Nate Walcott (of the group Bright Eyes) and Mike Mogis go from the elderly, ironically enchanted vibe of the excellent Alzheimer’s film LOVELY, STILL to STUCK IN LOVE, a far younger-skewing picture about a romantic roundelay of a writer’s family, producing LOVE‘s score as well as its indie-centric songs. “At Your Door” (featuring Big Harp) has an fun, determined bounce, while teaming with Friends of Gemini for the similarly upbeat “Somersaults in Spring.” Other tunes range from the meh strumming of Conor Oberst’s “You Are Your Mother’s Child” to the likewise indistinct rock of Polkadot’s “Like Pioneers” to pretty good 80s English beat-style “Will You Be By Me” by Wallpaper Airplanes and the charmingly folksy “A Mountain, A Peak” by Bill Ricchini.

But no song here can match the poetry of the classic Elliot Smith strum-song “Between the Bars.” When it comes to the instrumentals, Walcott and Mogis has the contemplative, guitar and keyboard-driven alt. sound down, their rhythms varying between contemplation and rocking energy, no more sweetly than when employing bells and an organ. The characters might be STUCK, but the album certainly isn’t whether you’re looking for songs, or score, with “Love delivering pleasantly on both counts.


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Article: CD Review of STUCK IN LOVE soundtrack

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