ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS – The sequel to Disney’s original ALICE live action movie is an interesting take on the myth of the classic tale. While it received so-so reviews from critics and fans were a bit disinterested in the whole film (read: it flopped at the box office), it does a good job of bringing back the elements of the first movie that made it good with a strong cast (Helena Bonham Carter, Anne Hathaway, Mia Wasikowska and, of course, Johnny Depp) and an interesting story about Alice (Wasikowska) returning to Neverland and once again battling the Queen of Hearts (Carter). Much like some of the other Disney live action movies, you, as an adult, may not enjoy it or think it is rife with problems, but your older child or tween will really get a kick out of it because of the wild costumes, the crazy story and the change of pace in terms of the fictional story they are used to reading about. So this is one if you have tweens or older kids it is one to check out, but you may be thinking there could be better uses of your time.



DOOMED: THE UNTOLD STORY OF ROGER CORMAN’S FANTASTIC FOUR – I love talking about the FANTASTIC FOUR in movies because it is such a dumpster fire. The initial big budget film was mildly successful enough that it garnered a sequel. That sequel? Yeah, pretty damn awful. Fast forward to last year when the reboot of the franchise came along and it was … pretty damn awful. So much so, critics and fans alike just what went wrong. Well, what’s interesting is that those movies were NOT the first try at bringing the original Marvel super team to life on the big screen. This is the documentary about the film that was made in the 90s by Roger freaking Corman and never made it past post production. Instead it was an attempt by the people that owned the rights to the film to keep those rights by making an ultra-low budget flick that would satisfy lawyers. Once the film was finished and they provided a cut of the film, they tried to destroy it, erase it from existence. But someone in the production department made a cloned low-res copy and smuggled it out and versions of the film started showing up at conventions and comic book stores everywhere as it was copied and re-copied. It is a fascinating look at the inner workings of Hollywood and a cast and crew who feel wronged by the entire process. A must watch if you enjoy superhero flicks. It is currently on video-on-demand but will be coming video in December.



WHAT WE BECOME – There are a number of zombie flicks out there. It has almost reached a saturation point where nothing original can be produced because everything is already been done (THE SIMPSONS already did it!). Now, zombie flicks are coming from overseas and here specifically from Denmark. WHAT WE BECOME gets to the heart of the matter very slowly. In fact, it takes nearly half the film in order for the action to heat up, which would be fine if what we see was different or interesting. It isn’t. Instead we get the life of a family that must deal with an increasing virus that is taking hold of a large city and the military’s attempt to contain the outbreak. Yeah, we’ve been here before numerous times and while the back half of the film improves upon the first – with a desperate fight for survival against a growing horde of undead from both outside and inside their makeshift shelter – again it isn’t something that is new or groundbreaking. Still, if you need a zombie fix, this should do the trick.

WAXWORK | © 2016 Lionsgate Home Entertainment

WAXWORK | © 2016 Lionsgate Home Entertainment

WAXWORK/WAXWORK II: LOST IN TIME – This is one of those releases that people have been looking forward to for quite a while. Previously only available in DVD format, Lionsgate has finally released the horror classic WAXWORK onto high definition Blu-ray and bringing its sequel WAXWORK II: LOST IN TIME along for the ride. Now WAXWORK is the film where a group of teenagers (including hot stuff Michelle Johnson from BLAME IT ON RIO fame and Deborah Forman another 80s starlet famous from MY CHAUFFER) go to a midnight showing at a wax museum but get trapped and the wax figures come to life and kill them all. Well, most of them. They must fight for survival against these wax nasties which are very hard to kill given they are made of wax. Now, WAXWORK II is a whole different film although it has two of the same characters from the first movie where they must travel through time and do all sorts of crazy sh** in a complete 180-degrees from the first film. It is an interesting look at a classic film and its not-so great follow-up and how Hollywood at times can really f**k up a good thing. Still for the original, it is worth it to see it finally in high definition for the first time.

CHILD'S PLAY | © 2016 Shout! Factory

CHILD’S PLAY | © 2016 Shout! Factory

CHILD’S PLAY – Now this isn’t a new remake of the classic (thankfully, although how much you bet it’s coming?) but the classic itself fully restore and remastered into high definition from our friends at Scream Factory that just keep rolling out the good stuff to we horror fans that have been begging for classic titles to look better. Well, for those waiting on seeing Chucky in 2K resolution, here you have it and CHILD’S PLAY looks maybe the best it ever has. So that’s incredibly cool but even better in this Collector’s Edition there are new featurettes including an interview with Chucky himself Ed Gale, new behind-the-scenes footage never before viewed and a new look at the special effects that were used at the time. They also included all the legacy featurettes, audio commentaries and everything else from previous editions.

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Article:  ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS highlights Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Releases for Oct. 18, 2016

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