Andrew Garfield is Spider-Man in THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN | ©2011 Sony Pictures/Marvel

Andrew Garfield is Spider-Man in THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN | ©2011 Sony Pictures/Marvel

I have to admit, my interest in the new THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN movie hasn’t been as rabid as my interest in the other superhero movies this summer (and you know who you are).

Maybe it had to do with loving the Sam Raimi incarnation, or maybe it just felt that the Spider-Man world had been exhausted in the film world.

Yet, today, Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios offered up a special global sneak preview of the new film (opening July 3) with the filmmakers and actors in attendance in one of the many select cities across the globe so fans could get in on the action early.

ASSIGNMENT X was fortunate enough to be asked to attend the Los Angeles-wing of this presentation which featured director Marc Webb, while other cities had (via satellite) star Andrew Garfield (New York); Emma Stone, producers Avi Arad and Matthew Tolmach (Rio De Janeiro); and new villain Curt Conners/The Lizard Rhys Ifans (London).

What was the verdict?


Sony Pictures has done superb planning in the slow rolling out of footage on this film. The initial trailer was cool, but didn’t give away any big spoilers, but frankly, as a bit underwhelming. This new 3D trailer offers up a brand new alterna-film universe to the Sam Raimi trilogy and it hits a home run.

I’m sold.

The trailer really emphasizes the idea that this is “the Untold Story” which is a great way to approach the new take (reboot, re-envisioning, whatever you want to call it) and it’s clear that Andrew Garfield is bringing a completely different energy to the Peter Parker role. He’s funny, quirky, and probably even more nerdy than Tobey Maguire. Meanwhile, Emma Stone adds a whole other sort of moxie as Parker’s first love Gwen Stacy.

Martin Sheen and Sally Field are a pretty good Uncle Ben and Aunt May too – again, especially in this new alterna-universe of things.

Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man in SPIDER-MAN 4 | ©2010 Sony/Marvel/photo by John Schwartzman

Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man in SPIDER-MAN 4 | ©2010 Sony/Marvel/photo by John Schwartzman

And Ifans as Curt Conners, aka the Lizard, is going to make a pretty formidable villain.

I’ve never been a fan of the double-villain problem that plagues so many superhero films, and I think by focusing on one, it should tether THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN properly to the ground where the emotions and characters are just important as to why the villain is actually there (in this case, there’s a link between Conners and Parker’s deceased dad).

After the trailer, Webb introduced roughly eight minutes of what he referred to as a sizzle reel of various scenes from the movie (some finished, others not). It was in 2D (though he explained again, the movie was shot in 3D) because the finishing touches haven’t been done on the whole thing, but that didn’t matter. This was the icing on the cake for this event as the footage sheds a whole other light on the tone and style of the film.

Some wondered if Webb’s indie sensibilities as a director might not be able to bring out the spectacle properly, but from the footage shown, he has not only a firm, grounded grasp on the romantic relationship between Peter and Gwen, but also a very great dynamic between the other characters as well. Plus, he sure knows his way around a pretty impressive action sequence.

While we all knew THE DARK KNIGHT RISES was going to be spectacular, the jury was still out on THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, and, it’s safe to say, it delivers. This is going to be a great summer of superhero movies. In fact, I think, based on the footage shown, THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN may very well over-perform and could certainly give THE DARK KNIGHT a run for its money (even though we both know both will be global boxoffice juggernauts regardless).

Although the filmmakers and cast kept their comments brief. Here are some of the things they said during the presentation.

Garfield on this event …
“This is so, so special – you guys have been waiting outside for awhile,” he says. “It means so much that you care about is. Thank you so much.”

Webb on telling the “Untold Story” …
“We’re exploring a lot of things from the SPIDER-MAN comics that haven’t been explored before,” says Webb. “We’re dealing with [Peter Parker’s] parents, which we haven’t seen and what it means to be an orphan. The Gwen Stacy saga hasn’t been explored. And The Lizard is one of my favorite villains. It’s given us a lot to work on in creating the film.”

Stone on how different Gwen Stacy is from Mary Jane …
“Gwen is pretty much yin to Mary Jane’s yang,” explains Stone. “She’s so different in so many ways. She’s valedictorian, Gwen falls in love with Peter Parker and Mary Jane fell in love with Spider-man, which is different.”

Ifans on how different Curt Conners/The Lizard is from other Spider-man villains …
“All Spider-man villains are kind of human and flawed as much as Peter Parker is,” says Ifans. “Dr Conners makes it more emotional in Peter Parker’s life because he was close to his father. That relationship is complex and an emotional one with Curt.”

Garfield on being Spider-Man …
“I’m not an idiot, everyone wants it and it belongs to everyone in this room,” says Garfield. “I’m terrified now. It’s amazing to represent this [character]. First there was Tobey, then me and hopefully next time it’s a half-Hispanic/half African-American Peter Parker. It means as much to me as everyone else.”

THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN arrives in theaters July 3.

UPDATE: Check out the brand new trailer below


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