TWO WITCHES movie poster | | ©2022 Arrow Films

TWO WITCHES movie poster | | ©2022 Arrow Films

Rating: Not Rated
Stars: Rebekah Kennedy, Tim Fox, Dina Silva, Belle Adams, Danielle Kennedy, Ian Michaels, Marina Parodi, Kristina Klebe
Writer: Pierre Tsigaridis, story by Pierre Tsigaridis & Maxime Rancon
Director: Pierre Tsigaridis
Distributor: Arrow Films
Release Date: October 1, 2022 (digital)

TWO WITCHES is divided into chapters. There’s a short sharp shock opening, and then we’re at Chapter 1, “The Boogeywoman.” Sarah (Belle Adams) and Simon (Ian Michaels) are a nice young couple, having supper at a nice restaurant. Sarah is pregnant. She notices an older woman (Marina Parodi) staring menacingly across the room at her. Then the woman goes outside and glares at Sarah some more.

Sarah is unnerved, though Simon dismisses this as her hormones acting up. The two go to visit Simon’s friends Dustin (Tim Fox) and Melissa (Dina Silva), who live in an isolated home in Temecula, California.

Dustin and Melissa are both into the supernatural, though Melissa takes it more seriously of the two. When Sarah mentions her uncomfortable experience, Melissa suggests they try to counter whatever is going on with some good energy. To say this doesn’t work would be a gross understatement.

In Chapter 2, “Masha,” the title character (Rebekah Kennedy) has several distinct personas. Masha acts one way with her sympathetic-to-a-point roommate Rachel (Kristina Klebe), another way with men she desires, and yet another way when she’s exercising some unusual abilities.

Masha is about to come into an inheritance from her elderly grandmother, as she explains to Rachel. And Grandmother is a witch. We eventually encounter a few characters we’ve met earlier.

There’s an epilogue, and a post-credits sequence for good measure.

TWO WITCHES has a few things definitely going for it. It has some good jump scares, some creepy makeup effects, and some remarkably good performances. Kennedy is particularly notable, with expressive features that can go fluidly from sweetness to sorrow to ecstatic malevolence.

On the definitely bad (or good, depending on one’s outlook) side: TWO WITCHES is startlingly anti-feminist. This certainly isn’t something we see every day.

To be clear, it’s not necessarily anti-feminist to make a movie with evil witches, any more than Michael Myers is a condemnation of men in general. However, when one character is chirping that a negative view of witches (correct within the context of the film) supports the patriarchy, there are multiple instances of women pretending to have been attacked by men (when the women are the real attackers), and only the evil female characters like sex, well …

Also, characters who should know better about various things act like they don’t, until they go through a sudden offscreen change of heart. Masha is shown at the outset as being so potent that we don’t really know what she needs her inheritance for. One special effect looks so unlifelike that we have to be told what it is we’re seeing.

On the maybe-good/maybe-bad side is that TWO WITCHES is reminiscent of some of the more gonzo European supernatural horror films of the ‘70s and ‘80s, where the plots didn’t make a whole bunch of sense or go from Point A to Point B in a traditional manner. In some ways, it feels so much like something from a bygone era that viewers are likely to mistake it from a movie from decades past.

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