Movie Review: TWO WITCHES

TWO WITCHES movie poster | | ©2022 Arrow Films

Rating: Not Rated Stars: Rebekah Kennedy, Tim Fox, Dina Silva, Belle Adams, Danielle Kennedy, Ian Michaels, Marina Parodi, Kristina Klebe Writer: Pierre Tsigaridis, story by Pierre Tsigaridis & Maxime Rancon Director: Pierre Tsigaridis Distributor: Arrow Films Release Date: October 1, 2022 (digital) TWO WITCHES is divided into chapters. There’s a short sharp shock opening, and then we’re at Chapter 1, “The Boogeywoman.” Sarah (Belle Adams) and Simon (Ian Michaels) are a nice young couple, having supper at a nice restaurant. Sarah is pregnant. She notices an older woman (Marina Parodi) staring menacingly across the room at her. Then the woman […]Read On »

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