When you look at the history of Marvel Comics, just about everyone – even members of other long-standing teams and dedicated loners – have called themselves Avengers at one time or another. So the field is wide open for AVENGERS 2 and 3, but there is the ‘critical mass’ element; some of the team from the first film might have to sit one out to give others their screen time. After all, how many Avengers can you cram into one movie? But given the heroes we’ve already seen assemble, there are some obvious core members that really should turn up in the near future. Let’s take a look at them, and WARNING: There are major spoilers here about the first AVENGERS film. You’ve been warned.

1. The Vision

The Vision | ©2012 Marvel Comics

The Vision | ©2012 Marvel Comics

The Internet has been abuzz with rumors that the late, lamented Agent Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) could return with his persona downloaded into an android body … like the one we see briefly at Howard Stark’s expo in CAPTAIN AMERICA. Sounds like a good version of the Vision to me, but then wouldn’t he eventually need a wife? Hmm …

First Comic Book Appearance: Avengers #57 (1968)

2. Scarlet Witch

The Scarlet Witch | ©2012 Marvel Comics

The Scarlet Witch | ©2012 Marvel Comics

If Coulson’s cellist from Portland turns out to be a curly-headed enchantress with a mutant “hex” power, I say it’s time to get her into a form-fitting red swimsuit and re-introduce her to her now red-faced, artificial boyfriend! Fortunately her dual standing as an X-Man and an Avenger means Marvel Studios can use the character despite Sony’s retention of X-rights, but as for that brother of hers, the Flash wannabe called Quicksilver? Leave him at home.

First Comic Book Appearance: X-Men #4 (1964)

3. Ant-Man/Giant-Man/Goliath/Yellowjacket

Giant-Man | ©2012 Marvel Comics

Giant-Man | ©2012 Marvel Comics

He was a founding member of the original comic book Avengers and eventually a morally and ethically damaged, abusive lunatic. Plenty of fodder for dramatic character development, and there is that Edgar Wright-helmed Ant-Man movie still supposedly in the works. Let’s get Hank Pym working on Ultron, pronto!

First Comic Book Appearance: Tales to Astonish #27 (1962)

4. The Wasp

The Wasp | ©2012 Marvel Comics

The Wasp | ©2012 Marvel Comics

What’s the size-shifting hubby without his devoted, fashion-fixated winsome wife? Janet Van Dyne was a long-standing fixture of the team, and a leader that could spread her wings on screen in a multitude of ways. Like the Witch, she would help balance out the gender ratio a bit, as would one more potential teammate…

First Comic Book Appearance: Tales to Astonish #44 (1963)

5. Ms. Marvel/Captain Marvel

Ms. Marvel and Captain Marvel | ©2012 Marvel Comics

Ms. Marvel and Captain Marvel | ©2012 Marvel Comics

Now that Carol Danvers is taking on the Captain Marvel mantle in the comics, maybe it’s time for movie stardom. There have been several to use that name, including another female Avenger, so maybe Carol should sit this one out and let Monica Rambeau make her cinematic debut?

First Comic Book Appearance: Carol Danvers – Marvel Super-Heroes #13 (1968); Monica Rambeau – The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #16 (1982)


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: The Five Heroes We Want To See in Avengers 2 and 3


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  1. sorry bud, but i dont think giant man and wasp are going to be in the next one. since im a comicbook reader, I truly do enjoy them as characters but if i take myself out of that mind set and look at it as a general member of the public who is hearing about these heroes for the first time, they are just not a good selling point.

    the really nice thing about the avengers movie is that it satisfied just about everyone. comicbook readers and general movie goers alike. I feel that the wasp and giant man would be playing too much to one side of the audience.

  2. As comic fans, we could have said the same thing about any of these characters a few years ago; now they’re worldwide stars. So who’s to say they couldn’t make any of the ones listed here exciting and entertaining and fun for those same movie goers?

    It’s all in how they would be adapted. They haven’t made a bad step yet, Avengers-wise, so I trust them. For evidence, look no further than Hawkeye, who appeared fully formed in this film after just a brief appearance in THOR. Wildly different from the comic book version, but instantly likable to audiences, emotionally resonant, and a valuable member of the team. Couldn’t they do that with any of these other characters? Of course they could. We’ll see.

    Anyway, it’s just a list. 😀


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