As Season 14 of SOUTH PARK comes to a close with “Creme Fraiche,” creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone tackle two disparate topics – food porn and the Shake Weights phenomenon.

When Stan’s dad Randy begins to obsess about cooking shows (staying up late and masturbating to them), his wife Sharon starts to block the programs on their TV. But Stan is addicted, which soon leads him to the 1-800 hotline for the Food Network (think phone sex, but about food) and eventually he’s the new cafeteria chef at Stan’s school. Suffice to say, his food choices are way too upscale for kids who just want greasy pizza.

Thinking she’s undesirable, Sharon goes to the store to pick up some exercise equipment so she can get in shape, which leads her to a voice activated Shake Weight.

Anyone who has seen the suggestive commercials for this product, know exactly what these Shake Weights are all about, and SOUTH PARK plays right into them (in their version, when a work-out is done, it sprays water in your face – HINT HINT!).

The episode is all over the map, but builds to an okay conclusion that ties everything together. However, everything else is a bit too pat and the jokes are rather one-note for SOUTH PARK, but I guess after the three-week epic “Coon and Friends” arc, sometimes not being ambitious is the only way to go when you’ve just created epic battles and massive destruction.

The funniest bits in the episode involve the notion of food shows as porn – and there’s ample mileage there. It all builds to a cook off with every reality food personality challenging Randy to a cafeteria food duel.

It’s amusing how this subplot is quickly jettisoned for the pay-off at the very end (not all shows need closure to every single plot thread), but again, I wish more time was put into coming up with more jokes.

Hey, at least it wasn’t another Cartman-centric episode, though I have to give props for Cartman pretending to be Gordon Ramsey — definitely a highlight in an otherwise unexceptional episode.

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  2. You are WAY off, sir. This was one of their best episodes ever.


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