Jessica Lucas as Tabitha Galavan in GOTHAM | © FOX

Jessica Lucas as Tabitha Galavan in GOTHAM | © 2016 FOX

In Fox Network’s Batman prequel GOTHAM, now in its second season Mondays at 8 PM, Jessica Lucas plays Tabitha Galavan, aka the Tigress. Tabitha is not quite so mad or driven as her already-ruthless and now resurrected brother Theo [James Frain], but she has no qualms about killing and she’s very handy with her whip.

Lucas, originally from British Columbia, Canada, has appeared in a lot of genre fare, including the films THE COVENANT and CLOVERFIELD, starring in the EVIL DEAD remake and in the TV series CULT. She was also a regular on the revival of MELROSE PLACE and the recent GRACEPOINT.

AX: GOTHAM explores Bruce Wayne as a teen before he becomes the savior of Gotham City. Did you have any kind of opinion about Batman before this? Were you a fan?

JESSICA LUCAS: I love Batman. He’s my favorite superhero. And I’ve seen all the Christopher Nolan movies, I grew up on the Joel Schumacher movies, and I loved Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman, so yeah, I was a big fan.

AX: Is Tabitha Galavan/Tigress in the comics, or is she original to GOTHAM?

LUCAS: She’s not a very well-known character from the comics, but she is in the comics. But she doesn’t have an alter-ego in the comics. Tabitha is not in the comics. The Tigress is.

AX: What did you have to learn to do to in order to play Tabitha? Did you already know how to do whip work, did you take lessons …?

LUCAS: I have always been very athletic, I grew up playing sports, so that really helped me a lot. But the whip work was sort of learn on the fly, rely a lot on the stunt team, there’s a lot of CGI help as well. But no, I had to learn all that from scratch.

AX: What else did you have to learn?

LUCAS: How to walk in a corset, how to move in a corset, because there are a lot of stunts, and I’m strapped in. But no, it’s mostly the physical aspect. There was a big action sequence that Sean Pertwee [who plays Alfred Pennyworth] and I did awhile ago that was intense, and that was a lot to learn.

AX: Are fantasy/sci-fi/horror genres that you especially like, or is that just where you’re finding a lot of work?

LUCAS: I enjoy watching all the genres. I’m surprised I ended up in this sort of a genre, but I’m happy, I embrace it. If that’s what people want to see me do, I’m happy.

AX: But, for instance, do you want to do comedy?

LUCAS: Of course. And actually, I have. I did a comedy on NBC five years ago called FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS, and I did GRACEPOINT on Fox last year, which was [a mystery drama].

AX: Is there anything specific you’ve learned from past jobs that help with working on GOTHAM?

LUCAS: If anything, I would say the thing that I am loving about this is not having the stress and anxiety of knowing if the show is going to continue [GOTHAM has been renewed for a third season]. I think launching a show is one of the hardest things to do, and finding an audience is so hard. It was really nice for me to come into a show that already had that. So I can just focus on acting and not think about anything else.

AX: What do you enjoy most about playing Tabitha?

LUCAS: Just the action and the stunts, something I never thought that I’d get to do. That’s been fun, and I really like the team, I like the crew. Everybody’s so seasoned and been around for so long, it’s just really easy to step into that group of people and work.

AX: And what would you most like people to know about GOTHAM?

LUCAS: That there’s more craziness to come, and the actors are wonderful, and there are going to be some arcs and new characters that are exciting as well.

This interview was conducted at Fox Network’s party for the most recent Television Critics Association press tour in Pasadena, California.

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Article: GOTHAM: Jessica Lucas learned how to whip – exclusive interview

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