?

    brandy shea
  4. Apparently this reviewer didn’t get the point of this episode. Comedy Central recently hosted the first annual Comedy Awards. This was Matt and Trey’s way of saying that such an idea is stupid, because comedy is not supposed to be taken seriously, it’s supposed to be laughed at. Viewing the episode with this in mind, the slams it makes at CC are actually pretty funny. I have trouble seeing the Charlie Sheen correlation. If they wanted to do that, I think they would have just brought Sheen into the show as a character. The fact that Funnybot’s “ultimate joke” was too cerebral for most was the point. The character’s attempted apocalypse was not supposed to be funny to viewers due to the irony that made Funnybot decide that it was the ultimate joke within the plot – it mainly served as a plot device, and the only inherent entertainment value of Funnybot’s plan is its absurdity.

    I also was not under the impression that Funnybot was supposed to be “actually unfunny” to the viewers. I think that interpretation stemmed from your misinterpretation of Funnybot as a symbol for Sheen.

  5. Four score and seven mniutes ago, I read a sweet article. Lol thanks


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