Stars: John Barrowman, Eve Myles, Mekhi Phifer, Alexa Havins, Kai Owen, Sharon Morgan, Nana Visitor, Tom Price, Daniele Favilli
Writer: Jane Espenson
Director:  Gwyneth Horder-Payton
Network: Starz, airs Friday nights
Original Telecast: August 19, 2011

In the seventh episode of the all-new BBC/Starz co-production of TORCHWOOD: MIRACLE DAY, “Immortal Sins,” no good deed goes unpunished as Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) takes center stage – finally! Gwen (Eve Myles) races to deliver Jack to mysterious parties in exchange for her family, while Jack remembers a former lover and a nightmare involving his immortality back during the heyday of American immigration. Some think he’s a demon, some think he’s a hero, but is his ability to cheat death a curse or a blessing? A sin or a miracle?

Angelo Colasanto (Daniele Favilli) is an excellent addition to the saga, and the bedroom scene between him and Jack is heartfelt and sweet. Once again, though, things seem to skew toward Jack being perhaps more consistent in his attentions in both past and present than he’s ever been in previous stories. To be fair, we get a glimmer when Angelo points out a pretty girl and Jack says “I like a lot of things.” Jack also confesses some activities that could cover a wide range of partners, so OK then.

While we’re talking about continuity, I have to admit that I’m not up on the various details of Jack’s long journey through Earth history. Therefore, I can’t say with authority if the 1920s sequences mesh well, but they are indeed very welcome in this episode, as we finally start to get some of the old TORCHWOOD mood back via more back story about Jack’s long life.

As for Jack and Angelo, even when their relationship takes a dark turn and Jack reveals that he’s on the hunt for an object of unknown origin and power, Angelo’s devotion and conflict comes across very well. After so many long weeks of Jack being a guest star in his own show, this episode goes a long way to restoring the pivotal role of this once-immortal man and giving him something truly substantial to work with. The moment when Jack invokes the Doctor to suggest he wants Angelo to stay by his side should also resonate well with fans; it worked for me.

As if that isn’t enough, the story finally heads firmly back into full-mode science fiction and weaves tightly into modern DOCTOR WHO continuity with the revelation of an earwig-like alien creature being used in 1927 to skew the future of the United States and help Germany win World War II. And behind this plan? The Trickster’s Brigade! A tragic end to Jack and Angelo’s all-too-short adventure proves just a brief respite in their relationship, but when they’re reunited Jack soon has cause to regret ever helping Angelo in the first place. In this compelling look back, we see the ominous beginning of a triad and the birth of…a miracle.

One of the things I forgot to mention last week when discussing the serious pacing issues was the total absence of the Oswald Danes (Bill Pullman) and Jilly (Lauren Ambrose) plot, which seemed so crucial to the story in the previous five episodes. I hadn’t even noticed last time, but this week the absence of Pullman’s name in the opening credits lept out, so I guess he’s taking a break. Danes’ presence is felt in a radio report that reveals he’s advocating support of the medical categories and the use of the camps, but that’s not the same thing. Perhaps the juggling of all these plot threads wasn’t planned as well as it could have been?

But never mind, Barrowman picks up the slack, as does Myles with a brilliantly-written soul-searching speech by Gwen about how much she loved being part of Torchwood. As for guest stars, C. Thomas Howell and Ernie Hudson have made amusing (or perhaps bemusing) one-episode appearances, and this time it’s none other than Major Kira, Nana Visitor, stepping in for a very brief role that might continue next week.

After two episodes that sagged just a bit, this installment re-energizes the story, features a rousing action-packed finale on two fronts, and promises even more exciting twists and turns to come.


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Article: Review – TORCHWOOD: MIRACLE DAY – “Immortal Sins”


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  1. I miss the old torchwood, before they went to the states. Let’s get on with this “mircle day” and move on to something else.
    and we know that jack is gay! so what the hell is so sweet about two men kissing?


  2. hello,
    let’s move on with “miricle day” this need to come to a close.
    ok we know that jack is gay, too kissing, makes my stomach hurts>

  3. Great review. I’m so glad that they picked up the pace with this episode, although I’m begining to feel like the earlier episodes were just filler. I really enjoyed the scenes between Gwen and Jack. The characters have such history and the actors have great chemistry. It finally felt like a Torchwood episode.

  4. The episodes’ resolution was ridiculously contrived. They can set up a rescue operation 6000 miles away? Rhys and company were supposed to be in hiding, but apparently were being held at home in Cardiff? The villains staged an elaborate kidnapping to force another kidnapping when a phone call and dropping one name would suffice?

    This could have been accomplished in the first 10 minutes of episode 1. Now it looks like Torchwood is going to have a big plot info dump from Angelo. So much for wasting their time on an investigation.

  5. Ok we know he and some of the writers are bi/gay. We get that but IMO this episode was a sideshow that was a waste of time. The clue is it could have been aired any week of the series/

    Wasn’t there some plot about a Miracle Day or something? This episode was no more than any other series or movie that takes a moment to insert a sex story that really wasn’t needed or had anything to do with the main theme plot.

  6. Mike,

    I think the episode made it very clear that Angelo and his story is hardly peripheral and is in fact central to the entire Miracle Day mystery. You don’t even have to wait until next week, since the episode’s finale stated in so many words that Angelo is still around and that the entire incident we watched from 1927 is the origin of everything we’ve been witnessing.

    So say what you will about the episode, but it has *everything* to do with “the main theme plot.”

    Just saying. :)


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