While speaking today at Wondercon 2012, COMMUNITY creator and executive producer Dan Harmon revealed that he’s confident the series will be back for Season 4.

“We’ll at least get half of a fourth season especially now with the Comedy Central deal,” says Harmon. “I’m not a businessman, but from what I understand, when you have a third season of a sitcom and it’s generating a certain amount of revenue per episode, it’s practical to bring it make and make it syndicatable. A fourth season pick-up for 13 would bring us to the 88 episodes. However, if we lay a fart next week and get a 2.0 rating, then everything is a coin toss. That could happen too.”

As for the huge ratings uptick for the series after a three month hiatus, Harmon says many things factored in, but hopes everyone sticks around in the coming weeks.

“I saw Joel McHale more last week than any other week and he’s on my show,” says Harmon of the publicity the actor generated for the show. “Obviously there a foundational one. When your dad has a cardiac arrest, it makes you remember you dad more, so you’re at the hospital when visiting hours start. Also having Hulu banking episodes during the hiatus helped, and it helps people to evangelize it. I think that was a huge thing. It’s how iTunes helped THE OFFICE and turned their numbers around. DVD sales helped ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT and FAMILY GUY. With us, I think it’s Hulu. It has a lot to do with Hulu. Jim Rash winning an Oscar [for THE DESCENDANTS], maybe a handful of them found out about our show. And we can theorize that THE BIG BANG THEORY wasn’t on, it was basketball. We took their nerds, which could be it there.”


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Article: COMMUNITY creator confident for Season 4

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