Stars: Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy, Brenda Strong, Linda Gray, Josh Henderson, Jesse Metcalfe, Jordana Brewster, Julie Gonzalo
Writer: Robert Rovner
Director: Randy Zisk
Network: TNT, airs Wednesday nights
Original Telecast: July 4th, 2012

When we last left Southfork Ranch, Rebecca (Julie Gonzalo) was about to confess to Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe) that her brother Tommy sent an email to his betrothed at the time Elena (Jordana Brewster) saying he wasn’t going to show up for their wedding.

DALLAS jam-packs so much material in its 45-minute telecasts, and “Truth and Consequences” is no different. It’s amazing how much is covered in such a short bit of time. There is no shortage of drama on the ranch. There is one betrayal after another. Count them.

Betrayal number one – After Rebecca reveals to Christopher the identity of the mysterious email sender, Christopher flips out running back to the crowd at the BBQ and bam, pummels Tommy smack in the face, and then he swiftly tells Rebecca to get the hell off the property!

No sooner than Tommy is escorted off the property does Bobby (Patrick Duffy) find out that he unwittingly just sold Southfork to J.R.! Betrayal number two – The brothers share a few words and there it is, the war is on between Bobby and J.R. once again. J.R. is now Southfork’s legal owner and Bobby, just a guest. J.R. wants to drill on the property and Bobby, sticking to his late mother’s wishes will not allow that. Betrayal number three – John Ross finds out that his dear old daddy J. R. had his name removed from the lease and that J. R. is the one and ONLY owner of Southfork.

After putting in some effort to convince John Ross he exercised him off the deed for his own good, John Ross agrees to work for his father who decides to get outta dodge before the fire he created burns him. In his place, John Ross will be his power of attorney and quickly begin the drilling on Southfork.

Christopher, however steamed he was at Tommy and Rebecca is even more angry at John Ross and Uncle J. R. He takes it on his own to break into John Ross’ apartment to find information linking him to the theft of Southfork. He finds a bit of information in the form of a CD and blackmails John Ross – Betrayal number four.

Meanwhile, poor little Rebecca begs Bobby’s wife Ann (Brenda Strong) to see her in person to completely explain her involvement in her and her brother’s deception. (see betrayal number one)

Oh, and we are hinted at a possible 5th betrayal involving Ann when she goes to see her ex husband who just happens to be supplying J. R. with the trucks to house the oil he is going to drill on Southfork. Couldn’t J.R. of hired someone not linked to the family? Well, that wouldn’t make for good TV than I suppose. It’s getting  juicy.


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Article: TV Review – DALLAS – Season 1 – “Truth and Consequences”

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  1. You left out a major development,- John Ross and Elena becoming a couple again. It appears that Elena has completely written off Chris and chosen the biggest jerk on the show to share her bed. Chris offering Elena money so that she couldn’t possibly hurt him later, businesswise really seems to have destroyed their relationship (for now). Actually, I thought that whole scenario was really over the top and was obvioulsy done by Chris to push Elena away for the sake of his marriage. And why he didn’t tell Elena that when he apologized to her really made no sense. Of course, Elena will eventually find out what a slimeball John Ross is and that he did try to steal Southfork form Bobby just as much as J.R. But if she is that easily fooled and so easily cuts her ties with someone who has been her friend all her life, Chris is better off without her. Right now, Rebecca, in spite of what she did, looks like a better choice for Chris than Elena.

  2. I agree with everything you say here (including JR winning the dumb move of the year award for using that trucking company.)
    I am surprised at how much I like this show. I grew up with the original, and was thinking I would be highly disappointed with this new version. But I am far from disappointed…I think this new show is very good. And they are doing something I have never seen in any soap before, and that is moving the pace so quickly. As you said, so much has happened already and we are only 4 episodes in. Daytime soap storylines DRAAAAGGG along at a snails pace. But even past prime time soaps (such as the original Dallas) did not move this quickly. I like it.


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