The cast of LUCIFER | © 2016 Brendan Meadows/FOX

The cast of LUCIFER | © 2016 Brendan Meadows/FOX

Jonathan Littman supervises the television arm of Jerry Bruckheimer’s production company. Both men are executive producers on Fox Network’s LUCIFER. LUCIFER, in its first season on Mondays at 9 PM, is based on the comics by Mike Dringenberg and Sam Kieth, spun off from Neil Gaiman’s original SANDMAN. In the TV series, Lucifer (Tom Ellis), thoroughly bored with Hell, has come to Los Angeles and decides to help a nonplused LAPD homicide detective (Lauren German) solve her cases.

AX: When did you get involved in the LUCIFER project, and were you aware of the comics beforehand?

JONATHAN LITTMAN: We got involved in the project later than normal. Jerry and I got the script from Peter Roth in the winter. Peter had sent it to us and asked us if we wanted to come on board to produce it. We were very aware of the Neil Gaiman source material, and then we read Tom Kapinos’ script, and the mind that took that material and created this show was pretty incredible. The character was so well-drawn that we jumped right on it.

We were blown away by the writing to begin with, we were completely charmed by the character, because the voice was so distinctive and unlike anything that we have, that we were working on, that was on the air. And a lot stuff you watch and you fall in love with. We could have easily said, “No, it’s not our cup of tea,” but we all fell in love with it.

AX: And is the writer the show runner, or is there a different show runner?

LITTMAN: Tom Kapinos created it, he’s the original writer, and then Joe Henderson is the show runner.

AX: Do you have a favorite aspect of this story that you enjoy seeing?

LITTMAN: I love seeing a character that’s completely unfiltered. And there’s no restrictions on what that character can say or do. And that’s a lot of freedom that you usually don’t have with a character.

AX: Do you ever say, “You know, could he say this?”

LITTMAN: If we were on cable, he could say a lot more [laughs]. The more outrageous, the better. We’re usually pushing him.

AX: And what would you most like people to know about LUCIFER?

LITTMAN: That it’s a lot of fun. The show is designed to be a ride and a romp, doesn’t take itself particularly seriously. It is a really entertaining hour. That’s different than a lot of stuff that’s on the air.

This interview was conducted during Fox Network’s portion of the most recent Television Critics Association press tour in Pasadena, California.

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ArticleLUCIFER: Jonathan Littman on having fun with the devil – exclusive interview

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