Hugh Laurie and Robert Sean Leonard in HOUSE - Season 8 - "The C-Word" | ©2012 Fox/Jordin Althaus

Hugh Laurie and Robert Sean Leonard in HOUSE - Season 8 - "The C-Word" | ©2012 Fox/Jordin Althaus

HOUSE ends its eight-year run tonight with a two-hour finale beginning at 8 PM on Fox. We caught up very briefly with Robert Sean Leonard, who has played Dr. James Wilson, exasperated best friend of Hugh Laurie’s difficult-to-get-along-with Dr. Gregory House, for the entire run, and got his views of two topics – his love of theatre and his dislike of the term “bromance,” especially as applied to Wilson and House.

ASSIGNMENT X: You’ve been on Broadway twelve times so far. Do you have a preference for doing series television or theatrical film or stage?

ROBERT SEAN LEONARD: Yes. It’s hard to say this without sounding like you’re fishing, but I think I’m fine on the show; I think I’m better on stage. But I’m me, so it’s how I feel. So how it looks or comes across, I don’t know, but that’s how it feels. So I look forward to [doing more theatre work]. I feel better when I’m doing it, but I love the show [HOUSE] and I love my part and I love the job, but I feel better as an actor when I do plays. I think I’m better at it.

AX: And do you want to hit the person who coined the term “bromance”?

LEONARD: I do. It really annoys me. It just seems kind of a cheap shot, [that is also insulting to] gay people. Why is that the place you go with it? And even if you do go with it, is it to be funny, or to be coy, or to be –  to me, it’s like saying about a gay couple, “Oh, they seem so straight.” Well, what’s the point of that? I think it would offend the gay couple to hear that. So anyway, I find it odd when people use sexuality in that way. I don’t know what it means, I just find it odd. And I find it slightly loaded, even though I don’t know what it means.

Robert Sean Leonard in HOUSE - Season 8 - "Swan Song"/Everybody Dies" | ©2012 Fox/Byron Cohen

Robert Sean Leonard in HOUSE - Season 8 - "Swan Song"/Everybody Dies" | ©2012 Fox/Byron Cohen

AX: And it’s been coming up a lot.

LEONARD: Yeah. And I just feel like, “No, they’re not gay and next question. What are you talking about? I don’t know why it’s even intriguing.”

AX: Well, BFF is more like a female term, which I also don’t like because there’s a snarkiness about it. It sounds like it means the opposite.

LEONARD: Yeah, slightly frenemy-ish.

AX: Yeah. “Frenemy” at least describes what it is, as opposed to “BFF.” But House and Wilson are, at the end of the day, not frenemies but real friends?


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Article: Exclusive Interview – Robert Sean Leonard on the end of HOUSE

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  1. I love the end of House, it was such a perfect ending, considering the series had to end. Wilson had to do all he could in such a short time, and House was ensuring he get to do it. True friendship. I cried, but I miss the show, and I have lost my two best friends, one to massive heart attack, the other to cancer..

  2. Let me write in French. Cette fin du dernier épisode de Dr House est admirable, qui dévoile les qualités de coeur du célèbre docteur et le sens profond de son amitié pour Wilson. Comme j’ai apprécié leurs échanges tout au long des épisodes de cette brillante série ! Bye bye House and Wilson, sur une scène si consolante.

    DOERIG Manuela

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