Stars: Liam Cunningham, Hermione Norris, Daniel Mays, Amy Manson, Ashley Walters, Eric Mabius, Langley Kirkwood, Michael Legge, Jeanne Kietzmann, Nonso Anozie, Bo Peterson, Darron Meyer
Writer: Jack Lothian
Director:  Omar Madha
Network: BBC America, airs Saturday nights
Original Telecast: July 9, 2011

The arrival of an AC named Elijah (Nonso Anozie) at the Forthaven community kicks off the fourth episode of the BBC America sci-fi series, OUTCASTS and puts Cass (Daniel Mays) and Fleur (Amy Manson) on opposite sides of President Tate (Liam Cunningham) when Elijah reveals that Tate may have been responsible for torturing him as part of a grueling experiment. In an attempt to remove the usual responses to danger and fear, Elijah is now a gentle giant with artistic tendencies but prone to fits of rage and blackouts. Unable to control himself, he may be a threat to everyone on Carpathia, and a perfect wedge for Berger (Eric Mabius) to drive between Tate and the Forthaven people.

It’s hard to come up with letter grades for this series, since it’s maintained a consistently respectable level of quality in writing, performances, set design and cinematography since its debut. This time around, the introduction of Elijah gives us a chance not only to see relationships shift and shatter but to learn even more about Tate’s dark past. As if the revelations of the AC project aren’t enough to cause cracks in the fragile façade of Forthaven, an expeditionary force beyond the fence unearths a shocking artifact that promises big things for OUTCASTS in the future…sigh, never mind.

As Berger’s role increases, it’s also interesting that the serpent in this imperfect Garden of Eden is played with a more-or-less American accent and that he uses religious rhetoric to sway the people away from the more practically-minded Tate. A commentary on the US from across the pond? Perhaps.

While Tate and Berger continue their command tap dance, Stella (Hermione Norris) struggles to reconnect with her daughter Lily (Jeanne Kietzmann) but when Lily leaks the news of Elijah’s presence in town to Tipper (Michael Legge) and after repeated attempts to find some middle ground, Stella decides it might be best for Lily to move out. Lily moves in with Tipper, and that – combined with the tension that already exists between mother and daughter – sets up another intriguing tug of war that could play out into the future, such as it is.

Fleur’s empathy for the AC plight, which has already won her a semi-friend in AC leader Rudi (Langley Kirkwood), also draws her to Elijah, but her determination to save the poor man puts her at odds with Cass when he decides loyalty to Tate is more important. In the show’s most tragic sequence so far, a botched plan to bring Elijah into custody results in death for the tortured soul and perhaps for the friendship between Cass and Fleur as well.

Elijah’s death is also the catalyst for further power shifts as Berger allies with Jack (Ashley Walters), who took the fatal shot and has always felt on the outside looking in as far as the Forthaven power structure is concerned. Tate feels his sanity slipping away even further with another vision of his lost children, and the revelation that perhaps human beings were on Carpathia tens of thousands of years before Forthaven (that aforementioned artifact was a fossilized human jawbone!) might change the survivors’ attitude toward their new planet forever. So far, few know about this discovery, but how long will that secrecy last?

Only four episodes into this series, there is so much potential for a rich, multi-layered saga that could grow in unpredictable directions. But here we are already halfway from the show’s final episode ever, and we know this will never happen. Still, I’ll stick with you and we’ll take a look at the final four together, perhaps even ruminating on what might have been.

Next week, another mystery man comes to Forthaven with tales of the first Carpathian expeditionary force. The past is present when we return!


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