Yes, Season 5 will sadly be the last season of NBC’s series CHUCK (which moves to Friday nights in the fall. It stars Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski, Joshua Gomez and Adam Baldwin, and at Comic-Con 2011 today, while speaking to the press, the stars and creators spoke about the comedy spy series that always seems to evade eternal cancellation by NBC.

For co-creator Chris Fedak, the ending is bittersweet, but they have a lot of ammo so the season will end with a big bang even as the show makes some major changes including having Chuck now owning the Buy More and Morgan (Joshua Gomez) having the Intersect in his head instead of Chuck. Plus Mark Hamill is a villain – how cool is that!

“The show is different,” says Fedak. “It still is the CHUCK show filled with comedy action-adventure, but a lot of things have changed. Chuck is not part of the CIA nd has his own spy team called Carmichael Industries. Then there’s the Verbanksi Vorp which is competition. We have a lot of fun with the idea they have to pay the bills. Some times they are going to work with people on the nefarious side of things. Morgan also has the Intersect in his head. He has to be like Sarah was –  being Morgan’s handler. It’s a really kind of twisted season and it allows us to tell different stories.”

Levi is thrilled to see Gomez get a chance to play with the Intersect and also to see how Morgan handles the situation.

“I think that’s the difference between Chuck and Morgan is that Morgan absolutely loves the idea,” says Levi. “I think Chuck had a concern with ‘how is this going to affect my family – that doesn’t happen to Morgan.”

Strahovski is also enjoying the changes that have been happening on the show.

“I think there is a whole new dyanmic to explore in terms of being married,” says Strahovski. “Morgan is very much involved in the spy world. For me, it’s more ‘my god Morgan has the Intersect, what is he doing’ and also ‘oh my god Chuck doesn’t have the Intersect, what is he doing?'”

And what about Morgan himself? Gomez observes that he doesn’t think it will change the existing dynamic that much.

“The show is still CHUCK and still based heavily around Chuck, but now there’s a new obstacle to be thrown at him,” says Gomez. “He now has a friend who has the Intersect and knows the pitfalls of that and knows what his friend is in for. Obviously Chuck’s natural concern is for his friend.”

Adam Baldwin, who plays Casey, says he’s curious about this new Gertrude Verbanski character that will be introduced this year on the show.

“She’s part of an agency that comes into contact with Chuck’s new company and apparently Fedak and the boys have it in their heads that we’re going to get friendly,” says Baldwin.

As far as what’s going on with the characters, Mark Christopher Lawrence, who plays Big Mike says his character will probably not become part of the Chuck inner circle of spies and that’s the way he likes it

“Big Mike does not need to know,” says Lawrence. “The only other black character on the show who knew about the spy world was blown to to smithereens. Plausible deniability is great to him.”

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(additional reporting by A.C.Ferrante)

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: The scoop on CHUCK – Season 5
I’m a ltitle confused about this getrusde verbasis characte hopefully GERTRUDE VERBANSKI – another rvial agency fomes into contact with zach chyuck’s new company aand apaprently, fedak and th eboys have it in their heads that we’re giong to get friendly …

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