Stars: Tim Roth, Kelli Williams, Monica Raymund, Brendan Hines, Hayley McFarland
Writer: David Slack
Director: Vahan Moosekian
Network: Fox, airs Monday nights

Original Telecast
: January 31, 2011

Yes, this is the season finale of LIE TO ME, and I know the rumor mill has this being LIE TO ME’s series finale (and trust me, it pretty much is). So with that knowledge, it’s pretty insulting that the best they could do is shamelessly ride the coattails of THE SOCIAL NETWORK by giving us “Killer App.”

Ashton Holmes, who plays Zach, the creator of a social networking site, looks a lot like Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg and like THE SOCIAL NETWORK, Zach is in the middle of squeezing out his partners.

Everyone knows ASSIGNMENT X (and our previous home at iF Magazine) has been incredibly supportive of this show over the years. However, this being the season finale, it’s frustrating that the show decided to rehash a familiar story.  Throw in a little twist of murder added to spice things up and Dr. Lightman (Tim Roth) running around like he’s the police, and well, it just comes down to too little to latch on to and too many shortcomings to overlook.

It’s a shame, really, because the concept of LIE TO ME had potential, but somehow, along the way, something was lost. Some would say creative storylines were lost, others would say the lack of quality actors is what took a hit. I would even add that there are only so many stories you can tell about a guy who can tell if you’re lying before you just run out of material. Whatever the case, LIE TO ME is through, and the last taste in our mouths is the disappointing “Killer App.”

The plot of this episode is one that relied on a lot of technology based bail outs. What was supposed to be passed off as technological wizardry looked more like writers who needed an excuse for an event to happen and played the technology card to the hilt. The great example I can think of is the virus that dropped in at precisely the right moment to wipe out all of the digital evidence. I don’t buy it.

The acting of LIE TO ME has always been a topic of debate. Some actors, like Roth, play their roles superbly. The supporting cast, however, often times didn’t measure up. That’s not good when they’re coupled with suspect dialogue.

So what’s the verdict on “Killer App?” Unfortunately, from the title down, the episode seems rather silly. Derivative and hokey, decently acted at times, but overall not what a season (series?) finale should be. Oh well. It was nice knowing you, LIE TO ME. I wish you were around a little longer.


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  1. Wow its funny this is one of the only negative reviews i have seen on about the LTM finale.

    To be honest i have been a fan since the start and this would be my fave episode.

    How in the world can you say that about the supporting casts??..
    Are you watching the same show as us?
    First off Kelli Williams was Brilliant in this episode, she stole the show! .. and the rest of the cast played the roles well as usual.

    The story while based on an internet/app business had nothing to do with the social network film. But you are entitled to your opinion. even though I myself disagree with you. Excellent Ep IMO…

    and FYI the episode was written before the back 9 was declined and no changes were made to it after finding out. I Though it was a perfect way to end the season!
    Fingers crossed for season 4.. Lie To Me just keeps getting better and better.


  3. You have the power to write off a show because you dont like the season finale? I’m impressed with your * amount * of arrogance & your one eyed slant on ‘it’s over & goodbye Lie To Me’ is laughable! The finale’s writing was ballsy, gutsy, passionate & peppered with great humour..all superbly acted (& yes, Tim Roth’s acting raises the bar very high). Personally, I believe Lie To Me has a great chance for a fourth season & will go from strength to strength & the premis of the human lie detector has endless possibilities (crime shows are all about uncovering the lies). Oh, fans for the show must be on the increase given the increasing ratings, 2 PCA’s (crime fighter & crime fighting show) & even by the increasing numbers on Fox, Roth’s & all who are involved with the show’s, twitter followers. Fox knows Lie To Me is a good thing. Isn’t it time you got your head out of the sand & base your comments on more than a *season* finale ( which was not written as one due to timing of show: on air earlier so the back 9 were not picked up at this time.. Just you wait for season 4!

  4. I certainly feel like it’s been one of the strongest episode of the show so far as it did not in fact just ride the coattails of a popular cultural topic but created an environment for a captivating story and interesting character development against that background.
    Not only has the main cast continuously shown superb performances throughout these 2 1/2 seasons but the choice of guest actors has always been spot on and satisfiying.
    I fail to see how a story that in its core is about trust, friendship, loyalty and human weaknesses can fail on basis of technology bail out. It was certainly not the point and also not in the least overdone.
    I’d also like to mention that the acting by Kelli Williams (Dr. Gillian Foster) in this episode was one of the best performances I have seen in a long time on television. Enthralling and heartbreaking. Very good TV overall.

    Please review the tags, this show is not canceled.

  5. I could not disagree with you more. Lie to Me is refreshingly different from any other show on network tv. It has an interesting premise at its core and a variety of story lines week to week. You are right, Tim Roth steals the show, and for that reason only, Lie to Me should be renewed. Despite being bounced around on the schedule and changing showrunners every year, it has a very loyal fan base who want to see more of the highly unique Cal Lightman.

  6. I don’t think that we watched the same show. Enough said.

  7. I cannot disagree with you more. I thought the SEASON finale was awesome! Kelli Williams is so good in this episode! Her tears make me cry! You are so very wrong!

  8. I also disagree with your assessment of the episode. I thought it was one of the best and the acting by Kelli Williams was superb. I’m really hoping for a season 4 for this excellent show.

  9. This was my absolute favorite show, as well as 10 other people that I know. Every station that saw this show go had only good things to say about the show. The last season was the best. I hate Fox for getting rid of this show. I have been a loyal fan since day 1. I hope Fox has the balls to bring back the show, because they know that it was a huge mistake to ever let it go. Best show ever, enough said.


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