Stars: Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy, Brenda Strong, Linda Gray, Josh Henderson, Jesse Metcalfe, Jordana Brewster, Julie Gonzalo
Writer: Julia Cohen
Director: Michael Katleman
Network: TNT, airs Wednesday nights
Original Telecast: July 25th, 2012

It’s only episode number eight of DALLAS and yet we are at cliffhanger number 33 already. We last saw John Ross being driven away in a police car. Not able to explain his DNA under Veronica Martinez’s fingernails, John Ross (Josh Henderson), no surprise, is arrested for her murder. But, as always, there is more to this case than meets the eye. John Ross refuses to give all the details to his sordid affair with Martinez for fear of hurting Elena (Jordana Brewster). Then how does he exonerate himself without implicating himself at the same time? That’s the problem.

However, John Ross has a bigger problem with Vincente who still demands his oil even though John Ross is in prison and unable to keep his part of the deal. Seemingly unfazed by John Ross’ arrest Bobby (Patrick Duffy), Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe) and Ann (Brenda Strong) don’t seem too interested in helping him out until John Ross gets beat up in prison and winds up in the hospital. Then, they care, apparently.

Poor Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) visits John Ross at the hospital trying desperately to get him to tell her anything at all that will help prove him innocent. He has nothing to offer her, either for selfish reasons or to protect others. It’s hard to say what his motives are for real. So, it’s left to Sue Ellen to figure out a way to help her son. And she does.

Her future aspirations of running for governor are at risk, but she is a mother first and foremost so she crosses a line in an attempt to save John Ross, only it backfires and she puts herself in a serious predicament. And in the end it was all for nothing. She just can’t get it right. Her intentions are good, her moves, lousy.

Meanwhile, J.R. (Larry Hagman) barely makes an appearance to see John Ross while he sleeps but in his eyes we finally see that of a father who cares. A father that will in no way allow what happened to his son go unpunished. Retribution will be sought. Just a brief close-up of his deep baby blues expresses that to the audience.

And all the while, the good ‘ole boys on the ranch, Bobby and Christopher finally come to John Ross’ side to help him. It’s amazing how connected this family is. Bobby gets a sheriff to come to the house to discuss John Ross’ case. Sue Ellen walks right into a morgue and has a discussion with an M.E. They seem to have access to everyone in Dallas!

Still, too many chefs in the kitchen may have backfired when John Ross is finally released from prison with terminal residue left on the hands of those who helped him. The family saved him but at what price. Christopher sold away rights to his ecological invention, Bobby was just about to pump oil on Southfork and well, Sue Ellen, her actions are likely going to bite her in the …you know what when others discover she blackmailed a doctor. On Southfork, it’s all a trade off and no one goes unpunished.


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Article: TV Review – DALLAS – Season 1 – “No Good Deed”

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