With FRINGE on a creative high this season, fans have been wondering if Fox may pull another TERRA NOVA and unceremoniously cancel the series before they get a chance to write a satisfying season finale.

However, at Wondercon 2012, FRINGE executive producers J.H. Wyman and Jeff Pinkner revealed that it’s still a possibility that a Season 5 will happen.

“I think we’re 70/30 that the show is coming back,” says Pinkner. “We’re inside of it and we’re very hopeful, but those odds may be skewered by our own aspirations.”

For Wyman, he says that nothing is ever set in stone, but takes a more cautious approach to renewal.

“I’ve been in the business for so long, you never know,” explains Wyman. “Something can always change at the last minute, so that’s what’s so precarious.”

That said, the producers say they have known where the finale this year is heading, and like last year, it could serve as a series finale. Of course, there is more material that they still could explore in the comic book medium to wrap things up completely.

“We were thinking, if things ended, we would make a very special edition or triple edition of the [BEYOND THE FRINGE] comics,” says Wyman. “There are so many ideas and stories we want to do, so for our fans it would be a big deal. So for this show, more than any other show, it’s a possibility.”

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Article: FRINGE producers reveal the status of Season 5 at Wondercon 2012

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  2. Pingback: FRINGE Producers Strong Season 5 Renewal Odds

  3. Fringe is the best show on fox it has everything. The only way for fox to save fringe is a better time slot. Fridays at 9pm at night is horrible. A better time slot would be Tuesday at 9pm. The show had higher ratings. Fringe has so much potential for them to cancel the show. The reason why fringe was such a success for the past few seasons were because of time slots. It would be a huge mistake to cancel fringe.

    Tyler J
  4. I disagree, I think the only thing that has kept Fringe on this long is the fact that it airs on Fridays, where poor ratings are expected. If Fringe had to compete on a weeknight it would hav been canceled long ago, it just couldn’t compete.

    • I beg to differ, Fringe is a hybrid of the x files. The main reason why they kept it on the network for so long is because they know that this show is to valuable to lose. The first 3 seasons were such a hit because of time slots. Even the fox broad casting director said this show is a hit and he watches it every time it comes on.

      Tyler J
      • I agree with Super. Fridays is the only way Fringe stays. Tyler, you said the first 3 seasons were such a hit … but viewership dropped tremendously from season 1 to 3.

  5. Fringe is an original, and owes nothing to other series. I think it’s the most inventive show on TV. Here’s hoping that the money folks agree to at least another season!

  6. I agree Linda, Fringe has so much potential to be canceled. Even if they canceled the show and got picked up by another network the success rate would be higher, FOX knows that.

    Tyler J
  7. Sorry, Fringe has a high potential, canceling the show would be a huge mistake.

    Tyler J
  8. I love the show, but like The Walking dead, American Horror, and Mad Men, the show is for cable, and should be moved to FOXs FX network were it would be stronger. Mad men only gets about 3 million views. Fringe 5 million.

  9. I have to agree with Tyler J and his numerous posts, Tuesday or Wednesday would be better, even 10 pm on Friday would work better for me. There are not many worthwhile shows to watch, too many estrogen dramas which do not appeal to me. What I like about Fringe is the shows are like anime stories that refer back to previous episodes, but this may be a draw back to new audiences who may not have the time to catch up on prior seasons. I do like being able to catch up via the internet by either FOX.com or WB.com if I miss a Friday show. :-)

  10. it would be a mistake to cancel Fringe. It is such an interesting show that truly stimulates the mind of those who think. Unfortunately, the TV Ratings of the great US of A is being dominated by reality shows whose viewers choose to follow the life of morons who believes that being stupid is cool. And the worst thing about it is that it is not truly a reality show. It is a scripted piece of crap that the viewers are made to believe to be real.

  11. Knowing that the creators have said from the beginning that they have 6-7 seasons worth of story telling, and given how strong every season has been so far, it deserves renewal.

    The storylines are interesting, and I am so invested in these remarkable characters (multiple versions of each of them no less). Fringe is a masterpiece that deserves to be shown in its completeion, if Fox cancels it I hope it finds life on cable.

    • Me to! And I hope I will be able to follow it in Brazil ( I won’t mind if I will to buy the online versions to download – please I am against piracy so, if it’s done make sure that it can be bought in any country)

  12. It can’t hurt that Fringe’s female lead is Rupert Murdoch’s niece. Why not appeal to the boss’s sense of nepotism?

  13. i wouldnt mind if the show did come to an end, better to end on a high than hang around too long and start to become hated. that said, would love a 13episode season 5, just for closure, and to tick up the episode count to 100, better chances of syndication then

    • Great suggestion! I hope it will be considered

  14. I really hope that the producers decide for at least one more season. It would great to see a real ending and not just that frustrating closure of season meant to eventually be the end of the show. I would love to see a real end on a fifth season and not an ambiguous end of season. The great cast they have and the public deserve more than that ambiguity . ( I follow the show in Brazil)


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