Creator and writer Bryan Fuller at WonderCon 2011 | ©2011 Assignment X
Creator and writer Bryan Fuller at WonderCon 2011 | ©2011 Assignment X/Peter Brown

Bryan Fuller’s baby PUSHING DAISIES only lasted two seasons on ABC and one could argue at the treatment it received during that second season. However, he isn’t saying goodbye just yet and would love to have it appear on another network at some point.

“I am really emboldened by what Starz is doing with TORCHWOOD and I would love to do a PUSHING DAISIES mini-series on Starz,” Fuller says. “This would be a great way to wrap up the show properly. [We could] do six great episodes or even a PUSHING DAISIES movie. But I kind of like the idea of a Starz mini-series since they really embraced TORCHWOOD.”

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  1. Pingback: Bryan Fuller Online » “I would love to do a Pushing Daisies mini-series,” Bryan Fuller Says

  2. Such a shame this wonderfull show didn’t get more episodes. It’s one of my alltime favorite televisiion shows and it deserves some sort of sequal (movie or more episodes)…

  3. YES! PLEASE! That would be so awesome!!!

  4. This would totally make me order Starz! I was crushed when that show ended with so many loose threads.

  5. YES! This should happen! PD has been cancelled for more than 2 years now and I’m still just as in love with it as I was when it was running, and it still has a fan following.

  6. oOoOo i’d be soooo EXCITED if pushing daisies came back!!! i want my closure 😉 i LOVED that show!


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