In the two seasons V has been on the air on ABC, we’ve seen 1980s V stars Jane Badler and Marc Singer make significant appearances (with Singer potentially coming back for a major recurring role if Season 3 is picked up).

The big question though is who else would Scott Rosenbaum (executive producer and V showrunner) like to bring back?

“I would actually like to bring some of the actors back from [the original V series] if there is a Season 3,” Rosenbaum reveals. “I would definitely love to have Michael Ironside and I would love to have Robert Englund. I would 100 percent plan on writing roles for those two.”

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  1. Excited for a possible season 3, however, no point in doing it without Jane Badler as “Diana”. She helped Season 2 become as popular as it is and to have it without her is just ridiculous.

    • Yes i totally agree! :) Jane Bader played a brilliant role as iana in Season 2 and she definately should be in season 3.

  2. Bring back old characters and then kill them off like Diana? I tuned in for season 2 because of her and they kept her in a dungeon the whole time and then killed her off.
    An uprising with her would have been interesting but if it comes back, I won’t be watching.
    This show is a mess.

    Mikey M
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  4. I’d love to see Ironside come back as Hobbes’ old commander or something like that. Faye Grant would be perfect casting for Erica’s Mom, who could be distraught at her grandson dying at the hands (jaws) of Lisa 2.0… I have a million ideas LOL

  5. I would love to see a season three. They have a much better chance defeating the V’s now that they have the military behind them.


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