With THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN rebooting the film franchise with new Peter Parker Andrew Garfield and new director Marc Webb, at today’s 2011 Comic-Con press event producer Avi Arad discussed why they went the reboot route as opposed to a fourth chapter in the Sam Raimi/Tobey Maguire incarnation of the franchise.

“Most of you are aware we started on the way to do another movie, but our director [Raimi] and cast and us realized there wasn’t enough newness,” says Arad. “There was not a new story to tell. As we started to discuss this movie and what we wanted to make, we knew we needed to find a story that would work and find a director who had his own style and through this style looked different feel different and also bring his own vision to script. So we had to do a different origin in some ways. The only thing that stayed the same and made us go and make the movie was the spirit of Peter Parker is what it was about – and how he behaved in this day and age.”

Producer Matt Tolmach says that retelling and rebooting Spider-Man is no brainer, since there are so many incarnations of the comic book anyway.

“We all know the story of SPIDER-MAN has been told many different times,” says Tolmach who was inspired by director Webb’s initial reluctance to tackle the character.

“There was something incredibly inspired and challenging in what [Marc] calls his skepticism,” adds Tolmach. “He immediately expressed a great love of the character, but was humbled by what came before and the power of the comics. I remember he wrote an email to me and my boss Amy Pascal and it was an emotional outpouring of who he felt Peter Parker was. It was fantastic. It was different. It was completely respectful to this character and great love of the character. It was a version of it that came from his heart and his experience. What’s powerful about Spider-Man is we always bring ourselves to it. As soon as read that, we thought, ‘my god, this is something special and something to not let go.”

As for Webb, he talks about why the teaser trailer for THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN was released online early, instead of debuting it at Comic-Con.

“We released it a little earlier because we wanted to have a high quality version of it online as opposed to a taped version of it shot from the back of a theater,” says Webb.


(additional reporting by A.C.Ferrante)

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