Stars: Billy West, Katey Sagal, John Di Maggio, Tress MacNeille, Maurice LaMarche
Writer: Josh Weinstein
Director: Stephen Sandoval
Network: Comedy Central, airs Thursdays
Original Telecast: July 7, 2011

With its send-up of the POLICE ACADEMY movies, TRON, MINORITY REPORT and AVATAR, FUTURAMA hits a home run with “Law & Oracle” that finds Fry (Billy West) fed-up with being a delivery boy and wanting something more out of life.

So, he quits the Planet Express team and enrolls in the police academy where he quickly moves up the ranks and settles in to the Future Crimes division where he discovers Bender is going to create a felony unless he can stop this future from happening.

“Law & Oracle” is a dense episode filled with tons of pop culture references – but with its own humorous twists.

The initial POLICE ACADEMY jokes are priceless, but they don’t eat up too much screen time (I loved the sign in front of the Academy that said “Not Affiliated with POLICE ACADEMY 4“).

However, when the episode finds ways of making TRON funny and taking such a flawed movie as MINORITY REPORT and picking it to pieces for numerous jokes, it’s when the episode really excels.

The other side of the coin is how Planet Express doesn’t know what to do without Fry around. Even though he bungles things badly, they miss his wide-eyed optimism and the opportunity to make fun of him.

Oh, and when Bender and Leela have to deliver a package to the 3-D planet of Pandora from AVATAR – it’s another priceless moment (with 3-D included).

With “Benderama” and “Law & Oracle,” FUTURAMA has now delivered two great episodes very early on in this new summer season. It’s great to see the show firing on all cylinders and it’s also refreshing to see the series get into heavy lampoon mode.


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Article: Futurama review – “Law & Oracle”

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  1. I thought the episode was a great parallel of the pilot episode. The only part I disliked was the bathroom baby. That was a little tasteless for a show like Futurama.

    Brett Adams
  2. How is Minority Report flawed?

    Also, the planet wasn’t called Avatar… it was called Pandora.

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  4. best episode since the series cancellation. loved the police chief lol her lines were priceless.

    leela makes one of her own : “…so…you’re a robot?”
    bender: “ughhhh…” :))


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