Jesse Spencer in CHICAGO FIRE - Season 2 - "A Nuisance Call" | ©2013 NBC/Elizabeth Morris

Jesse Spencer in CHICAGO FIRE - Season 2 - "A Nuisance Call" | ©2013 NBC/Elizabeth Morris

In the second season of CHICAGO FIRE, NBC Tuesdays at 10 PM, Jesse Spencer’s character Matthew Casey is having a rough time. Not only is his fire department job dangerous and stressful, but his dead best friend’s wife is in jail, leaving Casey to care for the kids. And then there’s the ongoing tension between him and paramedic Gabriela Dawson (Monica Raymond) …

Australian actor Spencer previously starred on HOUSE M.D. as Dr. Robert Chase. The role of Casey obviously has more physical challenges, which Spencer embraces. Spencer was getting ready to go back to Chicago, where CHICAGO FIRE shoots on location, but before heading out he was able to stay to answer a few questions at NBC’S party for the Television Critics Association at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

ASSIGNMENT X: How is it going into Season 2? Can you talk about Casey’s attitude coming back?

JESSE SPENCER: Yeah. The general gist is that Casey is coming back after a month’s hiatus, a month’s break. He’s been fishing, he’s trying to get his head cleared and he’s come back to work – I don’t think he’s in that situation super-ready to come back to work, but he’s coming back in an attempt to really try and overcome what he’s been through, and the best way is to put his head down and try to make it work by force. And through that, he’s going to discover some things that help him heal and help him get over the death of his girlfriend.

AX: And how do you feel, going back to work?

SPENCER: Exactly the same. No, I had a great break, so I was ready to go back. I could have had more, but I think we could always have more, so I’m happy, but I was ready to go back toChicago and get into it.

AX: And what would you most like people to know right now about CHICAGO FIRE right now?

SPENCER: We’re going to pick up where we left off. We had a really strong first season, and I think we’re going to have an even stronger second. The writers are super-stoked about the storylines. They think it’s going to far surpass Season 1. That excites me, because I thought we had a strong Season 1, so I’m looking forward to seeing Season 2.

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Article: Exclusive Interview with CHICAGO FIRE star Jesse Spencer on Season 2

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