THE UNICORN: Omar Benson Miller on the new comedy, BALLERS and more – Exclusive Interview

Omar Miller as Ben in THE UNICORN - Season 1| ©2019 CBS/Monty Brinton

Omar Miller as Ben In CBS’s new Thursday-night half-hour comedy THE UNICORN, Walter Goggins stars as Wade Felton, a widowed father of two who is tentatively getting into the dating scene for the first time in his adult life. Omar Benson Miller plays Ben, one of Wade’s best friends, a married father of four encouraging Wade’s romantic adventures. At the same time, Miller also has regular roles on HBO’s sports comedy BALLERS and (as a voice) Nickelodeon’s RISE OF THE TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES. Miller, a Los Angeles native, was previously a series regular on CSI: MIAMI. His feature credits […]Read On »


MARVEL LIVE: Michael Picton chats about the touring stage show – exclusive interview

MARVEL LIVE composer Michael Picton | © 2015 Michael Picton

Composer Michael Picton has his hands as full as a Cirque du Soleil juggler. Picton has actually worked with Cirque du Soleil. At present, he’s working with Cirque alumnus Chris Lashua on Cirque Mechanics, with Marvel Entertainment on the MARVEL LIVE touring stage show, and with Nickelodeon on their new series MUTT & STUFF. In a phone conversation, Picton talks about all of these projects and more. AX: When did you become involved in composing? MICHAEL PICTON: I mostly became a musician with the intent of becoming a composer from a pretty young age, probably as a teen. After being […]Read On »


Jaheem Toombs on 100 THINGS TO DO BEFORE HIGH SCHOOL – exclusive interview

Jaheem Toombs stars in 100 THINGS TO DO BEFORE HIGH SCHOOL | © 2015 Robert Voets/Nickelodeon

In Nickelodeon’s 100 THINGS TO DO BEFORE HIGH SCHOOL, Jaheem Toombs plays brilliant middle-schooler Fenwick Frazier, who teams up with best friends Crispo (Owen Joyner) and CJ (Isabela Moner) to accomplish some pre-freshman goals. Toombs, who appeared on THE CAPE and MR. SUNSHINE and was a reporter for FTS KIDS NEWS, didn’t have time to answer a hundred questions, but he responded to a few. AX: Did you have a lot of things you wanted to do before high school? JAHEEM TOOMBS: I’m actually the only cast member who is not yet in high school, so I still have a […]Read On »


100 THINGS TO DO BEFORE HIGH SCHOOL: Owen Joyner on new Nickelodeon series – Exclusive Interview

Owen Joyner in 100 THINGS TO DO BEFORE HIGH SCHOOL | ©2015 Nickelodeon/Robert Voets

In Nickelodeon’s 100 THINGS TO DO BEFORE HIGH SCHOOL, Saturdays at 8 PM, three middle-school friends work on accomplishing the above. The series was created by Scott Fellows. Owen Joyner plays Crispo Powers, lifelong friends with CJ Martin (Isabela Moner) and Fenwick Frazier (Raheem Toombs). 100 THINGS TO DO BEFORE HIGH SCHOOL is his first series. We asked Joyner ten things about his work on 100 THINGS. ASSIGNMENT X: What was the thing you most wanted to do before high school? OWEN JOYNER: Go to NYC and see as many Broadway shows as I can fit in and be cast […]Read On »


MAKE IT POP: Louriza Tronco gets sassy and sarcastic on Nick’s new show

Erika Tham, Megan Lee and Louriza Tronco star in MAKE IT POP | © 2015 Nickelodeon

Actress Louriza Tronco describes her MAKE IT POP character this way: “Jodi Mapa is the fierce choreographer and fashionista of the group. She’s sassy and she’s very sarcastic.” In MAKE IT POP, the musical comedy series on Nickelodeon weeknights at 7 PM through Friday May 1, Jodi is one of three prep school roommates (the others are played by Erika Than and Megan Lee) who team up to form a pop band, with music provided by male classmate Caleb (Dale Whibley). Tronco began her stage career at an early age in her native Winnipeg, Canada. TV and film credits include […]Read On »


MAKE IT POP: Megan Lee discusses the new Nickelodeon show – exclusive interview

Erika Tham, Megan Lee and Louriza Tronco star in MAKE IT POP | © 2015 Nickelodeon

In Nickelodeon’s comedy/musical series MAKE IT POP, in first-run every weeknight at 7 PM through May 1, Megan Lee plays Sun Hi. Sun Hi is a prep school student with a vlog and dreams of stardom. To this end, Sun Hi enlists her roommates Jodi (Louriza Tronco) and Corki (Erika Tham), plus their composer classmate Caleb (Dale Whibley), to join her in forming a pop music group called XOIQ. A Southern California native, Lee has been acting since she was ten, performing in a slew of commercials, as well as TV series (DISNEY GET CONNECTED, CRASH) and feature films (ANITA […]Read On »


MAKE IT POP: Erika Tham discusses new Nickelodeon show – exclusive interview

Erika Tham stars as Corki on MAKE IT POP | © 2015 Nickelodeon

In MAKE IT POP, Nickelodeon’s new series that has new episodes at 7 PM every weeknight through May 1, three female prep high school roommates, played by Erika Tham, Megan Lee and Louriza Tronco, and a male classmate (Dale Whibley) come together to form a band. Tham’s character Corki is the group’s violinist and, at least initially, the most mysterious, arriving after school has started and ushered in by a squad of bodyguards. Her friends can’t wait to find out what all of this means, but Corki won’t say. Tham, like Corki, knows how to keep this a secret, though […]Read On »


Dale Whibley on MAKE IT POP – exclusive interview

Dale Whibley stars as Caleb in MAKE IT POP on Nickelodeon | © 2015 Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon’s new series MAKE IT POP begins Monday, April 6, at 7 PM and runs every week night at that time for four weeks. In the half-hour musical comedy show, three new roommates (Megan Lee, Erika Tam, Louriza Tronco) at a prep boarding school form their own pop band. Dale Whibley plays Caleb, the classmate who writes and performs the music for the group. Whibley, who appeared in DEGRASSI: THE NEXT GENERATION, has been acting professionally in his native Canada since childhood (one early gig was a Care Bears commercial). Sitting down for an interview at Paramount Studios in Hollywood, […]Read On »


BELLA AND THE BULLDOGS star Coy Stewart on the new Nick Comedy – exclusive interview

Coy Stewart stars in BELLA AND THE BULLDOGS | © 2015 Nickelodeon

In Nickelodeon’s new series BELLA AND THE BULLDOGS, Saturdays at 9 PM, Coy Stewart plays Texas high school student Troy Dixon. Troy is the quarterback for the school’s football team The Bulldogs – until erstwhile cheerleader Bella (Brec Bassinger) so impresses the coach with her throwing skills that she is given the quarterback slot. Needless to say, Stewart is much happier about this turn of events than his character Troy is, as what infuriates the football player to experience delights the actor to play. Stewart, now sixteen, is already a veteran performer, with series regular credits on THE ELECTRIC COMPANY […]Read On »


HENRY DANGER star Jace Norman talks Season 1 – exclusive interview

Jace Norman stars as Henry Hart in HENRY DANGER on Nickelodeon | © 2015 James Dimmock/Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon’s HENRY DANGER is now in the second half of its first season Saturdays at 8 PM and already picked up for a second. In the half-hour superhero show, fourteen-year-old Jace Norman plays thirteen-year-old Henry Hart. Henry has a secret identity as Kid Danger, sidekick to minimally-masked superhero crime fighter Captain Man (Cooper Barnes). Norman, a native of New Mexico, is young but already a Nickelodeon veteran, with a previous guest role on the network’s THE THUNDERMANS and the lead in the upcoming telefilm SPLITTING ADAM. Over the phone, Norman talks about being in the DANGER business. AX: What happens […]Read On »

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