Exclusive Interview: TNT President Michael Wright on the cancellation of LEVERAGE – TCA 2013

Aldis Hodge, Gina Bellman, Beth Riesgraf, Timothy Hutton, Christian Kane and Mark Sheppard in LEVERAGE - Season 4 - "The Queen's Gambit Job" | ©2011 TNT/Erik Heinila

At the Television Critics Association press tour, TNT/TBS network president Michael Wright took a moment to talk with ASSIGNMENT X about the cancellation of LEVERAGE, which concluded its five-year run on TNT Christmas Day, 2012. ASSIGNMENT X: Why did you decide this was a good time to end LEVERAGE? MICHAEL WRIGHT: I’m actually happy you asked me this, because it’s never easy to cancel a show. This was the hardest cancellation ever, because [LEVERAGE executive producer] Dean [Devlin] is a friend. We were creative partners on this show. This show was born from a meeting Dean and [series co-creator] John […]Read On »


News: New AMERICAN IDOL judge Nicki Minaj says she’s not looking for a rap IDOL – TCA 2012

AMERICAN IDOL Season 12 judge Nicki Minaj | ©2012 Fox/Michael Becker

With AMERICAN IDOL adding new judges for Season 12 with diva Mariah Carey, country crooner Keith Urban and rap-pop princess Nicki Minaj, the show is going to be more eclectic than ever. At today’s Fox’s Winter TCA 2013 session, Minaj even discussed what being a judge on IDOL means to her and how serious she takes it. “Even up until the last day, before I had to sign the contract, I was still not a 100 percent sold,” says Minaj. “AMERICAN IDOL is so big, you can’t do this unless you commit fully. I realized I made a lot of […]Read On »


News: How THE FOLLOWING is different from THE VAMPIRE DIARIES – TCA 2013

Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy in THE FOLLOWING - Season 1 | ©2012 Fox/Michael Lavine

The new Fox thriller THE FOLLOWING debuts January 21 and stars Kevin Bacon as former FBI agent Ryan Hardy who is called back into service when serial killer Joe Carroll (James Purefoy) escapes from prison (who captured him many years before). At today’s Fox Winter 2013 TCA session, executive producer and creator Kevin Williamson spoke about THE FOLLOWING and how different it is from his other cult hit THE VAMPIRE DIARIES. “When you’re doing one thing, the next thing you do, you don’t want to do the same thing,” admits Williamson. “So you’re always looking for the differences and what […]Read On »


News: The scoop on the rest of GRIMM Season 2 – TCA 2013

GRIMM - Season 2 Key Art | ©2012 NBCUniversal

With GRIMM getting ready to head into the second half of Season Two, the cast and executive producers made an appearance at the Winter 2013 TCAs for NBC and spoke about what to expect with the season’s remaining episodes. The biggest blow-out is a showdown between cop Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli) and Captain Sean Renard (Sasha Roiz) with Nick discovering his Captain is part of the larger Wesen conspiracy and also deeply in love with his girlfriend Juliet (Bitsie Tulloch), albeit due to a spell. “There’s a big, angry kerfuffle and we come to blows,” says Giuntoli. “He has a […]Read On »


News: The Scoop on REVOLUTION and the rest of Season 1 – TCA 2013

Billy Burke in REVOLUTION - Season 1 - "Sex and Drugs" | ©2012 NBC/Brownie Harris

At NBC’s Winter 2013 TCA session today for their hit new action-drama series REVOLUTION, the cast and executive producers revealed what to expect during the second half of Season 1 when it returns in March. Here was what was revealed … The show will pick up the pace with  more revelations according to creator Eric Kripke. “I felt we could have picked up the pace of the stunning revelations,” says Kripke. “Maybe the pace of the shocking surprises were a bit too slow in the first half, if I was being hard on myself. We have a second half that […]Read On »


News: Portland now embraces PORTLANDIA as it enters Season 3 – TCA 2013

Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein in PORTLANDIA - Season 3 | ©2013 IFC

As PORTLANDIA heads into its third season with stars and co-creators Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein, co-creator and director Jonathan Krisel told the press at the Winter TCA 2013 that Portland, Oregon now embraces the series when they were initially skeptical during the first season of the IFC series. “When we were doing the first season, people were very skeptical of the TV show,” says Krisel. “They were sort of mad that someone was coming into their town. Now, when we go out in the third season, people are very supportive. I think the humor of the show and sort […]Read On »


News: BEHIND THE CANDELABRA star Michael Douglas talks about playing Liberace – TCA 2013

Michael Douglas will play Liberace in the HBO film BEHIND THE CANDELABRA | ©2012 HBO

This year, HBO not only taps into the life of Phil Spector for a TV movie, but also Liberace with the Steven Soderbergh directed BEHIND THE CANDELABRA. Michael Douglas takes on the iconic role of the piano maestro as it delves into his personal life with young boy toy Scott Thorson (Matt Damon). While speaking about the film at the Winter TCA 2013 Cable Day, Douglas says he relished portraying the larger-than-life Liberace. “Characters are normally a little easier to play than things that might be closer to yourself,” says Douglas. “So actually, it’s sort of a license of freedom, […]Read On »


News: Christopher Guest gives the scoop on HBO series FAMILY TREE – TCA 2013

Chris O'Dowd in FAMILY TREE - Season 1 | ©2012 HBO

Writer-director Christopher Guest has made a career out of doing his quirky, mockumentary comedies like BEST IN SHOW and FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION and now he’s bringing the same aesthetic to television with the new HBO series FAMILY TREE. Co-created with Jim Piddock, the two of them have fashioned a story about Tom Chadwick (Chris O’Dowd) who decides to pursue his family roots that will take him from the U.K. to America. “This is different, obviously, because it’s done specifically for television,” says Guest while speaking at the Winter Cable TCAs. “When I approached Jim to help me work on this, […]Read On »


News: Al Pacino talks about PHIL SPECTOR and playing the iconic and tragic figure – TCA 2013

Al Pacino and Helen Mirren in PHIL SPECTOR | ©2012 HBO

After tackling Jack Kevorkian in the HBO film YOU DON’T KNOW JACK, Al Pacino returns to the cable network portraying another real life figure – famed music producer Phil Spector. Written and directed by David Mamet, the film focuses on his trial for murder of actress Lana Clarkson. And while speaking with the press via satellite at the Cable 2013 TCAs for HBO, Pacino says it was an interesting process immersing himself into the school of Spector. “With today’s world you have all this footage on characters you play,” says Pacino. “I would sit for hours just looking at Phil talking […]Read On »


News: KILLING LINCOLN writer discusses how different it is from the Spielberg LINCOLN movie – TCA 2013

KILLING LINCOLN movie | ©2012 National Geographic Channel

During the Winter TCA 2013 session for the National Geographic Channel’s forthcoming movie KILLING LINCOLN, writer and executive producer Erik Jendressen spoke about the differences between this TV Movie airing this February and starring Billy Campbell as Lincoln and the Steven Spielberg feature film LINCOLN starring Daniel Day Lewis. “Spielberg’s film really focuses on the 13th Amendment,” says Jendressen. “That’s the story of the victory of Abraham Lincoln. Ours is really the story of the tragedy, and the irony that, once the events covered with the ending of the Civil War, the signing of the surrender and the 13th Amendment […]Read On »

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